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Today we get to speak with Raquel Borras, the Founder of RAQVISION, and the Chief Excitement Officer of “True to You Branding”Her passion is to help others bring to life their personal brand that is true to them. Raquel has expertise in social media and branding, which started on Linkedin. Because she loves people and talent for audience engagement, her social media presence exponentially skyrocketed.She believes that bringing valuable content, authenticity, and vulnerability to your social media is the key to gaining a strong following and presence.At RAQVISION, the youth 17 and under safe social network is for our future Creators, Innovators, Disruptors, Changemakers, and Educators to project their voice and protect their reality.Raquel also created her own YouTube Channel called ‘Raq the Boat,’ where she has candid conversations with kids of all ages! The goal is to empower these kids and have them walk away feeling special, worthy, seen, and most importantly………..heard!❤️Let’s listen in!

Our Guest

Raquel Borras

Hacks to Take Away

  • We talked about discovering human design systems.
  • Raquel shared about gravitating towards something she is interested in and as long as it’s keeping her stimulated and being creative and it’s fueling her flame.
  • Your motivations are the things that you do like and what really excites you.
  • When you go towards the light, go towards what’s really pulling you right. It just gives you that extra energy.
  • Being able to understand who we are as human beings and what really motivates us and the value that we really bring.
  • Engagement comes in where you have to be able to engage, you have to be able to reciprocate.
  • Raquel talks about being super authentic and being real.

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