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I had the delightful opportunity to speak with Rob Howze, one of the most amazing and kind person I’ve met virtually in a very long time.

He pushed me to see myself as a professional like I never thought would be possible.

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Junaid Ahmed 0:00
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the last episode we got to speak with Tyler Wagner to CEO and founder of authors unite. He's an author, speaker and an amazing person that has helped thousands of authors bring their books to the world. So when you get a chance, check out the episode but for now let's take a listen. Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of hacks and hobbies. Here we have today. Rob, how's the fitness expert and Master of superhuman strength he has allowed me to dig deep into my abilities and he's helped me in a lot of ways and promoted me as well as lift me up in ways that I did not imagine possible. Have you have Rob? House fraud? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Rob Howze 1:48
Wow, man. That's a great intro

intro was my introduced you

help me? You know, that is in. That's why that's you are

around, you know. Um, yeah. Honestly, we can talk all day about how you change the world, but change the world by doing something to change it. Yes. No. I mean, what other folks doing that in the internet? Yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 2:19
absolutely. Well, what's what's amazing about the internet, and the ability to connect and expand our minds is that it is limitless. And the more and more I understand the internet, understand the social media, the more like more light bulbs start going off in my head, like, Whoa, what, what really, this, this can happen. And it's amazing that there's, there's so many people that you hear about, that are using this platform as their full time gig as their full time everything. And you imagine and you wonder, you know, how did they get there. And

earlier today, and in one of the conversations I had with Alexandra, authentic Alex, and she's huge on LinkedIn. She's one of the co founders of the link in local event. And she was saying, you know, it's, it's just a matter of getting yourself out there and getting to use these platforms to expand and create your own brand. Yeah, yeah,

Rob Howze 3:27
that's it. That's it. And the most important thing to do that for that to happen is, you have to know what that brand is. You have to know who you are, you know, and even if you're promoting something else, you know, different product with an outside source, whatever, you still got to know who you are. Because then, you know, you'll connect with more like minded people. And then, you know, once we do that, the internet that gives us the instant ability man to take our message and move it forward and just accelerate the pace with which we change people's lives.

Junaid Ahmed 3:58
Absolutely. It's basketball. It's

so true. It's so true. It's so true. And one of the, one of the inspirations that got me to this point is Gary Vee. You know, Gary van der Chuck has been pushing this for, I mean, the past year, and this year, he's been pushing social media so much. It's, it's amazing that he he built his empire on building the content for the past 20 years. And nobody, you know, nobody saw it coming. And then we saw his books. And he talks about how he did it in the books. And I was like, wait, what, and, you know, I've been around the internet, you know, over 20 years myself, and I've seen these other people grow. And, you know, we heard the word internet marketing and all of this stuff. And I was like, Oh, that's, that's pretty cool. Maybe it's for somebody else. And not me, not knowing that, you know, I'm in promoting or I'm working for companies that are creating these campaigns for other small businesses, bringing traffic to them. Google AdWords was huge, right. And now we have Facebook ads, we have Instagram story ads we have YouTube ads is just amazing how this platform that they've created it's it's replacing the TV that we want us to depend on.

Rob Howze 5:29
Our communication skills have been platforms have been so upgraded. So revolutionize evolution as the accelerator last hundred years, if you think about how fast we can communicate now is you get on a horse and take a message across the woods or something, you know, now you can just pick up the phone booth and you're looking at the person. It's unbelievable. You know, the pace how exactly and so like you were saying, you know, this is the highway This is the path that everybody needs to be on. Gary Vee talks a tremendous amount about this. And this is also something that's been on his radar recently in a lot of recent talks, and that's about people utilizing it, like, start using it. You're looking at it like you're going to the circus. And this is an amazing thing. No, no need to be in it be in circus, because very soon, same way. blockbuster found out Oh my God, that's going to happen to everyone who doesn't move with this. And,

Junaid Ahmed 6:30
and recently, Toys R Us found that out too.

Rob Howze 6:34
And it's those folks that are they're so big. They're foundation so solid. they've they've been a champion back to back three peat six. Pete 10. So they're like, we're the ones are theory our concept is the way they don't realize is no way the way evolves? Yeah,

absolutely. Well, now, here's the deal. Yeah,

if you're good, you're good. Like Gary. And like, you like people who would listen, you can evolve head of it. Oh, yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 7:06
absolutely. And, and one way to do that is to evolve is to create content, create massive amounts of content. And there's so many ways to create content, right? There's audio, there's video, there's photo, there's text, you can create articles. I remember back in the days when you did talk about internet marketing, you could go to a website and find articles to populate. You can buy articles to put on your own blog site. And now, I mean, if you think about it, we are creating content daily for Facebook, for LinkedIn, for Twitter, we are the content creators and you know, Facebook, and you know, they realize, hey, content is king who we don't have enough power to create content, let's open this platform up and let other people create content for us. That's why you tube and Facebook and all these platforms are so huge because they've got millions and billions of content creators posting no matter what, you know, random listings, and which comes back to Facebook. Hey, that's why they're so popular. So to become

Rob Howze 8:18
Yeah, and and that's why the content Lee is on the rise. Nothing right, with that very fact that you just said content is king and we're in our group three days of videos group is producing some stellar award winning content


Junaid Ahmed 8:41
No doubt. I'm like, What?

Rob Howze 8:42
Okay, all right. All right. All right. All right. It all this came from didn't come from me because I didn't pull it together. It just came from me knowing having my intention be clear about what I wanted to do so clear on what I want to do it track his mother Fozia

and attracted some more folks, some real organic attracting there.

Junaid Ahmed 9:06
It's It's so amazing. It's so amazing what it's brought together people in the ways that it has and we're just, we're just so excited and so happy to be part of it. I mean,

thanks to you. I mean, you you pull together and then other people start pulling other people together. It's just we just raised in each other up

Rob Howze 9:27
man, what camera we did we use them for your 30 days video testimony. Like that imagery was amazing.

Junaid Ahmed 9:33
Absolutely. So I use the D SLR camera. I've got a few days or so. Although I'm talking about mobile videography, because you know, everybody has a cell phone. So why not expand on that? Yeah, so besides that, I use diesel, our professional video equipment to record video and create interviews and stuff like that as well. Yeah, so that's some of the equipment that I'm using for some of my videos, man. Oh, that's the metals are good

Rob Howze 10:05
though. The floor with it's funny, you know, so I put the music behind everybody and then have everything fit. That was all movies. I was on movies music to me. Yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 10:18
I could tell. I was like, I've heard this music for

example. Yeah.

So Rob, tell us

some of the hobbies that you wish you had. And or some of the hobbies that you have currently.

Rob Howze 10:37
Oh, man, hobbies, hobbies, hobbies. Well man Music Music is my life it's not really happy but how many like a fun thing so I put it in the hobby bucket you know Music Man like dancer is the most

was just in common Let's dance and making videos like that is fun for me

Junaid Ahmed 10:59

Rob Howze 11:00
going to the beach with them my wife and reading a book or listen to some stuff walking like that is the ultimate does matter that will be like 8% of my life in the next five years yeah yeah but I'm size that man like football, sports, football, basketball been an athlete my whole life you know what you call

a professional integral player

man it really takes a serious to win every single time

Junaid Ahmed 11:36
that is amazing. I'm growing up I didn't play too many sports um. I did play I mean some sports when I was when I was towards my high school I played with my friends

did some soccer I ended up being the goalie playing cricket I ended up being

the feeling person right I'm just waiting for the ball to drop in and I throw it back never like did the active part of it and that's mainly because you know growing up I was I just had like indoor activities I did bike a lot yeah so last year I did a lot of biking and

Rob Howze 12:22
quickly on Facebook have some months back

Junaid Ahmed 12:24
yeah yeah so I need to get back on my bike cuz I think it's not being on the bike is causing some health issues with my with the the protein not getting consumed properly in my body.

Rob Howze 12:38
This is the absolute absolute best Yeah, best man so if you don't do that,

Junaid Ahmed 12:46
yes. So what's also motivated me and being motivated and biking is being part of a team. My team philosophy it is the team that I'm part of. There's total of 25 seconds on there. And I think this year we've started training this November and for 12 weeks we're just training to start get back into racing next year.

Rob Howze 13:11
Wow that's good

Junaid Ahmed 13:13
yeah so I've got I've got the whole workout set up by home

Rob Howze 13:21
Have you ever done any any work after you ride your bike Have you ever have you ever like was aware that after you rode your bike you work work

Junaid Ahmed 13:31
work no I don't think I have well next

Rob Howze 13:34
time your bike ride yeah go into your into your zone whatever that is

okay your

process when they accelerate

Junaid Ahmed 13:43
the early so start working like working on an audio or a podcast or editing video

Rob Howze 13:50
converter okay you're gonna you're gonna be in some kind of superhuman zone what happens is once the blood starts flowing orphans and blessings to your brain

it starts flowing to the park called the hippocampus where the that in your energy comes from natural stimulation ban all out Yes. was amazing

Junaid Ahmed 14:14
that that is that is so cool to know. Because I think I watched a video a TED talk and she was saying there's only one thing a human can do that can change your brain in a massive way and that's exercise

Rob Howze 14:30
mm hmm yeah

Junaid Ahmed 14:33
because like you said you know you've got your blood pumping throughout your entire body at a heightened rate to me and your your your heart is beating at over 130 hundred 40 beats per minute that's going to get that blood going everywhere

Rob Howze 14:49
in then once you do that consistently can sound yeah then what happens in your brain is your brain starts restructuring itself and it starts to now support what you're doing

it's really interesting and that's how these habits Get Started

Junaid Ahmed 15:04
that's that totally makes sense because I was listening to the book the creativity curve by Adam

Alan Gannett and he's talking about how the brain produces 1400 new cells every single day and we're and the cells will die eventually over time but depending on what you're learning those new cells will go and those parts of your brain and help you grow in that area Mm hmm. And that's one of the reasons why college campuses have 16 week courses because it takes about eight weeks for those cells to you know formulate and be in those areas of your brain that needs to most

Rob Howze 15:51
that shouldn't give up so fast that we're giving them the science why you stick it out I know right least you like not getting it results well don't those seeds in the ground that a tree come up

Junaid Ahmed 16:06
yeah we don't we all we don't we all don't got magic beans you know

overnight success

overnight successes us in the works it is it is absolutely there was one video watch by goal cats where he's talking about how the there's just one bamboo bamboo tree that you have to water it consistently for five years before you even see any any thing come out of the ground Chinese bamboo tree Chinese bamboo tree that's the one and another nother cool part is these these two week thing right i mean the eight week is how long it takes for the brain cells to to mature reading one thing or

there's a book called one thing and you just want to focus on that one thing talk about habit creation and how it takes 66 days of doing something to actually develop a habit

so we're halfway there this 30 days of video man

Rob Howze 17:19
were halfway there halfway there we're building a variety of habits that's true

Junaid Ahmed 17:25
that's absolutely true. Some habits

Rob Howze 17:27
that are happening in our subconscious we don't know what's happened yeah

Junaid Ahmed 17:30
that is so true and and that's one of the reasons I love the hobbies because he's hobbies engaged different part of your brain Yeah, grow in different ways and that's one of the reasons I was like you know, I got to document this I got a document is beekeeping. A good document is, you know, the cycling this video's all of this. And that's one of the reasons I had this podcast going because it's one consistent thing that I'm able to document

Rob Howze 18:03
that's good man. And we're talking we're actually giving people the science of open mindedness. Yeah, the science of open mindedness like to be open mind is when you you're working on one region, one region of the brain, because that's what you get your comfort zone. That's your paradigm. But we deliberately open yourself to other things as how you open your open, be open minded. Yeah, because you're available and we learn is that everything celebrates because everything is supposed to work together, like Naturally, this is the this is how we're supposed to be evolving. Yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 18:37
absolutely. And that's, that's how you know, the human

to human evolution. So to say, you know, over the years, how do we grow and why it's exponentially growing, is because we compound our learning and build better things. I mean, this say that technological marvel that you see in the past 100 years is nothing compared to past 10 years. Yeah, yeah,

Rob Howze 19:08
nothing. And that's just the beginning. That's the baby of the

world. All right, I'm ready. I think

Junaid Ahmed 19:24
that's right,

Rob Howze 19:26
man. Like, they'll be in. I'll be in Jamaica, they'll be in Syracuse. And they'll be living with me because we're doing like a live virtual conversations. Yeah, really easy. Really easy, man.

Junaid Ahmed 19:39
So easy.

Wow. Yeah. So what what I also love about about kids is, is their ability to learn so much faster, because they're, I mean, they're in this live state during this excitement state. And I was talking to my son, and I was like, Come, you know, let's do a podcast together all day. Yesterday, when he came back from school was like, Dad, can we do? Can we do a podcast interview to do a podcast? Like, absolutely, but you got to get you know, this other stuff done. So I'm planning on doing an episode with him on a weekend and see you will become a with

Rob Howze 20:20
home as well. How does it How does the sun

Junaid Ahmed 20:23
so my son, he's eight years old, going on nine in February.

Rob Howze 20:28

that's cool. Man. He saw you doing it is absolutely fine with that. I'm thinking about that.

Junaid Ahmed 20:35
Well, I I mentioned it to him. We have been on facebook live together. And anytime we go to swimming, or we're in the car will live Facebook Live. And, you know, we'll be talking to the camera on and, you know, he's, you know, telling his day and, and what he learned. So, he likes engaging with the audience. And he, you know, he he's a he, he's a showman himself. So,

he loves you. He loves teaching. And he loves talking about things and in the storytelling about everything, right. So I really like about them that about them.

Rob Howze 21:17
Wow, that's good, man. Yeah, yeah. It's awesome. It's funny, my son and I was five years ago when they first came out when you recognize it. Yeah. It with him? It was him. I was like,

crazy. Yeah,

we were. The first was like, my first lot of Yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 21:42
and then you did a 365 days of live video last year, right?

Rob Howze 21:46
That was amazing. So it wasn't 365 days in a row, just every

every weekday. Okay. All right here. Okay. Okay.

Like 80% of those were interviewing

Junaid Ahmed 21:58
guests. Okay. Nice. 70%, 70%,

because there's only so much you can talk about yourself. Right?

Rob Howze 22:06
Right. We did that to the challenge was beginning. Yes. Every day, every weekday, what they did was booking guests. And then after doing that, you know, that was enough

Junaid Ahmed 22:19
drain. So it's a lot of draining. Yeah, that's so true. Um, but it's been, it's been a an amazing experience. I mean, you've built be built an amazing audience and magic number of people. You know,

Rob Howze 22:34
I came in at the, what you call the sweet spot, you know, the sweet spot of LinkedIn, the height of LinkedIn, the best, this is the best. This is Mike Tyson in his prime, LinkedIn. Michael Jordan is prime LinkedIn. Yeah, me, it's just, I'll leave the tiger woods. And this is like, okay, the best they've ever been

trapped here. Now, that being said, this is the best business networking platform on the planet.

Junaid Ahmed 23:03
Absolutely. No doubt.

Rob Howze 23:05
And the place and a platform is booming in the accelerator. It was just time and I didn't know I didn't know this. I just stumbled in about seven months ago. Yeah.

Junaid Ahmed 23:16

yes. Same here. I've been I've been on it since it first came out, you know, and all I use it for is for

just setting up my resume. That's about it. Yeah,

Rob Howze 23:28
I I just use it as a as a as a virtual like a business card. You know. Yeah, the only reason I came back, I got a new partner, Glenn, Darren's we work on a project together. Yeah, you know, small business SEO experts on stage. Yeah, so the primary focus was connecting with other business professionals. So I just naturally as a marketer, I said, Okay, I need to go where they are. Yeah, so I'm walking through the doors while they're throwing a party

party timeline is 567 people at this party, but only a million are doing content, only people with the status only a million pieces of content is produced daily. So that could be whatever, but still low amount, and then even smaller amount, probably a third of that making video content. So I said, Wait a minute, wait a second year,

so we knew that okay, easy. So I need to do is I need to 30 days and videos. Yeah, you do 30 videos on this platform.

In a moment. I did that and Earl came out. He said, man. Wow. You know, the weird thing was, I went on

a hashtag 30 days of videos. Yeah. And no, nothing came up. But


I go to my phone and do the same thing, same bling things as we're so then I typed in the hashtag 30 days of video without the S Yeah. stumps and things came up. They No way. So hurry, hurry and put a post together. Yeah, is coming soon. I put two gifts in the beginning and end of it. If I refresh the screen type in a search 30 days of videos. Hashtag It was me. I said

why we wanted to GoDaddy got the URL. 30 days of videos. It was I say, Wow, that was awesome. This is this is confirmation. confirmation that

Junaid Ahmed 25:28
love it. I love it. You know,

Rob Howze 25:29
and here you come. You know, he would work with your table helping people use that phone

the time of day that the remote control society, your shop is showing them how to actually make video content business from

Junaid Ahmed 25:47
Mm hmm. Absolutely. And that's that was the idea because, hey, everybody's got this. And what's funny is rod farrier was the one who approached me and he said, Hey, you should talk about, you know, mobile video editor, LinkedIn local event us like, you know what, I would love to do that because I know this and then out I've been, you know, following other people creating video content on smartphone. And I totally know everything there is to know about it. And if I don't know something, I will go learn it. And, you know, bring it to the table. So,

so totally awesome.

Rob Howze 26:28
Totally awesome. And that's what that's what it's about, man. You know, it's really about just, you know, bring your gifts your table, like bringing your gifts. I bring my gifts and she bring her gift man. We got a bunch of gifts for everybody. Yeah, that's, that's what happened. No, that's what my mission you know, really. My entire life is just so happened. I was born in certain time you at this moment where even 10 years ago if this moment would have been here, I wouldn't work

Junaid Ahmed 26:59
Yeah. Was this was the time

Rob Howze 27:02
Tom everything's lined up, moon, sun, everything I'm saying on the right foot, looking at the right angle. The windblown right way everything's like perfect. Now don't get me wrong stuff still happens Oh yeah, we're not just singing Kumbaya around the fire acting like rain might not come

Junaid Ahmed 27:18
no no you still got to work at it

Rob Howze 27:20
so that we're getting emotional intelligence things going to suck you know things will go wrong simultaneously with medical wrong with how fast can fix them

Junaid Ahmed 27:31
right i mean that video you shared with with the lady you know falling and again right back up and getting first place

Rob Howze 27:40
ever seen I've seen I've seen Odell Beckham one hand patch yeah I've seen this come back since Super Bowl yeah yeah a lot of stuff do I never because I ran track yeah and it wasn't a long with Mike was eight miler was like four times around it yeah she fell down and girls in one lap

Junaid Ahmed 28:01
yeah that was just


was also the last lap so she had she she she had to right?

Rob Howze 28:09
she had to Yeah, it was funny when she got up. You guys haven't seen this video and look up Heather Dornan WAV files on track. Because I take paper in order to come to my page. Yeah. When when she thought she got up with such an intention in a destination of determination. Yeah. Now that was right on it. And I thought about that. That's how we have to be guess along in our relationship. Even my wife and I was thinking we got some we got to deal with work on fixing the problem. Not talking about why the problems here? Yeah, if she did that, I'm saying man, she tripped me What? She wasted one second about that. She loses.

Junaid Ahmed 28:49
Yep. One second, though. So true. And it was milli second, right? It was like seven milliseconds. Yeah,

those and then the the other lady number second place,

Rob Howze 29:03
you get anything. This podcast and this conversation.

You fall down, get up realize you I guess the best thing for you to realize that you will. That's it's helpful to know Yeah, it's not a surprise. Oh my god, I know you're gonna everything's gonna Yeah, there's what do you got to get up in? The quicker you get up, the quicker you get to where you want to get to? Exactly.

Junaid Ahmed 29:27
That's absolutely an excellent inspirational

advice and like, like they say, you know, all good things must come to an end. This was an excellent talk with you, Rob. Thank you so much for joining us and telling the audience what it's like to be awesome,

Rob Howze 29:49
man. I am awesome. Standing next to awesome and we together create awesomeness.

Junaid Ahmed 29:57
Amen, brother. Amen. Hey, Robin, to tell us and tell the audience where they can find you.

Rob Howze 30:05
Sure, man, you know, you can always put your google glasses on type in Google. Rob house. What you're looking for a quick round robin house speaks. So just my name. Roundhouse speaks. Awesome. Yeah, calm and I see if you are entrepreneur business owner, to any extent, connect with me on LinkedIn. That's the best place that's where I need you to be anyway, because that's where it's happening is where it happens.

Junaid Ahmed 30:31
Perfect. Thank you so much. I will drop in the links to rob house speaks and his LinkedIn profile. And thanks again for joining us.

And the next episode, we get to speak with David William read. She's been a photographer for over 20 years, we get to learn but some photography essentials philosophy mindset to take beautiful, amazing portraits. So tune in again tomorrow for a brand new episode with David Reeve. Thank you for listening. Have a wonderful day.

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