I get to speak with Tyler Wagner the Head Honcho of AuthorsUnite.com. 

He got the chance to Interview @GaryVee last year and got lucky enough to bring him on his podcast. Tyler Wagner has done an excellent job in creating an amazing community around his podcast The Business Blast podcast. He’s managed to interview 1000 people in 10 months as of the publishing of this episode which is an amazing accomplishment. On this podcast we go deep into understanding his motives and how he managed to create such an amazing company around authors, publishing books and help market them. 

You can find him on his website AuthorsUnite.com

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Junaid Ahmed 0:03
In the last episode, we get to speak with LinkedIn top voice, UK, 2017 and 2018. She's the CO creator of LinkedIn local chief focus on community growth. And she is a LinkedIn personal branding expert. We got to chat with her and learn a little bit more about what she's up to. But for now, let's take a listen to rob house. Alright, Alright guys, I'm here with Tyler Wagner, the head honcho at authors unite. com. He's founder of the business blast club, a podcaster and a best selling author. I met him through arrow tournaments group of LinkedIn mastery, have had the chance to talk to him before on his podcast. And I decided, hey, discussion. Awesome. Let me bring it on board and see what we talked about. Here you are Tyler Wagner.

Tyler Wagner 1:07
Awesome. And thanks for having me. I'm really pumped to be here.

Junaid Ahmed 1:10
Absolutely. Tyler. I've been following your story and being part of your business blast podcast and the business plus club that you created. It's really cool. You've got tons of people, ton of professionals last engagement. It's amazing. And I saw that you got to meet Gary Vee in person. So tell me a little bit about that. Yeah,

Tyler Wagner 1:36
of course. So yeah, that was a pretty awesome, right. So yeah, I mean, you know, basically what I tell people, as you said in the beginning, like, I have a podcast, and what I find is, the more and more episodes I do of the podcast, the better things seem to get. So. So what happened is, I interviewed this woman. And right after I interviewed her, she asked me, she's like, hey, if there's anything I can do for you, let me know. And yeah, I don't know why. But for some reason, I was just like, you know, it'd be so cool. I could get Gary Vee on the show. She's not even like, she's not like, friends with him or anything. But sure. She was just like, Okay, and then next thing I know is like, I'm gonna guess was about an hour later on. Somehow, she like, messages me a screenshot, yeah, on Skype. And she had tweeted at him saying, like, Hey, would you make this guy's day and be on his podcast at five minutes? And then he tweeted back, you know, pretty instantly, it was like, fine, and tagged his assistant

Junaid Ahmed 2:44
lb on his podcast. Yeah, like,

Tyler Wagner 2:46
that's how it happened. It was Wow, it was crazy. So yeah, man. It's and it's just how I believe things really work to just relationships. rights. Absolutely, man. Absolutely. Yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 2:58
no, it's really true. Gary himself tells and talks about this on all of his videos. Even in his book, he's like, you know, anytime you want to talk to me, you'll find me on Twitter like Twitter's his place. That's the place to where he gets to interact with people and talk to people. So, you know, totally makes sense. That's, that's the platform that he would, you know, say, absolutely. I'll do it. Yeah. And, and it was a really cool interview to like, he was really chill. We had about 1520 minutes with them. And actually, I'm not sure when this is this is going live. But it all his podcast that I did with him and video be coming out mid November. So very cool. Very cool. Yeah, I was just talking about Gary Vee and how Gary says, you know, to as I do, not what I say the next platform that you want to be on is audio audio is the next big thing with Amazon Alexa. And that's one of the reasons why Gary has the top 100 podcast. And he also recently launched the Gary Vee 365 flash briefing. So you can listen to Gary Vee and his flash briefs every day of the year. If you have an Amazon Alexa. Yeah. And I, you know,

Tyler Wagner 4:11
he is has been historically correct. So I follow him very closely. And I and I do think as well. Audio and it's not even really a thing. Like, I think we can be pretty certain that audio is going to be the next big thing. Yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 4:27
because it's so much easier. It requires a lot less attention for to consume audio, right? for video. You gotta you gotta get your eyes, you got to engage your mind, you got to engage your ears, but audio you can be doing you could be out in the yard, you can be doing out, you know, be be out on and about. And you can listen to audio and consume content without taking attention away from other things that you might be doing. Yeah,

Tyler Wagner 4:55
man. Absolutely. And, you know, one thing that I have picked up on to is like, you know, you should start to pick up on like, what are you doing yourself. And one thing that I've been doing for the past, probably, like two years now is I've only as far as like, consuming content, like some YouTube here and there. But it's mostly audible audiobooks and podcasts.

Junaid Ahmed 5:18
Oh, my God, that is so true. You know,

Tyler Wagner 5:20
so it's like, and I think that's becoming true for a lot of people. So I noticed that with myself, Gary started talking about it a lot over the past year or two as well. And I'm like, okay, all the stars are aligning here. I think it's very clear audio is the next thing. Yeah, yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 5:36
absolutely. And, and I've been a huge supporter and listener of Audible, because they can listen to my books on my commute. And some of the production on that goes into creating audio books, it shows like, the level of engagement that you can master, like, one of the books that I listened to recently was Artemis. And it's written by the same author who did the Martian. But in this book, The production quality was like, way up there, because their sound effects, there's the performance of the, the performance of the, the, the person, you know, reciting the person reading the book, it's resolved a nicely setup production. Yeah.

Tyler Wagner 6:31
And that's what they're, you know, starting to be able to do, too, is, you know, make it even more so, have an experience. But, you know, ultimately, I think the real big thing is that you're able, like you're saying, with the commute, you're able to do it, like, I go for long walks every morning. Yeah, you know, about an hour and a half, two hours. And like, I can consume, you know, almost depending on the length of the book, and you can up to speed on audio, too. So, I can consume, like, more than half a book every read

Junaid Ahmed 7:00
most, which is amazing. Yeah,

Tyler Wagner 7:02
right. So it's, it's definitely going in that direction. Yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 7:07
that's, that's so fascinating. So, tell us a little bit about if any hobbies you have, I mean, you you know, you've gone long walks and listen to books. So, do you have any other hobbies besides the podcast to the authors tonight, and other things that you do? You know,

Tyler Wagner 7:27
I wish I could tell you, you know, really, man my daily day, I actually Okay, I guess traveling. So traveling is probably like, my favorite thing to do. But like a typical day for me, you know, I live down here in Miami. So it's warm here around. Yeah, you know, wake up, go for a long walk, listen to audio books, come back breakfast. You know, all that stuff. I work from home today. If it's a podcast day, then I'll do like 12 podcasts in a day. I batch. Wow. All my interviews. They are short though. They're like five. Yeah,

Tyler Wagner 8:06
but but yeah, it is still crazy. Like, I think my most in one day. It has been 32. Oh my God, that's insane. I know, back to back. It is. But I love it. Like that's honestly my hobby. And it just so happens to be a fuel for my for my business as well. So I am Yeah, I'd say yeah, podcasting, audio books, travel, walking. And then, you know, my main company authors unite. I've been running that for about five plus years now helping others with books. So it's all like, you know, it's all very, like, knowledge based. Because even traveling, I travel, why I like to travel. My last travels, I just went to France, Spain and Italy. And like, I just love to, like, figure out the culture and learn about their history. So yeah, all my hobbies seem to be fairly knowledge based.

Junaid Ahmed 9:04
Now. That's, that's really awesome. And that's what hobbies are about, right? They engage a different part of your mind. And like listening to books going out on the walk, you're, you're engaging your mind and you're, you're giving oxygen and giving blood to your mind. Because that walk is, you know, getting your heartbeat up and providing fresh oxygen and fresh knowledge to your brain. So absolutely counts as a hobby. And podcasting i think is a hobby as well. But hobbies tend to become full time jobs. And it all comes down to how much passion you have for them. And absolutely, it's, you know, some hobbies are seasonal, other hobbies are ongoing on a daily basis. That's why we like to focus on, you know, life hacks and life and hobbies that help us become a better person become a more broader understanding person.

Tyler Wagner 10:03
Hmm, yeah, man. I agree. And definitely, you know, traveling allows your mind to, to really open up and like realize that, you know, Miami is not the only place you know, other places out there

Junaid Ahmed 10:17
world is so much bigger, right? Yeah, it's amazing. Okay, so how does authors unite help, because I am a I would like to say, you know, I'm a hopeful author. I've started writing a book earlier this year on mobile user experience. So how will hotter hugging authors unite, help me or help others? You know, yeah,

Tyler Wagner 10:49
for sure. Well, you know, basically, what we do is we help you turn your expertise into a profitable business. And we use your book that so no matter where you're at, like, if save you came to authors unite right now, and you're like, in the middle of writing your book. So yeah, what we would talk about is, you know, a lot of people have trouble finishing their book. So what we do is publish and market with us, we also have bi weekly accountability and book coaching calls with you to help you hit that finish line. Nice. So see, as far as working with somebody one on one, it can be from the starting phase, or once they're done, they're rough draft. And then we get them introduced to our editors do the editing, and then we take care of all the publishing and the entire book launch and marketing after the book launch as well, as far as, as far as, like, you know, building a website. Yeah, and that is for lead generation. We, we do publish all types of authors, it can be fiction, but we only focus really marketing mostly on nonfiction authors. Okay, we do the launch for the best seller. And then after that, we take care of, you know, the lead generation Facebook ads to a sales funnel, helping grow most of the time, our clients are like coaches, consultants, speakers, entrepreneurs, people like that. Nice. And then the other side of the business is collaborative book projects. So we also do this thing called the hundred person book. And we just published our fourth version of that. And that's where 100 people come together, they each share their best business lesson. Wow. And we publish that all into one fairly large book.

Junaid Ahmed 12:38
Wow. So do you have 100 people in one book, that's pretty amazing. Um, I know, arrow recently became became an author. And when it one of the best Amazon best selling book, I still can't forget, forget the magnetic entrepreneur think, yeah, and I was like, Wow, that's pretty amazing how, you know, you can get from zero to hero, of course, you have to put in the work, you have to get in, you know, get it, get it out there. And being consistent. being consistent in writing is absolutely something that I struggle with myself. And, but what I found really good as being able to be consistent with the podcast, because when it's, it's a lot easier to talk then to, right, right. And I just got to build that habit to, you know, spend spend a few hours in the morning and do the writing part. But since I am commuting most days in the morning, and I've got 4045 minutes to an hour long drive, I'm able to record an audio session. And I can eventually turn that into words or trying to have it transcribed. But I found it much easier to do the audio portion. Yeah,

Tyler Wagner 14:10
and you can totally do it that way. I tell people that all the time. And it really depends, actually, I mean, I think in me being an extrovert, like I yeah, all my books I've written, I've never done the, you know, audio, and then transcribe it. But if I were to, and I probably will, at some point, do another book, I probably would do it that way. Because that's, I'm just better at that. And it's not as hard the guy could be on my walks. And before I go on the walk, just bake. Alright, so this chapter I'm going to talk about, you know, how to start your business, let's say, Yeah, and I have, you know, a couple ideas that I have written down just as an outline. And then on my walk, I just speak it all then have it transcribed. And I think that is a very, very effective way of getting a rough draft done for your books. So, yeah, the fact that that's available to everyone should really, there's no excuse, yeah, why you can't do it? Yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 15:10
no, that's a really, really good point. Thank you for that, I'm definitely going to use that to my advantage. And because I have the layout of the timeline, or the outline done for the book, and a lot of it is, is almost like walking somebody through how to use an application. So it's more of an instructional based rather than, you know, a memoir, or, you know, talking about certain mindset and stuff like that. So I'll have to see where I can fit it in, because I would have to back all of the talking all of the words that I've talked and written down to actually doing those tasks and showing them where, you know, what, what this specific thing looks like, and stuff like that. Okay, fantastic. What else would you like to talk about? Yeah,

Tyler Wagner 16:11
good question. Ah, fun stuff. Yeah, I mean, to be honest, I'm a pretty simple guy, man. So I am as far You know, that Leonard Skinner song simple man,

Junaid Ahmed 16:23
um, I don't remember if I have

Tyler Wagner 16:27
heard is like, it's something like, be a simple kind of man. That's

Junaid Ahmed 16:33

Tyler Wagner 16:35
A little song for the podcast. Yeah. And, like, Yeah, I don't know, I just really follow that. Like, I'm, I'm really a minimalist, like, I, I just think like, extreme focus. And, you know, like, focus and dedication on like, certain areas of your life will create habits. And yeah, habits will create success. So I have, you know, just focus on learning, you know, and then I focus on authors unite. And then I focus on the podcast, and those are like, my three main areas of focus. And, you know, those things tend to, to grow. Because, no, that's, that is pretty awesome. Because

Junaid Ahmed 17:18
to have those three focuses and to get to that point, like, how did you decide that that's what you're going to do when you were growing up? Like, how did you arrive at that?

Tyler Wagner 17:29
Oh, that's a great question. So, um, yeah, I'll say, let's say, so when I was younger, I was always very outgoing. And I was I always was very, I'm not sure. Are you familiar with Jordan Peterson, I'm

Junaid Ahmed 17:46

Tyler Wagner 17:47
Okay. So he wrote this book called 12 rules for life. And he wrote another book called maps of meeting anybody listening, I highly recommend him. He's, he's awesome. And, and what he says is, you know, a lot of men that end up having, you know, high success, it's because they have a trait that they are like, highly disagreeable, meaning like, you don't, you know, take, you know, you don't take crap from anybody, like, just you have a hard time working potentially a hard time working for other people, because you want to do you know, your own thing. So, yeah, either way, I didn't view it that way. When I was younger, but I just when I was younger, I had a few like, little jobs in middle school in high school. And like, they only lasted for a few weeks at a time. Yeah, it was just because I just think I always had that entrepreneurial mindset, and I was disagreeable. I'd say, so that in college, I tried to major in accounting, because that made the most money. You know, I tried to do that for a year. Yeah. And a year and a half into college. I was I read the book The Four Hour Workweek.

Junaid Ahmed 18:57
Oh, my God. Yeah, that's the one time to read that book, too, right? Yeah. Yeah,

Tyler Wagner 19:03
that was good. I mean, before college would have been good. I wouldn't have wasted money on to

Junaid Ahmed 19:09
Amen, brother. Amen.

Tyler Wagner 19:10
did save me to two years of doing nothing. Yeah. So I, you know, I read that book. And then that made me realize that I could do it on my own, like, I could, I didn't need meaning. Not that, you know, success. I do believe you need a team as you grow. Yeah, absolutely. But I just mean, I didn't need the diploma. That's what I mean. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So, so I realized that, so then I still wanted to study abroad. So actually, what I did is I studied abroad, and I failed all my classes, because I knew I was going to drop out like, anyway, so I went studied abroad, went to like 15 countries, Africa, Europe, all over the place, and failed. All my classes just basically had six months of like, party over and

Junaid Ahmed 19:52
I'm like,

Tyler Wagner 19:54
wow, this is fun. And then I got back, I had to get my, get my crap back together, get my health back together. And then I was like, Okay, I'm gonna drop out and and do it. So yeah. So then, you know, what happened is, after I dropped out my always wanted to be a public speaker. Yeah. And, and I talked to some mentors of mine, I started going to a bunch of conferences. And that was my way of learning because I wasn't going to school anymore. Yeah, yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 20:24
you're learning in totally different ways. But you're still learning still growing? Yeah.

Tyler Wagner 20:28
And I was learning from, like, entrepreneurs that, you know, had actually been successful, rather than, like, taking an entrepreneur class. And you're, you know, many entrepreneurs would say, is not very credible, right? So, so, yeah. And they were like, dude, the best way to be a public speaker is to be, you know, an authority on a topic and the root word of authority is author.

Junaid Ahmed 20:53

Tyler Wagner 20:54
Then, you know, I went to all these events, and then my first book called conference crushing, I wrote that, and that's about, you know, how to effectively network and maximize your ROI at events. Yeah, and it ended up doing really well. And then from there, what took off quicker than my speaking career, you know, again, has to do with focus, yes, after that was successful. A bunch of people started reaching out to me saying, yo, I've been wanting to write a book, can you tell me how you did it? Yeah, then helped a few people for free, got some testimonials, built some packages, if you will, services around it. And then since then, man helped over 300 people publish and market their own books. And then if you include the hundred person books, it's now over, like, 700 people become authors, right. But those are like, you know, collaboration. And that is amazing. So, yeah, man. And that's, that just took off. And I still do some speaking and spear actually starting to grow kind of naturally. But I'm, but yeah, helping others with books just took off. And, and one thing that is mentioned, it's like what I find, and Gary Vee talks about this all the time. Yeah, like, if you just keep taking action, like things start to work themselves out, you know, pretty typically, right? Oh, my God. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I just like, you know, launched the book. And then, like, people reached out, I helped them and then, like, more people reached out, then charge them because it was a business then. Yeah, referrals. And then I started to do the podcast, and I started to do Facebook ads, and like, not necessarily all in that order. But I'm saying like, the more action I took, the more things started to happen, even if I didn't necessarily have a bulletproof plan. Yeah, it's just action yields, results.

Junaid Ahmed 22:44
It does. It's absolutely true. And the more you give, and that's what you were doing. You're, you're giving and giving and giving information and knowledge to other people. And they're like, you know, this guy knows what's up. What is he telling, and that's where you, you know, that's where you got that nice, dude, that's, that's amazing story. I love it. I totally wish that I had read that book, The Four Hour Workweek when I was growing up, right when I was going to college, but I went different, right. I I will start listening to Tony Robbins. And I was totally psyched of like, Oh my God, this guy is so fantastic. He He's probably one of the reasons why I have such an enthusiastic demeanor when I'm in with people. And so, you know, I give it I give it to him. And I listened to as much as I could listen to but he was all all he talked about was personal power in a build your personal self, be a strong person, mind over matter, and you can basically achieve anything you want. And so I've been following that and listening to Gary Vee recently, you know, starting last year, it's like, all right, I've got to make a change. I'm going to make this happen. Because I've been wanting to have a podcast about six years ago, started one short one with a couple friends cousins of mine didn't go too far. Because we were in different states, different time zones. But this year, I was like, all right, there's this anchor tool. It's makes everything so easy. super clean, super fast. And I just took it and I'm just running with it now. Yeah,

Tyler Wagner 24:35
dude, that's honestly how it was for me. Like I wanted to show in my story there. It was pretty much an order. Except that the Facebook ads came before the podcast. Yeah. But basically, like, I had been wanting to do a podcast probably since about, like, three years ago. But it seems so complicated. Yeah, like, you know, and just to wrap my head around, like the editing and all that stuff. I was just like, I just kept putting it off, putting it off. And then anchor like you just said, came along. And I was like, Whoa, this is easy. This is what I'm talking about. Like, this is how I like things. Like, yeah, simple. So then, yeah, now I can, you know, as I said earlier, in the show, it is literally so simple that I can record 32 shows in one day, and then have the, you know, and I have other systems around where I can, like, have 30, I can record 32 shows. Yeah, and input the description to each of those shows, and publish them all to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and like, 10 other platforms. Yeah, to all in one day.

Junaid Ahmed 25:47
That's just mind blowing. My man.

Tyler Wagner 25:50
It's crazy, right? And like, Yeah, but that's because I like the interviewing. I like the engaging part. I don't like the other part. The other

Junaid Ahmed 25:57
part is hard. Yeah. The other part is, you know, that should be automated. Yeah,

Tyler Wagner 26:02
absolutely. And that's why, you know, to, you know, one thing we do is we send out, we call it a pre interview for, you know,

Junaid Ahmed 26:10
a really nice method. I mean, you've got a really nice system setup. And, and I'm going to copy it someday.

Tyler Wagner 26:19
You should. Yeah, cuz it like, you know, and now I just did over, we're a little bit over 900 episodes. Now, I got my. So that's the thing, too, is, it's like, the more action you take, the more things break. Yeah. And you're able to fix them and enhance them. So, like, in the first 200 episodes, things were not as systematized as they are now. Yeah, you know, been, but because of doing those first 200 and realizing how unproductive some areas of the system where Yeah, it was able to, like, diagnose it, if you will. No, absolutely. And, and then it became now what it is now where it is a perfect flow could probably even be better than it is, you know,

Junaid Ahmed 27:03
what's funny is that that's exactly how software development works like that irritate the internet, the internet, the iterative process is exactly that you you start with an MVP, you put some code together, you have bugs, you fix the bugs, you do another release have bugs, you fix the bugs. And essentially you you know, you don't come with a file product that works flawlessly. Like we'll see on our phones, apps updating on a daily basis, Facebook actually tells us, Hey, keep our app updating automatically on a daily basis. Because as soon as you find these bugs, we're going to release an update. And we want you to have the latest update. And so that's exactly our software development works. So what you were able to create for yourself after the 200 episodes, creating the automation is how like that they call it the Agile development process. And that's exactly how, you know teams all over the world work for solid software development.

Tyler Wagner 28:08
God okay. Yeah. Now, I wasn't aware of that. I mean, one one thing that I just kind of follow in life in general is like, things can always be better, right? I'm always even though right now my podcast system is seen like, I can't like think or see anything that could be better at this very moment.

Junaid Ahmed 28:30
It definitely could be and I'm sure there'll be another tool that can be added to anchor or something yeah, it even make the process even more seamless. And I think that a lot of successful people look at things that way. And just always trying to see how you can better your your systems. Absolutely. So one thing that I discovered lately or maybe today even is Speaker I don't know if you've heard of speaker it's speaker with speaker with the are between peony speaker. com. It enables you to one import your podcast and as you publish new podcast to anchor it will read that RSS feed from anchor and then you it can it can also post each of those episodes to the different social medias. For example, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and Tumblr. So those are the those so those are the five social media that items that I see. I don't know if they have additional things on a pro program. But I was like, Okay, I'm doing this awesome. It's so cool. Yeah,

Tyler Wagner 29:46
no, that's awesome. I actually just I was out when I heard about that early, I just signed up for this program called repurpose ok.io. And what they do is they turn it into a YouTube videos for you from the RSS feed automatically, which is great, but it is I am paying for itself speakers free and they're doing more than YouTube then sound Well,

Junaid Ahmed 30:10
I don't know what they do for YouTube. But they I think they're $6 a month. And what they also have is the then they also have a live platform. So if you wanted to broadcast your podcast live as you're doing it, you can do it through their thing.

Tyler Wagner 30:32
Oh, very cool. Yeah, I'll have to check them out. Yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 30:34
and I'll check out repurpose.io and see this is all because there's, you know, you can always get it out in more ways. I was talking to actually just anyone earlier this week. And he was saying how he creates multiple pieces of media from each of the interviews that he does. And he said, he, you know, breaks down one podcast and do five media sound bites, as well as images that he can done post on Instagram and Twitter and put them on Instagram stories. So get more more reviews through that. And I think he just had 10,000 listens. I'm not sure how many episodes you he's got. But I know you're way ahead of all of us. Yeah,

Tyler Wagner 31:26
I'm going for the whole thing, man. I think the see that's the thing too, is if you can, like going back to Gary Vee again, like, the more things you do, then the more you know what you like to do, and what you don't like this. So true. And, you know, I discovered that I love the podcast. So like, you know, I started the podcast only, like, seven months ago. Yeah, and I'm going to I'll definitely break 1000 interviews before a year is up. Yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 31:53
I totally believe it, man. Yeah.

Tyler Wagner 31:56
No, I mean, for sure. It'll probably it could happen in the next like, month. And like, you know, and I just can see myself doing it, you know, 2030 years from now. Who knows where technology will be then? Yeah, but yeah, like, once you discover that it's really cool to go all in. So even like john Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur on Fire. I'm coming from. Yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 32:17
slowly. And you probably heard of Holy crap. I can't remember his name. But he's a very popular radio show host. And he uses profanity every once in a while. I don't know if your turn. Yes, Howard Stern, right. He is an awesome, amazing radio personality who's been on radio for the past 20 plus years. And they came out they came out with a movie about him. Yeah, I've seen that. And he's been doing Neil. So essentially, podcast is a new radio. Absolutely right. You were talking and we were getting our thoughts out. And it's just so powerful. Amazing. A little bit. Yeah,

Tyler Wagner 33:02
no, absolutely. I've seen that movie. And yeah, Howard's stuff is definitely entertaining.

Junaid Ahmed 33:08
And now we have Joe Rogan, who's got his amazing podcasts on YouTube and, and everywhere else. Tim Ferriss is another great man. And he's like, you know, he started I mean, he started with the book writing but he's like I really love the podcasting and he's he's got some good amazing guests come on, that I've enjoyed listening to

Tyler Wagner 33:34
absolutely and I've even been considering like I think I'm going to keep it going until I hit 1000 and then what I'm going to do is then I think I don't know if I'm going to start another one or it just be on the same one I might just keep it on the same platform podcast but I'll do half of mine short form as I currently am and then yeah currently em and then the other half I'm going to do more long form not like three hours like Joe Rogan oh that's

Junaid Ahmed 34:01

Tyler Wagner 34:02
yeah i mean but it does work you know yeah absolutely but but more like 45 minutes to an hour because I think that it would be more fun for me because then I could engage more oh yeah rather than 510 minutes so that's something that I do think I'm going to implement you know within the next like three four months or so

Junaid Ahmed 34:23
that's an awesome plan a friend and I know you could do it because I love and I see the focus that you have it's amazing I wish I had that kind of focus but I'm working on it you know I'm working on

Tyler Wagner 34:35
absolutely man takes a matter of

Junaid Ahmed 34:39
you know it's funny is that I'm friend of mine he's a stand up comedian and I was like dude I think I might have ADD like I do too and I take Adderall and it helps me focus
Tyler Wagner 34:53
you know I used to take it I don't actually I just for everybody listening I don't actually recommend that okay all right good help you focus but it is a pretty it's intense man like I there's some other ways like that I think are more a little more natural that can also help so I'm just putting that out there was just

Junaid Ahmed 35:12
no no absolutely anything medic medicine related, you know, we have to consult with our doctors and you know, see what's good for us because we don't want to be random stuff I'm Rob has actually was telling me that, you know, if you work out, do a workout and come back and try to do some work. And you'll find tremendous amount of focus because you're banging your brain is pumped. It's got all this blood, fresh blood running through it, having, you know, higher heartbeat and whatnot through in the workout that's like, you know what, I'm going to give that a shot because he's all about fitness and fit world. So I was like, Okay, I believe it. It's sounds very real to me. And there was actually a TED talk about how exercise is you one way that will change the way your brain works. So yeah, yeah,

Tyler Wagner 36:14
no, that is 100% the case that and that's I mean to buy more natural ways. Like for me, and you know, sometimes I do a harder workout in the mornings. But yeah, for me, that's what the walk kind of does. Like it's being in nature, going for a long walk, and then coming back, my focus is way better than if there's some days if by chance, like, I don't know if I wake up late or have to miss miss the walk. There is a big, big difference with my mood. My activity. Yeah, thing. So for me, and everybody's different, but for me walk or a workout in the morning is essential.

Junaid Ahmed 36:57
Fantastic. Well, thank you so much, Tyler for your time. It was really awesome talking to you, learning about your story and wish you best of luck in getting to 1000 interviews.

Tyler Wagner 37:12
Awesome. Thank you, man. Appreciate it. Thanks again for having me on here.

Junaid Ahmed 37:16
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In the next episode, we get to speak with Rob house. His mission is to create billions of healthy, wealthy human doings by empowering them with the knowledge and tools to help them living healthier, more prosperous lives. So tune in again.

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