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This is a fun story, I’m actually really excited to finally release this episode! So how did I meet Jamie Bernard? One of these fine mornings I got alerted to GaryVee going live on LinkedIn with Lilly Singh ‘superwoman’ on YouTube. She came on to announce to her audience and to Gary’s that she’ll be the first woman to host a late night show on NBC.

The journey of Lilly Singh is an amazing one but through this live conversation between Gary and Lilly and I among other folks watching the stream discovered a new connection. Jamie Bernard, now he got really lucky! On these episodes Gary asks that people drop phone numbers in the chat so they can call one of the viewers and help answer their questions. Gary first calls a lady (we can remember their name) she didn’t pick up! And Gary says how they should remember this for the rest of their life how they missed a call from Gary.

Next person that got the call was Jamie Bernard, he picked up the phone and immediately couldn’t believe that he got this lucky! The rest is history, check out how the entire story plays out in this episode.

This is how I met my guest Jamie Bernard and wanted to share his journey and story in the podcast.

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