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Today I got to speak with Van Nguyen.

Van Nguyen also known as “Van Revival” was earned due to her commitment to resilience and reinvention.She is the Brand Builder & Creative Producer at Envisionary Studio & Envisionary Packaging, Biohackers LA CoOrganizer, and VP of Membership at the American Marketing Association Orange County. Empowerment coaching underpins her business-building and marketing efforts. Interests include wellness, social etiquette, business, & growth.

Her first experience with personal branding started during her time as a model for fashion icons. That’s when she realized the power of branding. She is passionate about staying genuine in her relationships and can anticipate people’s needs, wants, and desires while generating trust and loyalty along the way.

Let’s learn more from Van Revival and get fascinated by what she can share!

Our Guest:

Van Nguyen

Facebook: @vanrevival Twitter: @envisionarystudio Website:

Hacks to take away:

  • Being able to leverage that will help you achieve your goals much faster.
  • Create a long-lasting, sustainable brand and reputation for yourself.
  • Being authentic to yourself.
  • Learning constantly how to be okay, with constructive feedback.
  • Understanding the psychology of people and what drives their behavior.
  • It definitely takes a team of people to make it sustainable for you, so you don’t burn out.
  • Strive for perfection as much as you possibly can.

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