In this episode, I get to speak with Jordan gross. He’s an executive coach at Cloud Nine living it two times author three times founder and a TEDx speaker. He reached out to me through LinkedIn saying that he’s on an amazing journey to be on 90 podcasts this summer or 2019. I’m honored to bring him on the here and learn his journey on how he discovered this new found love for cloud nine living.

Our Guest

 Jordan Gross

Hacks to take Away

  • How he explores his curiosities, and dive into new experiences and opportunities.
  • He ultimately had to learn the hard way that passionate hobbies can often be separated.
  • Why he continues to write and share messages of positivity and optimism and happiness and really finding meaning and purpose throughout a life.
  • Exploring curiosities, and immersing yourself in different things is a way to lead yourself onto that journey.
  • People out there who you love, are interested in something, then it motivates you more to love and explore that thing as well.
  • Published his first book in January 2018.
  • You have to step outside of your comfort zone and do things that scare you and do things that you’re afraid of.

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