What is a funnel? Besides a funnel cake which is quite delicious, a funnel is a way to guide people through the buyer’s journey, from discovering more information to taking an informed action that genuinely benefits them. U2 definitely hasn’t found what they’ve been looking for, just kidding they found a lot of fans that absolutely love that song.

In this episode, Joseph Villarrubia and I chat about bicycles, skateboards, martial arts and many exciting technologies that go into devising a click funnel or a sales funnel, and how Joseph can spend several hours building and tweaking them.

It was a joy to speak with Joseph and we exchanged some really cool stories, so come join us on this journey and learn a bit about Joseph and his few tips on how to hack funnels.

Once you’re done listening or while you’re listening you can find Joseph via LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/joseph-villarrubia-853978116/

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