I was honored to have David Calvert, an upcoming novelist and author. He’s the host of the amazing Car Thoughts with David. He’s got some amazing episodes and we got to chat about his story and how he grew up I a very rich movie culture as well as a very creative imagination to be able to create lego sets.

Enjoy the episode!

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Junaid Ahmed 0:06
Welcome to a new episode of hacks and hobbies with your host Junaid.

In this episode, I get to chat with David Calvert, David, a fellow podcaster, it's an awesome inspiration. He's working on an amazing book. And he's got his own podcast where he is blown it up. Today, we're going to talk about some of the hobbies, some of the

awesome things that he loved to do. So David, tell us a little bit more about yourself. All right. Welcome to the podcast.

David Calvert 0:44
Thank you very much for having me, man. And yeah, I like Like you said, I run a small podcast called car thoughts with David. I'm also writing a science fiction novel, which I actually shouldn't have done today or tomorrow and running the send off to the editors nice and just trying to start up my own business and get, you know, help others do the same things that that I'm doing and that you're doing, you know, gain out there and putting your story out for the world to see.

Junaid Ahmed 1:13
That's awesome. I got into podcasting, mainly because cool medium, and I've been wanting to do a podcast for over seven years. In fact, they even got one started with my cousins. And we just talked about tech happenings around the time talking about computers talking about phones, and talk about all sorts of awesome thing. And we call it still growing it because we're still trying to come up with what this is going to be about.

That didn't last too long, mainly because all three of us were in three different locations. And we try to use Google Hangouts to do a live video and then would record it. And then we had to go through the process of editing and putting all of this stuff together. It was a lot of hassle, right? And then earlier this year friend of mine, as asked me, Hey, I need to set up a podcast, do you know anything about it? I was like, absolutely. Let me tell you what you need. And by this time, we had much better technologies, much better solutions available. And I ran into anchor and I was like, Whoa, what is this, this is some really cool thing. So and I decided that, you know, I'm just going to do it on my own. Because it's very hard to

find somebody that's in the same thought space as you are. But then when I joined the anchor community on Facebook, and I was like, wait, these people are in the same thoughts based as I am. We're just, you know, far removed from each other.

So yeah, that's necessary. Bit of my journey on how I got started. How about yourself? Tell me what got you into podcasting?

David Calvert 3:07
Uh, yeah, I mean, basically, you know, I kept seeing everybody on like LinkedIn, and Facebook and stuff talking about podcasts. And I was like, wow, I really don't know what to do. You know, I feel like I've got a story and information I could share with people that would that would really be useful and, and, you know, good. And, you know, so I started doing my research, I started looking up podcasting apps. And I came across anchor, as, you know, I started like, looking up or googling like the best podcasting apps are easiest to use, or whatever, because I really didn't know what I was doing. And from there, it kind of, yeah, you know, just just, I download the app. I set up my podcast, and then I need to figure out what I was going to talk about and how I was going to actually the logistical side of house is going to record it because I stay pretty busy. And yeah, you know, so I needed a place where I could actually record without being interrupted. And I just got done reading Alan gannets book called The creative curve, and one of the things he talks about in that book is why we always have these aha moments when we're in the shower in the car, or when we wake up first thing in the morning because our subconscious is able to be a little bit more free because we're doing menial tasks. I thought about, okay, well, shower thoughts would be interesting, but might be a little bit of a problem if the phone drops in the shower while I'm recording or gets wet. So let's not do that. So that didn't work. And I was like, Well, I can probably talk in my sleep. But I don't know if I could actually, you know, record it in my sleep. So that's not going to work. So I went, I was like, Okay, well, last option is the car. So I started recording in my car, and it's taken off. And I've actually had people yeah, who've actually sent me messages. And they're like, I love how the car is kind of like your co host. Yo, you hear you shifting gears and cars driving past the motorcycles. And my last interview I did with Chris clues. There was actually a cop car that passed me with the sirens. He was like, are you getting are getting pulled over? I was like, No, no, he's, he's passing me.

Yeah. So it's like, it's interesting sounds as well.

Junaid Ahmed 5:16
That is so cool. Yeah, that is that is really awesome. I mean, the ambience, right, the car beyond says what people are loving to hear. But But that's not all the media, they love your content, they can keep coming back for your content.

And that's really awesome. So you know, when you when you mentioned, shower thoughts, there was this, there's one guy on anchor, actually. And he did an episode in the shower,

and he stuck the phone in between, I guess, the shelf or whatever. Yeah. And he just started talking. He's like, All right,

I'm listening to this episode. I'm like, Oh, my God, this is hilarious. And he's like, you know, anytime I get in the shower, I wonder which parts to start with. And then, you know, sometimes talking I forget which parts I already done. So I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 6:10

David Calvert 6:12
like, okay, Buffalo. That's a little TMI. Oh, geez, that's crazy. Now, I did record I did actually record an episode standing in the ocean. I was about waist deep in the ocean. And actually was standing out there in the beach. It like, yeah, four o'clock in the morning and actually decided, like I was, I was waiting for the sun to come up. I was gonna take some photos. I was like, well, the water's warm. You know, I'm gonna go get get on the water and keep my phone with me. You know, because I didn't want somebody to run off and steal it. Because it was still pretty dark out. Yeah. And so. So I had my hand You know, I was holding it up high. So I didn't get a web and all sudden, it's like an idea for a podcast episode. How about I recorded right here. So you can hear the waves and the water splashing around as, as the waves come in and hit me. Yeah, so yeah, that was that was an interesting that idea. A lot of people like that episode,

Junaid Ahmed 7:04
one episode that I got to do was on the bicycle. And it's probably the most listened one episode to write it. That's really interesting. I mean, you, you wonder, you know, what kind of content are they been, I barely get any feedback, because I'm not as

we call it, consistent as you are. And I'm trying to get there trying to be more consistent, I have a backlog of episodes that I need to edit. And

it's just, it's just a lot less time. So let's, let's get into some of your hobbies, your hobbies did you want to get into? Because this is, after all, the podcast about hacks and hobbies? Okay,

David Calvert 7:54
all right. Well, you know, as we we talked about in our first attempted episode, I'm very big into building Legos, I love the you know, it's like doing a puzzle just more complex. So I've always enjoyed working with Lego sets. When I was younger, I would actually send designs and of course, now they've got that the website, the creators website, where you can actually submit your designs. And I've even done a couple of those in recent years, none of them have been made into sets yet. But that was it was still fun to do, and to, you know, share out and have actually designed a set before the Wally set came out, because brother in law, he's a huge fan of the Wally movie. And, yeah, actually designed a set with the Lego design software, a Wally set, and then called Lego and ordered the individual breaks from them. And then and then sent that to them. And the cool thing about the Lego software is, is when you design the set it actually you can save it and actually print sounds like the instruction brochure, like all like how each, all the steps of how to build it. So, you know, I, I, when I worked at Verizon at the call center, because it wasn't really engaging on a intellectual level, because it was just pretty much like, okay, turn your phone off, turn it back on. Again, I had a lot of free time to do stuff. So I'd sit there with my laptop and design sets while I was on calls with people fixing their their cell phones and our bills.

Junaid Ahmed 9:28
That's really cool. You know, I recently discovered that stuff, right? And I was like, honestly, with it, but I've never creatively created a new Lego sets. And, and so I'm always at a loss like, okay, one day because because my like, my work requires that I pay full attention as I'm designing interfaces and designing application. So can really take that time. I mean, every single thing that I want to get into requires full attention. And, and that's one thing about the pie podcasting right now, I'm able to record my podcast in the car as well. That's the one place that I can focus and do the podcast episodes. But I am technically in the car recording these episodes, right? Yeah, the one thing that I've done is I'm using a dedicated headset. So, you know, you know, you don't really hear the car, zooming buys and stuff like that.

David Calvert 10:26
Yeah, yeah. And I'm actually working so a little bit better equipment for mine as well. Because, you know, just, it's a little bit easier than using just the, the free headset because I know that thing's gonna wear out of that.

Junaid Ahmed 10:37
Yeah, yeah, exactly. So talking about Legos. Right? Legos. I grew up playing with Lego also. But I was first introduced to Lego back in 85, when I was visiting the US and my uncle who's bought his, like, eight months younger than older than me, he had a huge said he had a castle lot of Legos, and, you know, he had huge, we play with this stuff. And then somehow, I got into Lego technique. And I still didn't have a lot of sets, I came back from vacation. I recently got him Lego Diplo set from not just a single set. But I found this lot on Craigslist. It probably has like, 500 pieces for 60 bucks a while. And these are like, in excellent condition. Because the two children these guys had, you know, they kept they kept it in really good shape. So this is like, I was like, wow, this is

Unknown Speaker 11:40

Junaid Ahmed 11:43
I mean, if, if I had purchased every single set, I would probably be paying two $300 on this. And he has Lego is definitely amazing. And I love the new sets that they keep coming up with. In fact, a few months ago, they came out. The Voltron said, I don't know if you saw it.

David Calvert 11:59
Yes. Yeah, I'm definitely planning on picking that up here. Very soon. Got a knock out my Christmas shopping for other people. And then I'm going to pick that up.

Junaid Ahmed 12:10
Yes. As soon as I saw that, this Lego Voltron stuff was available. And of course, since I'm a VIP member, I get to order it before anybody else. What happened is, I ended up buying two sets. And my colleague was like, Whoa, you got one. I'll buy it from you. It's like, Sure. No problem. So I gave him one. And then when it arrived, I I initially mainly got it because my son's been into Voltron for the past three, four years watching Voltron on Netflix. And he's like oh my god Voltron as a best and all of his joins us Voltron robots for red, yellow, green and blue and black and I was like all right this he's gonna love it so when when they got the set I was like well got a surprise for you. And he was just jumping off the walls and it's like all right so all you man you got to build this whole thing and it's got like 2300 pieces Oh wow. And yeah it's it's a huge set I mean this this thing finish is easily a foot or maybe like 1820 inches tall so he built the whole thing himself you can take apart the lions you put the lines together to form Voltron is really really awesome and so once went to pre order madness was gone right and I start seeing it show up on eBay yeah things pop up on eBay because people are done playing with it they've built it now they want to sell right so now you can pick it up for like hundred 70 bucks or even cheaper like hundred $50 no like it's cool I could probably get another side cuz I didn't get to build it myself either

wanted to build it in you know because I'm one when you will core set that I got to build was the Porsche GT three techniques set and man that took me I would spend like an hour an hour at a time and probably took me like two three weeks because I initially bought it used also through brick links. Calm and it came up in came in, you know, bags says, first thing that I did was like, all right, I gotta, I gotta sort all these things out. Because otherwise, I'd be just looking to the pile over and over, right? You know what that is? Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:33

Junaid Ahmed 14:36
Alright, so Legos. what's what's the other awesome thing that you wish you got more into?

David Calvert 14:42
I use I wish I was still more in the music. I'm trying to get back into it. And I actually broke out my guitar recently and started learning learning songs. Again, practicing newer songs, because I mean, I could probably Yeah, I could probably sit down and he know play anything from the 70s or 80s no problem. But you know, I haven't I haven't played in probably nearly a decade I used to actually

I was in three different like bands with them, like local churches and stuff where they kind of hired me to come in and play because they were short people. And then I was also within a few local bands, where we toured around the state and played shows and played it, I learned a couple different instruments, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele. mandolin, and I tried to learn violin that didn't really go so well. Yeah, but I could definitely get the I can do all the, the chords and the notes for for violin. It was just the actual using the bow. It sounded like I was torturing cats. Every time I touch into the string that's theirs. There's an arc of this, there's something I'm missing. You know, I don't feel the spirit of Charlie Daniels racing through my veins. So maybe I just need to sell it.

Junaid Ahmed 16:04
That's really cool. So. So you you're getting back into playing guitar?

David Calvert 16:10
Yes, yeah, I I'm actually going to be on a friend's podcast Saturday. And he, what he does is he'll have like music in the background. Or sometimes they'll sit there and like, just practice on his guitar while he's recording this episode.

So as I call crap, if I want to be on his show, I'm going over to his house, I need to take my guitar. And you know, maybe I'll play some while we're, while we're talking. We're going to be talking about the predator series, we're going to be doing like a review of the whole series and talk about that,

Junaid Ahmed 16:44
that's really awesome. With so much content whizzing around out there. There's only one storytelling platform to help you keep calm and stay informed and inspired. Flipboard Flipboard curates the world story so you can be smarter in your world, work life and play. Choose from thousands of topics to personalized Flipboard and get the latest stories from the best publishers delivered to you. 24 seven. When you see stories that you want to save or share, tap the plus button to add them to private or public collections. It's that simple. Use my millions of people every day. Flipboard is how people move themselves and the world forward. Get started now at Flipboard calm. That's flipboard.com. Yeah, man. I never really got into playing music, although I love to think.

But I did manage to play some bass guitar and try to try to get into playing the guitar and I knew some chords and I would play it. But it was just for fun. You know, not not something crazy.

We actually had a band

back in 2003. And I was like, dude, I could sing, you can play. So let's just make it a hand out of it. And then we finally we setting the first couple session. We just did it. You know, when God did ourselves. There's me, my friend, Ali, his brother, who got into drum who who would play the drums. And then my friend Ellie's like, dude, you gotta bring your brother and what's he doing? sitting at home? So my brother came in and he just took over. He is like, I'm singing and playing the guitar. I'm playing the bass. And he you know, I mean, he was new at it. He but he picked up really fast. And he actually did some collaboration songs for some relief programs later on later in the years. But yeah, oh, yeah. He was much better at everything done. I was gaming, you know, one not. So. Yeah, I mean, I actually recently got a little kids guitar. Because my son my three year olds, I want to get her on a guitar. Sounds like I'm gonna buy this acoustic kids guitar. And instead on the on the box at this is not a toy. This is an actual instrument. So it's all made out of plastic. I got it. And I was like, all right. This is how you hold it in this how you play. And he just couldn't figure it out. And I was like, Oh, we just got to keep trying. But he's so young. So I'm wondering if it's too early for him. But the thing that kept happening is the guitar kept losing tuning, because either My son is going in and turning the knobs

for the strings. Or it's because it's made out of plastic. It doesn't keep the strings taught as it's supposed to.

David Calvert 19:45
Yeah, and that's, that's certainly possible.

Junaid Ahmed 19:48
Yeah. So I ended up sending them back of like, you know what, Amazon? You can take this back, I'm just going to get a piano we visited a friend. And she had she played the piano and she's like, all right, the kids can go at it. And they're just, you know, banging where the piano now they're like, Can we get a piano? And I think they say that it's easier to learn starting on the piano than any other instrument and not sure how accurate that is. because technically on the piano, all the all the keys are laid out, right. What are your thoughts on that?

You just, you just got back. You wanted to talk something you wanted to get into acting in theater?

David Calvert 20:26
Yeah, yeah. So when I was younger, you know, I would watch you know, these movies. And I was just always fascinated by cinema, you know, and my parents were very in the movies. My family was very into movies, my own collection work at a movie theater. So I was constantly surrounded by movies and television at a at a very young age. I the first movie, I remember seeing my mom says, she doesn't know how I can actually remember it because I was like six months old. But she had actually took me to see cuz she wanted to go see it again when they rereleased us no snow white in the theaters. And, you know,

I remember very vividly seen that movie and all of that and made comments about it. Before we before I watched it again, as a as a you know, still a young child, but definitely not a six month old. So she was like, You shouldn't have been held. Remember that. They say babies don't remember those things that I do know, maybe the wrong but but yeah. So. And then my uncle made sure I watched all the Star Wars films of course. And my my father is as well you know, I remember sitting watching Return of the Jedi at at my grandparents house with him we were seeing on on the, on the carpet, you know, in front of the TV, watching TV watching this. And, you know, I was just fascinated by that. So I was always like, that's what I want to do. Someday, I want to be in a movie, I want to be able to go to those magical places, those worlds that are created, you know, that I'm getting to watch and, you know, just yeah. So I always try to find ways to do that, or, or come up with ways to do that. And, you know, I'd be in place and school and stuff like that, of course, being in a small town in North Carolina in the middle of nowhere at the time, you know,

not exactly easy to get Yeah, to get discovered. But, you know, a lot of a lot of movies have been filmed actually out here in the, in the Charlotte area.

And some of which, I've actually been an extra and, or, or.

Junaid Ahmed 22:43
Yeah, you know,

David Calvert 22:45
done done like little little things. And you know, nothing enough to give me an IMDB page, but enough to say, Oh, yeah, you know, I was in that movie. I was in this movie. So, so,

yeah, I mean, it is a growing area. Like, I mean, I'm still in shock that the first

of the Hunger Games movies was filmed, like, 10 miles from my house. Oh, my God. That was that was kind of crazy. And then I was in

Eddie, which was old basketball movie with Whoopi Goldberg and

not well, Days of Thunder. I was I was too young, I wanted to do, but my parents wouldn't let me do being being the the scenes for that because I was filmed in the Charlotte Motor Speedway, a lot of it. And then yeah, there was a couple other movies. I can't remember the titles of that. I actually met Mel Gibson, when they were filming the Patriot they filmed it about, wow, 60 or 70 miles from from here, and in the forest areas of South Carolina. And I was working at a video video game store. And all of a sudden, you know, I'm opening up and getting everything ready. Counting down my register. And all the sudden someone knocks on the door and they're like, excuse excuse me, you know, I'm walking over. He's like, excuse me? Can I come in? I know you guys aren't open yet. But I just want to buy a game. And it didn't dawn on me at the time. Who was it? Didn't it didn't click. And then as I'm opening the door to talk to him, I'm like, Oh, yes, of course. Yes. You may come in. So what do you need it? He was in boy. So. So yeah. And so I've met some actors and actresses, you know, with when they filmed out here. And then, of course,

a lot of musicians live out out here as well. So that's really cool. I actually on my podcast, got the interview Steve scales. He was the percussionist for the talking heads.

And I met

I can't remember his art Constantine. That's it. Yeah, he was the keyboard player for the Grateful Dead. They played at Woodstock. Check it out. Actually. He lives like just a couple months down from where I live as well. So. So yeah, there's, for some reason, a lot of lot of musicians and movie stars seem to come through this area, which I would have never thought as a kid growing up that I would have had those chances. Model world, right? Yes, I went on to college. And yeah, went on to college and took up the IT field and kind of left the dreams of theater and acting what in the dust. And, you know, if I would have just waited, it would have happened.

Junaid Ahmed 25:19
Yeah, I mean, it's too late. Because I recently discovered this app called backstage.

backstage. com. It's like, I'm in backstage with the, it's really cool how you can all the casting calls from, you know, in the US are all posted right here. And you can apply to these Cassie calls. And like, hey, I want to be in this movie, I want to be in this TV show, or the host for this TV show idea that you're thinking about. So there's a subscription price for of course, it's hundred bucks a year to be part of backstage. But what's cool is that I got to be I got to be part of a commercial for Kaiser Permanente. And that paid 100 bucks. So my return on investment was basically one show or, you know, one more engaged think I lost you there for a minute. you back? What's going on, man?

David Calvert 26:20
Yeah, I don't know. That's kind of weird. It's the second time was dropped out.

Unknown Speaker 26:23
Is it the browser crashing? No, no, it just like

David Calvert 26:27
you're talking. And then all of a sudden, it just like the little audio signal thing. Flat lines. And I Oh, yeah. And I just stopped hearing you. And then

Junaid Ahmed 26:38
yeah, that point when I when you see the flat line, and I see the same flatline. Gotcha. So yeah, I was, I was just saying that, you know, check out backstage. com, maybe, maybe there's some gigs going around your area, and you can, you know, apply for it and get back in the game. Yeah,

David Calvert 26:53
yeah. Well, I'm certainly, you know, have to check that out for sure. One, one thing that actually has a popped up as a result of my science fiction novel that I'm writing is, yeah, I met a lady at the LinkedIn local who I was telling her because she was asking me, what do you do? And of course, you know, I don't give the I'm an IT guy anymore. Yeah. And I told her, I said, Yeah, I'm in the process of writing a science fiction novel, I run a podcast, and she just starts asking me all these questions. Yeah, and a couple days after the, the LinkedIn link wash, her assistant messages me and she's like, Hey, you know, Delilah would love to have you on her podcast to talk about your book and everything. And so after the interview, she asked me like, Hey, I'm also on the board for the Charlotte black Film Fest. And there isn't, there is a authors section, and we'd like you to attend to showcase your book and to, you know, sell it and sign it and all that good stuff. And then she hits me with even bigger news. She's like, also, we're trying to get some of the executives to come from Netflix. And what we'd like to do. And what we're asking them to do is to give each of the authors five minutes to come in and pitch their book, like shark tank has to make it into a movie or a TV show. Oh, my God. So I was like, holy crap. Yes, I

Unknown Speaker 28:15
will definitely be there. Yes. You'll

David Calvert 28:16
have to tie me up and walk me in a room show up

pitch my book to Netflix. Yes, they're

Junaid Ahmed 28:27
not. Dude. That's, that's really awesome. See, there's more than one way to get into that get into that area in their business, right?

David Calvert 28:35
Oh, absolutely. Yeah, I mean, that that's gonna be something I try. And that's in a couple months, they'll be in April. So yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 28:42
nice. What's really cool is, um, so I don't know if you if you read the story of Kevin Hart. He's got a book out. And he basically talks about his life story and how he got to where he is now.

And it's really cool how he, you know, he was being he's doing pretty good being a stand up comedy. And then he got some calls from Hollywood. And he's like, No, I'll absolutely do a TV show. Absolutely do a movie and think he got to do a movie where he picked all of his dialogues. It's like a cult classic. But then he got to pick a TV show, they shot a TV show the shop, probably six episodes, but it never got picked up. And it's been mainly because he was acting out lines written by somebody else. And being a stand up comedian, being being somebody who writes their own material. That's not somebody who he was. So he had to wait. He's like, he was like, you gotta wait a year to see if you think picks up or if you get to be in another stuff. After six months. Like, you know, I'm done waiting. I'm just gonna go back on the streets and start doing my stand up comedy routine. And in one of these routines. He ran into Dane Cook. And Dane, and he's like to Dane Cook. How the heck do you get so many people? people show up at all of these different events? He's like, dude, email lists. Like what?


Uh, yeah, dude, anytime I show up somewhere, I asked people to sign up. So when do I ever in that in that city will tell them, Hey, we're coming to the city. Come on down. Like, Oh, my God. So that's exactly what he started doing. That's what Kevin Hart's are doing everywhere. They want to just collected emails, they built up their lists. And that is how he was get back into Hollywood on his own terms. Because he was so loud. He was so huge in just what he was doing on his own building his audience and that Hollywood like, you can do whatever movie you want. You pick your own dialogue. You're your own man. And that's where he's right now. I was like, Whoa, that's an amazing story. And I think oh, yeah, you had that same direction. My friend.

David Calvert 30:48
I'm certainly certainly trying to. Yeah, cuz I want to, I want to do more and leave, leave a mark on the world and write my name into the history books a little bit. So, you know, just trying to create stuff and to help people along the way, because I think that's really important to his his teaching. Because, I mean, there's, there's plenty of room at the table for everybody. Oh, absolutely. I think there's this whole mentality where people think like, Oh, well, there's only so much money or there's only so much fame, or there's only so much of this out there. And there's really not it's just a matter of knowing you have to be willing to go out there and get it and so that's, yeah, you you bring your own Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do is help inspire people teach me

Junaid Ahmed 31:30
that's really the way to go about it. David, this was really awesome talking to you. I'm the movie The Legos the theater podcast writing books and I'm really excited to see how your book comes out and you said your it's releasing next week?

David Calvert 31:45
Um, no, I'm finished I'll be finished writing it I've got an editor who's going to edit it I've got a actually Errol urban his cousin is actually doing the the cover art for the book. So he just actually sent me the concept design for that which I'll actually I'll send that to you after we get off here so you can see it so yeah, so I'm hoping if everything goes to plan, I'm hoping to have the book available on Amazon by like Melissa said, second week of January.

Junaid Ahmed 32:18
That's my goal. Fantastic, man. I'm looking forward to checking out your book and I'm sure you'll be doing the audio book for it right?

David Calvert 32:25
Yes. Yeah. Once I've I'll have to figure out how to do that. I'm still learning how to actually put the book itself together on Amazon. But yeah, as soon as I get that done, I'll do the audio book Yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 32:34
awesome. Well, if you need any help in that area, have been able to find some cool ways on how to get on amazon prime video. Like if you want to put your content up on amazon prime video you showed movies, your TV show your channel saw very easily attainable, so yeah, I'm you know, where can people find you? Okay, well,

David Calvert 33:00
I've got my website, which is creative. Calvert. com, you can reach me there's a web form there. There's also links to all of my social media. I'm very heavy on LinkedIn. So definitely find me there as well as Twitter and Instagram. I'm on Twitter at deep Calvert 2112, because I'm a huge fan of rush their album 2112 and then on Instagram, David Calvert, to

Junaid Ahmed 33:29
awesome I will also include in the show notes those links so people can get to you can touch with you. Thanks again for coming on the show. Oh,

David Calvert 33:39
and You're so welcome. And thank you so much for having me on the show. It's a it's an honor and I always always love you know, cross collaboration among podcasters. That's really awesome.

Junaid Ahmed 33:49
Absolutely. Absolutely.

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