In this episode, I get to speak with Bo Wernick. He’s the CEO and Chief Engineer at Theta Composites. How did I meet Bo? Well, I am part of Nova labs a maker space here in Reston, Virginia. And in the space of hacking things together and making the passion of their hobbies and building stuff. Bo stepped forward and said I’d love to chat about. And as I learned, and with the conversation with him last week, he is a design engineer, a business developer, and specializing in composite structures and autonomous systems. Those are some of the things that his company does. I was totally blown away. Because these are some of the things that have jumped in and out of for the past four years. Building an Iron Man suit with foam core, and then started looking at 3d printers, then looking at all the Kickstarter projects for 3D printers which weren’t going to be available for 6-10 months. But at a maker space, they already have 3d printers for you to use, and Bo has had good experience with these. I’m super excited to have this conversation around building, inventing and tinkering with Bo and share it with you.

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