Welcome back to another Monday breakdown, it’s week #25 that means we have 27 more weeks to go in 2019. We’re so close to the middle of the year! I still can’t believe half the year is almost over. We’ve celebrated the longest day of the year on Friday, June 21. But if you live in Washington DC, the latest sunsets will start on the day after the solstice the 22nd. 

The longest day also brings an essential question to light “What is the Stonehenge” Que the song from Stonehenge by Ylvis. It is a marvelous prehistoric monument built with Huge stones weighing over several tons. 

There we have it the longest day of the year, so many more days and weeks to go. Lets recap on who you got to listen to last week on the podcast: Shelley Allen told us about how to organize our thoughts before we start to write our book. Quentin Allams discussed the dedication of our life’s story to build our brand awareness. Falguni Katira gave us tips on how she helps gain confidence when going back to work after spending time raising our children. And finally, Andrew Katers delved into the inner workings of what it takes to be an actor, martial artist, and extremely humble. 

The trailer to John Wick HEX looks impressive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nEwjqisgGY and if you’re so inclined pre-order the game for your PC or MAC: https://epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/johnwickhex/home

A lot of you guys might’ve seen him in a favorite show where he was a prince, others have seen him saving the world one way or another. From the historic west to the futuristic time traveling to save the world. Or by fighting alien bad guys by giving them a little sneeze and infiltrate their defense mechanism. He’s taught us the true meaning of finding happiness through struggle and by giving up his organs as he meets his potential donors. I mean the list can keep going on. But he’s been in one part or another in your life.

He’s a father of two and a husband to a lovely woman. I’m sure you’ve probably figured out who this man was that came in my dreams. Listen to the episode to find out who it is!

Saturday morning, I enjoyed an adventurous bike ride, listen to the episode to learn of all the fun things related to road biking, route mapping, and other things that could go wrong.

Check out the ride on Strava here:


Check out the movies WonderPark and InsideOut if you haven’t seen them already.

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Thanks so much for listening to the Breakdown, Come back tomorrow to listen to Jonathan Stark, and I talk about how to get away from hourly rates, building the business and talking freelancer hours.

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