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Today I got to speak with Athin Cassiotis.

Meet Athin. Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Athin was always an ambitious and creative person. From selling VCD movies in high school to becoming the head of business development for a large environmental firm at the age of 19, his journey was not without its challenges. Rejecting the idea of university, Athin decided to learn on the job and after 8 and a half years, set out to take the next step in his career.

With his determination and knowledge, he was accepted into an MBA program and, after completing half the courses, left to start his own business. With the help of mentors and some luck, he was able to take his business to new heights and has now established himself as a successful business coach and podcaster.

His story is a testament to the power of resilience and ambition and proves that success can be achieved in any form.

Our Guest

Athin Cassiotis

Hacks to Take Away

  • Opportunities come to us at certain times. And we have to be open enough to take them.
  • Challenges are the ones that help us grow, to help us see what we can, and possibly are able to do.
  • The energy of other people, helps and inspires us to keep moving forward.
  • The people who are already believing in us. It helps us grow and get to the next level.
  • The more you practice, the easier your baseline increases.
  • Our mind does not understand a negative. So anytime we want to focus on something, make sure that it’s a positive thing.
  • Having that real focus on where you want to go.
  • So when you get these negative thoughts, the thing is, to catch them. Being aware that the thought comes up at that time. And then you need to flip it, or what is the opposite.
  • Mindset is extremely important.

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