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In this episode we have a remarkable guest, as we sit down with the visionary Vinnie Potestivo. Let’s welcome Vinnie to delve into the intriguing realms of creativity, process, and the evolution of media and content. From humble origins to groundbreaking achievements, Vinnie’s journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and innovation. Discover how Vinnie’s experiences at MTV, the advent of reality TV, and his unique approach to personal branding have shaped his path and revolutionized the world of content creation. Tune in for insights that’ll ignite your creativity and redefine your perspective on media.

Our Guest

Vinnie Potestivo

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Hacks to take away :

  1. Generosity as a Networking Strategy: Vinny emphasizes the importance of generosity as a way to connect with people. He views content creation as a form of networking, and by creating valuable content, he aims to improve relationships, conversations, and connections. He’s taken this concept further by creating platforms like “” to celebrate and highlight others, fostering a sense of gratitude and community.
  2. Creating Shareable Content: Vinny’s second key point revolves around making content shareable, particularly stickers, GIFs, and memes. By creating these visual assets and making them readily available on platforms like Giphy, Vinny expands his reach beyond words. These assets can be used by others in their content, contributing to wider visibility and engagement.
  3. Sustainability Over Consistency: Vinny advocates for sustainability over rigid consistency. He believes in focusing on making a lasting impact rather than posting content daily for the sake of it. He introduces the concept of “sustainability = consistency × grace,” implying that while staying consistent is important, it’s essential to give oneself grace and focus on meaningful impact.
  4. Five Brand Pillars for Focus: Vinny highlights the significance of having five brand pillars that guide his content creation. These pillars help him stay on topic and maintain a coherent narrative throughout his content. The pillars provide a structure for his creativity, enabling him to be himself while staying focused.
  5. Favorite Childhood Dreams: Vinny reflects on his childhood dreams, mentioning that he aspired to be an astronaut until his focus shifted to the world of television. He recalls being inspired by supporting roles like Scooter, the stage manager Muppet from “The Muppet Show,” rather than desiring the spotlight himself.

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