In this Episode, we get to speak with Marissa Cali. I met her through LinkedIn, and what really pulled me towards her was the fact that she’s a font nerd. Being a font nerd just means that she has have a very keen eye and she can tell if the font being used is the correct way. I decided to bring her on the podcast and since she’s also a social media strategist and us being entrepreneurs and hobbyists and we love to learn people’s journeys, and how they got here and how we can use some of their knowledge to better ourselves. And you know, and on top of that, build a new connection.

Our Guest

Marisa Cali

Hacks to take Away

  • She’s a social media strategist and entrepreneur and hobbyist.
  • Find out why she is really passionate about carving my own path.
  • How she helps b2b businesses also carve their own path online on social media.
  • How to develop your personal brand, and really bring you up into the forefront and spread your value and showcase your expertise on LinkedIn.
  • The actual board game doesn’t really fit within what she’d created in the path of her life.
  • What you need to do when you’re starting your own business.
  • How to get into people who start learning about you and trusting you, and doing business.

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