In this episode, I get to speak with Candice Fathi. She’s a dynamic TEDx speaker. And I had the opportunity to experience her dynamic presentation at the TEDx Ashburn in 2019. Learning from her about the limbic brain blew my mind. After all, I am a person that loves to talk about the mind and how it is so powerful. Once we have the power we can make it do whatever we want. Listening to the talk I was super amazed and had goosebumps. Hence I decided to bring her on to the podcast and share with my audience, the powerful information about the limbic brain here.

Our Guest

Candice Fathi

Hacks to take Away

  • Talking about the mind and how it is so powerful, and we can make it do whatever we want
  • The more that we are authentically ourselves, the more that we are just uniquely awkwardly weirdly, operating on our own vibration.
  • An infant’s brain is actually more powerful than a supercomputer.
  • Children have just a wonderful capacity, their EQ is just higher than ours, capacity, to love to forgive, to have the empathy to respond gracefully.
  • All the things that are vulnerable. So they’re very courageous. That is where the golden ticket is. That’s the game-changer.
  • Children have the humility to learn from everything. They can learn from above, they can learn from bees, they can learn from animals, they can learn from plants. The children are really amazing.
  • The genius part of our brain or even be able to take in the information into the prefrontal where we do the reading, the writing, the judgment, the arithmetic, the higher thinking, we need to have those alarm systems turned off. Otherwise, you can’t enter the house.

Her TEDxAshburn talk is now available on Youtube through this link:

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