An Inventor of a product that was designed to decorate medical boots, she created a brand new space in the industry. No one had a clue that this was needed, but after several focus groups and su rveys she was able to launch this brand new product and bring it to the states. 

She had to then figure out how to market the product as all the initial investment went into research & development. Christina became a do-it-yourself publicity expert and with her first year in the market she was able to get into 50 media outlets all for free.

How did she manage this? Check out the episode to learn more and create free PR for your own unique products and services.

Christina can be reached at She’s helped countless people find their publicity, wrote a book that’ll walk you step by step.

Look for @prforanyone on all of the social media to get in touch with Christina.

Enjoy the episode!


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