In this episode, I get to speak with Eleanor Bick. She’s a German freelance author and illustrator. And I got to follow some of her amazing illustrations on Twitter. She’s been posting some really fantastic illustrations of Pokemon-related comics. I was super fascinated with the level of detail and the level of clarity in these illustrations. And to top it all off she did a little short tv trailer on the bee’s knees. So I had to get in touch with her and bring her on the podcast, talk about beekeeping, illustrations, and how she got to be so good at her craft.

Our Guest

Eleanor Bick

Hacks to take Away

  • She came from a very creative family.
  • How she got into making a book about tiny dragons camouflage themselves as flowers.
  • How she published another pocketbook about the garden dragons.
  • She loves to take pictures of flowers, insects, or like if the lighting is just perfect.
  • Comics and storytelling really bring her a lot of joy.
  • Exploring the different cultures and doing a lot of movies about Irish history and Irish legends.
  • How she got into publishing books and ebook versions.

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