In this episode, I’m gonna get a lot of things off my chest. It’s been pretty crazy for the past few days. So one of the things I accepted last week was the 30 days Video Challenge, 30 days of videos on LinkedIn. And my focus is on creating content, all about how to use your smartphone for video production.

And there was an episode a couple months ago on the podcast about some of the tips and tricks that I talked about at the LinkedIn local Nova event. So I wanted to talk about some of the fundamental things behind something like this.

So what I mean by this, what do I mean by that I’m creating content we’re talking about tips talking about tips and and solutions is I find a lot of joy in it, I find that I’m helping and I love helping people and to help people to help figure out how to use devices that they already carry in their hands how to use it better Well, there’s what’s more join that everybody’s got one so the more I think about it, the more on a perfect it and I’m might be going the wrong way a recorded several videos that I’m myself are discounting them for not being up to par to my own arbitrary standards. And I just want to focus on like the preparation that you go that the nice to go in to create this content.

That preparation is almost like post production right, the execution is easy, but to find the time to strategize to figure out okay, which topic goes first, which could topic goes second, all of these things are they come to you later on as you start digging. So I’m looking to dig deep in myself and understand what it is, and how it is, I want to convey this message.

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