Coaching Models

We learned about Jodi Hume’s on-call decision support coaching and how she helps clients clarify core issues. Philip shared how he evolved from one-on-one nutrition coaching to a group model.

Jodi Hume’s Coaching Approach

Jodi Hume has been coaching entrepreneurs and business owners for over 15 years. She provides on-call decision support to help clients clarify the core issues they face, rather than superficial symptoms. As a self-proclaimed “neuroscience nerd,” Jodi listens for signs that clients may be struggling due to isolation or lack of emotional regulation. Her coaching model addresses these challenges by being available whenever clients need support.

Philip’s Nutrition Coaching Journey

Philip is a certified nutrition coach with a background in engineering. He applies systems thinking to the health and wellness space, exploring topics like nutrition from a skeptical yet curious perspective. Many of Philip’s clients are busy women navigating life changes like peri-menopause. To better support this audience, he evolved from one-on-one coaching to running group programs. This allows Philip to help more people feel less isolated while personalizing support for their individual needs

Using AI for Content Creation

All three guests find AI useful for summarizing calls, generating quotes, reorganizing thoughts, and supplementing research. However, fact checking AI responses is important.

Managing Emails with SaneBox

Both Jodi and I shared our positive experiences using SaneBox for years to filter spam and organize inboxes with minimal ongoing effort.

Addressing Isolation in Entrepreneurs

Jodi and Philip discussed how their coaching models help address the impacts of isolation on clients’ problems through on-call emotional support and group problem-solving.

Key Takeaways

  • AI can enhance podcasting and coaching when used appropriately for content tasks.
  • Tools like SaneBox provide set-it-and-forget-it email management.
  • Isolation negatively impacts entrepreneurs, and different coaching models address this challenge.
  • Individual interviews will provide deeper insights into guests’ work.

You can learn more about Jodi and Philip in a future podcast episodes.

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