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In this episode, I get to speak with Michael Whitlow. He owns and operates He’s a Veteran and a Marine. But what’s really interesting is that he also studied culinary arts, meaning he cooked food for a living! I met Michael Whitlow through the Champions group on Facebook by Donnie Boivin, and we’ve been chatting back and forth open the importance of being present on the social media front. So we had some conversations over the phone and I was like, we totally kicked it off, where have you been alive?

Michael Whitlow can be reached via and through his many social presences also linked to on the website.
Thanks for tuning in! Enjoy the show.

Our Guest

Michael Whitlow

Hacks to take Away

  • Start getting things done and learning things like yesterday.
  • How he got a strong social media.
  • Being on podcasts and talking to people about social media.
  • He owns and operates a bed builder.
  • He has a great audience, a client base interacts with what he is doing.

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Read Full Transcript

Junaid Ahmed 0:10
Thank you for tuning in to hacks and hobbies with your host Junaid in season two of hacks and hobbies were visited by our amazing guests coming from all walks of life want to learn their story, their struggles and their journey on how they got to where they are today. So stick around

this episode, I get to speak with Michael Whitlow. He owns and operates bed builder. He's a former Marine, or he's a Marine Corps. No, no, no, just say you're always a marine. But he also studied culinary arts, meaning he could Food for a living, if that's what it means. Anyway, I met Michael Whitlow through LinkedIn through our awesome champions group that doing Danny Boy events set up. And we've been chatting back and forth. Now it's like him looking for some guests. He's like, I'll give it a shot. So we had some conversations over the phone and I was like, we totally kicked it off. And like, Where have you been alive? I am happy to have Michael. Come on the podcast. I'm and here he is. Michael, thank you so much for coming on to the podcast.

Unknown Speaker 1:42
Well, thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it. And thanks for the great intro.

Unknown Speaker 1:47
It's a new experience with with that way.

Junaid Ahmed 1:50
Yeah, man, it so talking on the phone and talking on a microphone. It's almost the same because technically phone has microphone, but here we can relive this moment over and over again.

Unknown Speaker 2:07
I'm so sorry to say, right.

Junaid Ahmed 2:10
I don't know, man. It's

Unknown Speaker 2:13
sometimes, you know, you get to catch your mistakes you get to catch.

Junaid Ahmed 2:20
How you talk to people. It's, it's pretty. It's pretty neat. I mean, yeah, yeah, for sure. I mean, like some of the I'll be listening to some of my older episodes and I'm like, Huh, I could have done that better. Oh, he was telling me or I was asking. I just was like, I'm just trying to pay. You know, it's, it's, our minds are so moving so fast. It's crazy.

Unknown Speaker 2:50
It's hard. It's hard for me because normally when I'm talking on the phone, I've got my earbuds, your pods on and I'm walking around and having to sit here with my face stuck to a microphone. There's got to be a better way. I mean, like, you know, Eddie Murphy, Freddie Mercury, you know, singing Rhapsody here.

Junaid Ahmed 3:10
Well, you won't get as much of a workout as as singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Unknown Speaker 3:15
There's no doubt, no doubt. It's an interesting dynamic because when people started asking me to be on podcast, I thought, well, why would Why would I be one of those guys where people would actually want to sit down and listen to me? And maybe after the second one, which is this will, they'll go Yeah, Mike, you know, hang that. hang your hat someplace else, brother.

Unknown Speaker 3:40
I know what you mean.

Junaid Ahmed 3:43
I don't think that's the case. Because you know, there's almost 8 billion, maybe seven and a half billion people in this world and every single person has an amazing story. And no two people travel the same path. So we're all very unique. In our own own way, it's it's pretty amazing.

Unknown Speaker 4:04
Well, unique doesn't always translate into interesting.

Junaid Ahmed 4:07
I don't say it has to

Unknown Speaker 4:11
be somebody all you need is one right?

Junaid Ahmed 4:14
One man, you just need one. Absolutely. And what's funny is talking about unique I remember, at least my friend saw it. I was in high school my one of my friends used to call me unique. I was like, What would you like? He's like, yeah, that's your nickname, man. It's like, Okay. Yeah. So anyways, um, so here hacks and hobbies. We like to get into our hobbies, get into different life hacks that you know, I've come to appreciate and it's it's a funny journey like or what I've taken to to the pot to Coming around with the podcasts anyways, it all It all started with me documenting about my beekeeping hobby and then it turned into well let me find out what other people are doing or in this world, I mean there's a lot of them everybody's had a different journey and they've got a lesson. You know, they've gone through things that have that has taught them what not to do. Like my mentor says, beekeeping class, inexperienced person or a beekeeper will have a long list of things. what not to do. Yeah, like not

Unknown Speaker 5:39
get stuck.

Junaid Ahmed 5:40
Exactly. Don't get stung, but I don't think that's cool. No, it's not cool, but I'm so tongue among stinging. Just a quick fact. So there's two types of singing you can get half done with the meat is in tie. And she's just warning you like hey, And then there's a full song and i don't i don't think i've been forced on before. Really? I don't think so because I wear gloves when I'm out there. So has done a couple of times, I think.

Unknown Speaker 6:14
See, that doesn't you know, it's cool that people do that, but that doesn't know. No, I don't like to be stung by anything. Whether or not because I don't know the difference. I agree. It just

Junaid Ahmed 6:26
sucks. I don't I don't I don't like being sent either. But you know, I'm saying Yeah, you're a beekeeper. Yeah. Sometimes when you're a little aggressive or little, you know, because they can sense you're feeling like animals, right? They can sense what you're feeling they know exactly when you're when you're afraid and when they can start chasing you like dogs. And so the bees are the same way. So you have to be super calm, composed and have a control over your own person before you can go control others.

Unknown Speaker 6:59
Well, you know what the Fantastic part about that is is I can watch you do that from like very

Unknown Speaker 7:08
funny because it's delicious

Junaid Ahmed 7:09
yes yes right so so for the one the year and a half that I've been doing beekeeping in the second year it's only been someone's really

Unknown Speaker 7:22
yeah well then you must be very common collected think that if I walked up to it they would see just absolute okay ghosting that guy because

Junaid Ahmed 7:35
funny well no definitely good alright man so what I like to hear a hears you know so talking about journeys and how you get here and you know what, what inspired you to be doing what you doing and and if what you're doing is what you love so there's A lot of the times there's versions of stories like especially when I'm talking to speakers and others, they usually have like a blurb on their on their book. And then that's a story that they tell everybody, then I always look for, you know, what's the version of your journey that no one's heard before? So what would that be for you? The version?

Unknown Speaker 8:21
I think part of it is, is up until recently I was I was always operating in the background. I was never interested in sort of coming up and being in

Unknown Speaker 8:31
that segment. So I

Unknown Speaker 8:33
think that when we talk about our life's journeys, and all that kind of good stuff and metaphysics and you know, all that kind of crap. I think ultimately, you're the person you are you're ultimately created by your environment, and whether you've had environment based on survival or an environment based on resources. I think that we we all come down the same road, but there is Definitely a crossroads where it changes, you know? Yeah. It's, you know, it's, it's, it's just interesting. It's when you start thinking about when somebody wants to actually listen to what you're saying and being sort of at the top of my career path. It's, it's nice to sort of get the recognition. I mean, not, you know, not winning awards type of thing, but it's nice when someone says, especially when you're out in there when you're in their house, Wow, nice. how I got here, you know, it's 30 years of being in the service industry that's sort of jobs that no one wants or, you know, entry level jobs. I got really really really good at that. always enjoyed working with my hands, no college, per se. And you just what finally happened was I finally stuck with something. Yeah. And that's and that's where the change actually started to happen. Okay, we're going to do this where you better at this and hopefully be successful at it and early On, we weren't so successful, to say the least.

Junaid Ahmed 10:06
Until we get them in you, you've got to go through those. Those motions to figure it out, right? Okay, this is stay away from this, do this right? Get all those ducks in a row kind of thing? Well,

Unknown Speaker 10:22
a lots changed because, you know, I'm not in an industry that that sort of goes to big conferences all the time. And you know, after doing some research on what we're doing, as far as influences are concerned, there's there's a few in my industry, but there's, there's still not that there's still not any real leadership, or if there is I haven't found it and I've looked so you know, you when we look at business nowadays, you know, I'm a guy with two vans, we're doing fantastic. Everything's falling into place, but at the same time doing research And looking at how you scale up, you know, I found this whole internet thing and really changes the dynamics of how I was doing business and how I need to be doing business. And 4848 you're like, Oh my god, I thought it was I thought it was done with it. But now it's like, oh my dude you missed out on like, the last 10 years because the internet was for cars and reading magazines. So

Junaid Ahmed 11:27
that's so true. The internet, man. It's a it's a great invention. And I think the first time I heard about internet marketing and people use the internet to market their businesses and whatnot, was probably I can't remember maybe it was over 10 it was 10 years ago in this and 10 years ago. Discuss like, yeah, 10 years ago, I started using the internet to market it's like placing your ad. Instead of placing your ad in the in the in the newspaper. You know, he started placing these ads on how to teach a bird, how to teach your, your parrot how to talk or how to teach your dog new tricks and stuff like that. The pioneers, the pioneers, right? So these guys are like, and they're talking about this, I'm like, wow, this is pretty revolutionary. And then and then you listen to some someone like Seth Godin. And he's like, yeah, I've been doing this for he invented this.

Unknown Speaker 12:32
Right? Well, it was expensive back in the day to Oh, yeah, I was on dial up and thank god there weren't our podcast because I

Junaid Ahmed 12:42
absolutely, you know, you definitely like Well, that's when that's when we had the radio. You had to go into a station. Yeah, guess get guest interviews and stuff like that. I didn't ever made it. There, man. I was like, Wow, that's pretty fun. I listened to Radio and then I was always intrigued, like when the movie came out with Howard Stern. Like, wow, that's, that's really interesting. You just get to talk about what you feel.

Unknown Speaker 13:12
We're doing that right now. And you're here. Exactly. Yeah. And unfortunately, or fortunately, people are going to have to listen to it or will listen to it. You know, I apologize ahead of time.

Junaid Ahmed 13:23
Yeah, guys. If this is not for you, you can go listen to a different podcast, but we're here struck. We're basically looking. You know, when they say, what's the next best thing? Just it like, literally, this is the best thing. That's next and if you're not in this right now, and you said, Oh, I'm gonna wait for the next best thing. Well, well, you're already missed the boat. You're already too late because there's no waiting for revolution to happen. It's literally

Unknown Speaker 13:59
happening now. And it's interesting that a person that's only been delving into this for past three years that you know, you really you either if you're serious about this, you really need to go and start getting things done and learning things like yesterday I had I was on, I was on a call with someone named Trish Leto. And she does social media. Now. My social media game for where I'm at right now has been strong. I get I have a great audience, my client base interacts with what we're doing. But in order to sort of grow my business or scale it to where I want to go. It just got to a point that's okay. I need to do something different and getting women making that realization. I think that comes with experience coming in it comes where, you know, I know where my business model is, and we're at that point where we need to start doing something about it.

Junaid Ahmed 14:55
Absolutely, absolutely. Right. You're 100% right. I said too many of these,

Unknown Speaker 15:03
you know, I did. I did the same thing on my last I did a podcast with Chris McPhee with green brain media. And recently did I tagged you on the soft opening? And yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 15:15

Unknown Speaker 15:17
was, I guess I absolutely. Too much. And and also, you know, being,

Unknown Speaker 15:22
I am a contractor and

Unknown Speaker 15:26
so my language I really have to tone that down. So we're working on that right now. Yeah, my bit constantly.

Junaid Ahmed 15:38
completely, totally, or utterly, perfectly entirely. I'm just looking up some synonyms for absolutely because.

Unknown Speaker 15:47
Great, awesome.

Junaid Ahmed 15:48
Yeah. My thing is, I say awesome way too many times.

Unknown Speaker 15:54
Well, I'm a child. I'm a I'm a product of the 80s.

Unknown Speaker 15:58
I don't call anybody Dude, never grew out of that. Well, it's also good because I'm not very good with names. So dude or a really just works out perfectly right? Absolutely. I know what you look like, but I can't place your name.

Junaid Ahmed 16:16
Yeah, dude. And me growing up in California always say dude, and

Unknown Speaker 16:23
oh yeah, I mean you California you have to do that

Junaid Ahmed 16:25
you have to do that.

Unknown Speaker 16:29
You know, but when we get to be our age, yes, it was old geezers, you know.

Unknown Speaker 16:34
You start wearing my hat backwards again. Yeah, just a

Unknown Speaker 16:38
little cooler. Right? Well,

Unknown Speaker 16:42
the graying and the thinning hair.

Junaid Ahmed 16:46
Oh, man. So so that's that's pretty cool. Start off of what your journey was. You started I got to listen to your first podcast episode and you know you did an awesome job. In And and and talking about yourself and talking about you know where you come from and your values lie and what you're trying to do with wood but builder calm. Absolutely. And it's really exciting to see see that happening in front of your eyes and tell me a little bit about little bit about about that and

Unknown Speaker 17:26
will that builder calm when we started five years ago was we started right out of the gate I had a full time employee and a full Okay, I start with my i mean i did start with myself but when we officially opened I had a full time employee in advance and within five months I had another guy and we rocked right up to within the first six months I did what I did over six figures not meaning, but I still did that and over the course of the last the next two years we rocketed up to I think to 74 UD and then the last couple years we've even out about 200 and part of that is not because the works not there because it is it's just where we're supporting two different properties we are resources were tied up locally within. But when when I, when I hired both of my guys I told both them look, we're going to do big things, big things at that point was still national marketing. So when we got to a point where we were not working seven days a week and slow down and then also things start changing and learning about social media learning about the in the income possibilities within my segment or my industry, and I thought, well, if I'm going to scale up, I can either throw five bands on the road and be successful or I can go with the amount of energy it's going to take to do this correctly. So the end up with five bands in my driveway. Why don't we look at the industry, why don't we look at the bridge, look at competitors look at franchises and find out that well, there's an absolute need for a service company that is trusted somebody that you know, when they're going to come in the house, they're going to do the right thing because I'm providing videos for everyone to see that. Yeah. And then look at the market segment you you have to figure if Home Depot and Lowes builds a a big box store in a location then they guarantee I can guarantee you that they can they can take someone like me on the markets there if they think the markets there, then I definitely do. I definitely do. So the homework was already done in a lot of areas. Yeah. But I mean, what do you do when you're you when you've scaled up? You know, I'm a six figure company.

Unknown Speaker 19:46
We have

Unknown Speaker 19:48
two full time employees two hands, brick and mortar location. Pretty decent internet presence, and where do you go from there? I mean, we're we're at the point where we've been ready to scale up uh, we we have Because of the logistics of it all, and where do you go from there? I mean, you're a small six figure company you've got Samson aspirations and you know limited resources. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:13
I just

Unknown Speaker 20:14
you know, I don't know where these things go so you have a lot of time looking and researching

Junaid Ahmed 20:21
absolutely are the word is downright straight up. So where do you go? So where do you go right? So you want to scale up and you want to grow but without having to have those five vans on the driveway.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
Right, right thing? Well, you know, you look at the trades and you look at the industry there's what tends to happen is well, what happened with me We'll just leave it at that we be just every year was more explosive growth, contacts and a lot of information being done. And then I thought we know I'm going to bring this information out regularly. So why don't you just give it to everybody, and you create that. And it's not, I'm not gonna say trust because it's, it's our work and it's the way that we communicate the moment. But at the same time, you you have this whole different world that you now have to contend with. And it's having a reputation built business or reputation based businesses is difficult nowadays, because of the fact that anyone can be even the least or just a little bit unhappy and they can get around Facebook, or they can get on Yelp or they can get any of the platforms and give you a four star review. You know, that's sometimes you deserve it. Absolutely. But I think the difference is the reason why I I don't have any reviews that aren't four stars or a weave across a half a dozen different platforms. We are at the top of our game and all of them is that because we are knocked it out of the park every day. Absolutely not. We were in remodeling or in people's houses things go wrong, you open up, you take a door out and find out this floors rotten. So, you have we went from a fun project to a Oh my God, I gotta go by, you know, two sets of tires kind of thing. Yeah. On out of it. And the differences is when we don't have 100% day and we don't I mean we do with outside 90 degrees. You know, it's sometimes sometimes shit just goes wrong. Oh, yeah. says I'm not an elephant, the room kind of guy. You know, look, I think we could have done a better job here. We're going to fix it. We're going to fix it on our dime. I apologize for the inconvenience of having to be here longer but so even the people that didn't like us still felt like we didn't we didn't fulfill what they their expectations. We also bent over backwards to try to fix that. Yeah, I think that's that's also missing in a lot of the customer service industry for service industry jobs because it's you know, they're worried about the money you know, and I understand that trust me I pay my guys salary you know, grand a year you know we have those two hands so it's it's the vet builder calm monster in its current state is is very hungry. So it's Yeah, but you have to mitigate that and or mitigate the the client and the possibility of having that bad review. But then you also in the back of your mind, you have to be very, very realistic and go Okay, you know, I can't make everybody happy. I did my best to try.

Unknown Speaker 23:46
Yeah, but I just couldn't do it. So

Unknown Speaker 23:49
you know, you apologize, you fix the job to where where it is, and it's it's done right. It may not be preference or what they thought from YouTube video, but

Junaid Ahmed 23:58

Unknown Speaker 24:01
There's a whole network that that feeds my industry. And it's like, I can't build a deck and four hours. So no way to show the 50 guys and background actually doing all the work. Yeah, just, you know, our episode.

Junaid Ahmed 24:16
It takes time. Absolutely. It does take time.

Unknown Speaker 24:21
But that's

Unknown Speaker 24:21
member that's where I'm at within them.

Unknown Speaker 24:25

Unknown Speaker 24:27
I know who did who to thought some guy from nowhere.

Unknown Speaker 24:32
You know, but you know the other part about it as we, as we talk about it, or as I have talked about, it's there's a confidence level, you know, I'm a very confident person, externally. But internally, you start to have that turmoil. It's like, Okay, well, what am I following my face, you know, because I've gotten to the point now where I'm telling everybody look, I'm looking to put a branch of building com

Unknown Speaker 24:58

Unknown Speaker 24:58
Yeah, it's It's the enterprise rent a car model, which is just dominate the market. And it's sort of parasitic in that. It's being driven by other industries. So we won't be as Paris we won't be as parasite as Paris today.

Junaid Ahmed 25:18
there to help fix problems because essentially, you're right, you're helping problems and you're creating solutions for people living in their homes, because that's, you know, that's what that's what you're doing. Just amazing, because I've got some problems my house right now and I'm like, I look local.

Unknown Speaker 25:41
Yeah. So this is this is a marketing opportunity for me to share my wares and charge you money.

Junaid Ahmed 25:46
Yeah, no, right.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
But you think if you think about that at just that level,

Unknown Speaker 25:55
you just met a guy that could

Unknown Speaker 25:57
solve your problems in your house? Yeah. Your neighbor has been a problem and your family has that problem. The people you work with have that same problem. So having that reputation or or, or making sure that your, your paramount concern is reputation. Yeah, you can see and you can see how that spreads, you know, amping up to a global scale and your things in interesting.

Junaid Ahmed 26:25
Exactly. Now you're right you're a man and people and you're in the private space because people live in their homes and you're helping your your you're helping their homes be a better living space.

Unknown Speaker 26:42
Well, you know, it's that and it's, it literally is a service that I can that I have a service that I can sell, provide for anybody. Anybody if you live in a home and you flush a toilet, I will do And can have a solution to a problem. And you get up to people wanting to do renovation work remodeling work. And it's as hard as it as it was to sort of create that narrative where people would wear it would register with them. It basically when it fell into place, it just, you know, keep it simple, stupid. Yeah, there was no need to complicate it by talking about a, you know, the website that was going to bring all of this together. national chain, you know, you're going to have a kick ass website, because

Junaid Ahmed 27:36
you're going to have it, you have to,

Unknown Speaker 27:38
I mean, that's part of the package. So I dropped all that in there. And if it gets brought up, or if it's assumed that, you know, branch into that portion of the mall,

Unknown Speaker 27:48
yeah, keep it simple.

Junaid Ahmed 27:51
You know, what's, what's been happening lately and I don't know how long ago but now when you buy appliances or electronics online, As you go, you could buy stuff on Amazon play. You like installation with that.

Unknown Speaker 28:06
Right? That's amazon prime has a whole leg Amazon services where they where they do that I was actually involved in the pilot program for that nine years ago. Yeah. The problem with Amazon pros and the pros that you can get from house or home advisor or Angie's List or thumbtack, you name it. It's it's a, it's a market that they've created. And you've got a huge percentage of those people that if you're as busy as I am, you don't need it. But of course, marketing effort. It's nice to have that so you know we did so we can hang our hat on it. Here's the network and Amazon Amazon is the worst of all of them because it's it's an open competition thing. And oh

Junaid Ahmed 28:57
yeah, you don't have an open competition. Then it's all race to the bottom.

Unknown Speaker 29:02
Oh, it's you know, and that's exactly it. You know, I pay my guys as as much as I can I have gas we have you know, it's a it's a company with all the all the stuff you find with it. I can't afford I can't afford to go to your house and place the faucet, you're in your kitchen, your bath in anywhere for $10 Yeah, it's just, it's impossible for me. And the smaller guys, you know, they do work on it. And the problem with Amazon in particular is you use their system exclusively. So your only thing that you're building value on is is being able to make low percentages because you show up. You're still a representative of Amazon no matter who you are.

Junaid Ahmed 29:47
You're working for Amazon essentially. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 29:49
absolutely. So you're I was a big fan of that mean? It was basically I'm here because this $200 job is going to call it's going to make me you know $8,000 when I went to your bathroom

Unknown Speaker 30:02
yeah cutting out

Unknown Speaker 30:04
the personal part of that and and any sort of marketing or relationship building no I wasn't interested plus they wanted me to change the name of my company

Unknown Speaker 30:15
yeah yeah they did they would

Junaid Ahmed 30:17
know that you can have a vet builder in your company to get have a vet in there because they want to market it to everybody

Unknown Speaker 30:24
yeah I mean it was it was that builder calm they suggested doing a DBA is just that builder. Why my company's name is get builder calm is because I want people to go to get builder calm. Exactly. carefully planned out anticipated move to be simple, quick, something that maybe goes on you know, I can remember that.

Junaid Ahmed 30:46
Yeah, exactly. That's awesome, dude. So, um, you've got a ton going on, man. I do. I do. And what keeps you motivated? I know. One of the motivations is to Go national and figuring out and I'm sure you've got half the stuff figured out on what needs to be done.

Unknown Speaker 31:10
You know, I do

Unknown Speaker 31:12
and and I don't want to sound arrogant or anything like that, but the the high points are there. And even in the last six months with being on podcasts and talking to people about social media, the high points are there, but the applications and the road have changed. Yeah. Which is very, very exciting and that keeps me extremely motivated. I spend a lot of time reading in in not books, I don't do books, but reading things online ink magazine and just all kinds of little art funnel articles. That that motivates me. The fist bump Hey, bro, we have to get this thing done. That's see that doesn't resonate with me I'm not wired way. But I can see the value in and seeing there's a A difference, you can you can not like something where something may not work for you, but you you can still glean the value from it and say okay, this is this is what how this works and this is why but motivation family, my to Boston terriers, my my friend network here, you know the real people that that are like, you know, down the street. Yeah, we've been able to connect that way and sort of seeing the results of leadership and small little pushes here and small little pushes there. It's getting to this point where it's all starting to happen. Yeah. And that That in itself just the fact that it there's a there's a ball rolling, I'm sure there's a number of influencers that I've talked to and have relationships with it. Absolutely think I'm crazy.

Unknown Speaker 32:56
Yeah, but

Unknown Speaker 32:58
I'm not gonna post I don't Didn't we post just for the sake of posting?

Junaid Ahmed 33:02
Yeah, get no. Absolutely. Kinda. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:06
You know, and and i much I'm not there to waste anybody's time. And I've got a weird question I asked it because that's that's how I am. You know, it's taken me a long time to get there if I don't understand something like say for instance, perfect example your resume. Okay. I saw your resume, I looked at it, and I had no clue what any of that is done. You know, and you have to respect again, there's re go back to respecting or recognizing, yeah, we're a completely different industry. And yet, here we are talking about the same things.

Unknown Speaker 33:41

Unknown Speaker 33:42
And I think that

Junaid Ahmed 33:45
there's, there's amazing, amazing things happening in this huge world, right? And we all come from different parts and different. Like goes back to those experiences and are, you know, we're what we're drawn to Always those things that connect us as being human beings, as you know,

Unknown Speaker 34:06
I call those states of man.

Unknown Speaker 34:11

Unknown Speaker 34:13
You know, you have to, we're at the at the bare bones, we're still we're still still the same mean, seven states of man greed, you know, all of those things. The senses most people call them

Unknown Speaker 34:30
worse we're still account we're still company we're still a world

Unknown Speaker 34:36
it's greed driven. Oh yeah. Because we I mean and that's

Unknown Speaker 34:39
the nature of men.

Unknown Speaker 34:41
Absolutely. And then you have to realize, okay, well I'm trying to understand the dynamics of this relationship at the same time it's, you know, you're you're

Unknown Speaker 34:51
kind of get lost.

Junaid Ahmed 34:52
Yes, it's very true. Like like this said. I can't remember But the Prophet Muhammad He said, If he said it, but says if you give a mountain of gold to the man and his one hand, he'll ask for another one for other. Right? You know that that never goes away?

Unknown Speaker 35:18
No. And that's the narrative that that unfortunately fuels a lot of what we have going on nowadays. I mean, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna say I'm not a capitalist, because because I, yeah, I mean, let's, let's be real. But, you know, I think that I think that along the way, there, you have an opportunity to not be the guy that yells at you every day, right within, within your comfort zones or work within your your abilities. Because we're still we're still environment driven people, my experiences and In my, you know, opinions or feelings are a direct reflection of my environment. And I think that when we start talking further about stuff like that, that it's the hypocrisy and the intolerance. That is the, the part of the biggest problem.

Junaid Ahmed 36:19
Yeah, that's, that's so true. Because at the end of the day, we're all going to go back to reset back to what? Yes, our comfort zone and what's influenced rest of our lives. It's it's so powerful and amazing.

Unknown Speaker 36:40
It just depends on what you what you take from it. Yeah, you know, I've worked a lot of really crappy jobs, but I learned something from all

Junaid Ahmed 36:50
Yeah, and and that's, that's not good. But that's the key, right? You gotta learn the good and the bad. You tell the difference between them. I mean, live people can't tell a difference after a very long time. But, but exactly. And and it's pretty interesting how there's, there's something about our internal system where anytime we do something bad even as a young child, you feel it in inside your bones like No dad is wrong. And then it's when you start oppressing yourself which is going a totally different direction now it's when when you start pressing yourself where you like, and it's fine, because we are the first oppressor. You know, we all talk about, oh, there's oppression in the world is there is there's ton of it, but it starts everywhere else, right. It starts with a self and when you start when you can When you when you're okay with depressing yourself, then then it goes out to the world then you're like, all right, if I can oppress myself, I can oppress others, then that's where that's where we see the world heading, unfortunately. But there's a ton there's still billions of people that are so much nice to be around, right down to earth that are only looking for the good of you. It's, it's, it's not hard to find those people. And I think I found that one would you

Unknown Speaker 38:34
agree? No, I'm, I'm a pretty genuine guy. And at this point in my life, I mean, when whenever I've moved or whenever I've done different things you you know, I I'm a firm believer on reinventing yourself taking the good, dropping, what didn't work. I don't see that there's a lot of people that that are that cognitive, Cognizant, cognizant of what you're doing. But the real difference is and we can swing this back. We can see we can I'm going to loop it back when talking about your, your confidence. Yeah, realizing that there is there's confidence, you can have all kinds of different types of conferences, but when your life starts to actually fall into

Unknown Speaker 39:19

Unknown Speaker 39:21
people like Steven Koon lane blown I mean, I could go on and on and

Unknown Speaker 39:26
on this these are the people like

Unknown Speaker 39:30
you when you listen to their stuff, and you're like, Okay, well this is cool. And then you know, people and not just them as as influencers, but any anybody basically you start listening to what they're saying, and they are everyone calls it the Epiphany, but at the same time, it's, I hate using that word, just everyone does it. Yeah. The pieces start to fall in place. And with business,

Unknown Speaker 39:57
the processes were

Unknown Speaker 39:59
maybe not there. But I could see them and the confidence of being able to walk into a house and remember, you know what they called you to be there, they invited you into their home, which is a, which is you know, that's that's an honor and it should be an honor. But they invited you into your home because they wanted to talk to you about what you can do for them. It's it's all about solving a problem and circling back to someone like Stephen. Stephen, when I first met him, was giving a sort of a meeting where he was doing a I'm trying to think of the word he was a soft opening for presentation is going to be doing in Richmond or someplace. The resounding portion of that was he was there to solve a problem. Okay. It wasn't you ask you ask me that. If you want me to do this, this is where it is, you know, now let's let's solve the problem. Let's be the person that someone's going to go to to have somebody figure it out. I do that a lot. Yes. I don't know everything. So it's you know, it's like I said before, I've gotten past the point in my life where my ego is, is what drives me. Now, it's my curiosity. Yeah, I don't understand. You know, I don't care what you think of me. And I don't, I simply don't understand. And if you're confident enough that you're talking about it? Well, you know, raise your hand, you know, there's never a stupid question. There are stupid questions. But But yes, there are. Like saying the customer's always right. But you you raise your hand and I say, Well, you know, I don't understand that. And I don't need you to solve the problem for me or tell me what it is pointing in the right direction. I'll go look. Yeah, and I think people I think people miss that. And plus people walking down the street wave. Say hello to them. It's amazing how many people you say hello to that are just absolutely thrown back.

Unknown Speaker 41:59
Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:03
Your number

Junaid Ahmed 42:05
nine last remember that's true. What's really interesting is is depending on the different towns and different cities, yes will have different behaviors like in New York, everybody's Go, go, go, go go you have time to stop, say hi. But then you go someplace like Denver, Colorado or even even here in DC. There's bad. Yeah, it's like, let me just get out of your way. Right? Um, it's really interesting. I haven't found a place where you can just stop in have a chat with somebody. Or maybe you have I just can't remember right now.

Unknown Speaker 42:48
It's called the internet. Oh, yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 42:50
that's right. You can you can find and that's the that's the beautiful part about internet right. You can find people that like what you're doing or places where, you know for sure, okay, I can go here and talk about all the camera equipment that I want, right? This that's the group I found. And so you can find these communities and these niches, and always talk about this specific YouTube channel is called ants, Canada. And it's, it's basically talking about keeping ants in a in a terrarium in your house when you have a hole and this when I first started looking at that, they had 650,000 subscribers. Now they're up to probably 3 million subscribers on their channel.

Unknown Speaker 43:43
Yeah, and we're talking about people that didn't put ants in their house.

Junaid Ahmed 43:47
Yes. And they're watching them and they're, you know, these videos like 1115 minutes long and they're talking about these ants and should there's some parts that are sped up but it's really interesting how you see it. Living in a colony and whatnot like, wow, people are in the bugs. I meant to bugs. I didn't run into

Unknown Speaker 44:09
something. You don't have it. I was gonna ask you how do people find out about a 3 million page views visitor page and thing? And now I know.

Junaid Ahmed 44:18
That's how you know. Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 44:20
And that's exactly what brings your point down to the nitty gritty, huh? That's what it is, you know, selling cars years ago, the guy you know, you hear it all the time. There's an ass for every seat.

Unknown Speaker 44:34
And, Joe, it doesn't get any truer than that, especially when the internet

Unknown Speaker 44:40
but you know, having lived in Boston,

Unknown Speaker 44:43
I lived in Boston. I've lived in New York City, Washington, DC. Boston was was I think I liked Boston, New York City. Of course, you can't say anything bad about it. But then yes. I've always told people DC once you go there, it's it's so sterile. There's

Junaid Ahmed 45:01
very Oh my god,

Unknown Speaker 45:02
it is so sterile because all of these people in that environment are like that. Yeah. You know, it's nothing like New York City where you go down

Unknown Speaker 45:12
the subway and there'd be people you know, playing music in their places you could buy coffee. Same thing with Boston, you know? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:20
I used to over in Harvard Square. I worked over there back in the day and there was a group from Peru that had the little pipes in the in the big, the drums and the guitars. Yeah, I would get off work early when days that I knew they were there.

Unknown Speaker 45:41
You don't have that in DC.

Junaid Ahmed 45:43
No, we don't know we don't. Because we don't have those systems in place. The the the public transportation system is only designed in DC to bring you to DC and take you out of the cnet's about it, as it was in New York and Boston. And they have multiple systems to take you from this place you can jump on two different trains and go to the same direction. And you only have you got to take that one train otherwise you're going you're going to Arlington Cemetery.

Unknown Speaker 46:15
Right. Are you going to go back up to? Yeah, it's pretty it's pretty crazy. It's very it's it's just it's boring.

Junaid Ahmed 46:25
Yeah, it's boring. Well, what would what can What can we do? We build our own don't go there or build your own community. And well,

Unknown Speaker 46:36
you know, what a big builders Do you know they build houses, and then you do that you build a walkable community with some really cool houses around and make a location. There you go.

Junaid Ahmed 46:47
Yeah, it done and actually a company. Federal realty does that really well all around the US? I'm sure you've heard of them.

Unknown Speaker 46:57

Junaid Ahmed 47:00
They've got some nice, you know, open shopping communities where you can go visit the shop. There's one in Leesburg

Unknown Speaker 47:09
where the Wegmans it's Oh,

Junaid Ahmed 47:11

Unknown Speaker 47:12
yes, it's 125 acres. It is absolutely packed. Yeah. to at least 24.9. But it's the thing is people now don't want to be in the cars and they don't want to, you know, everyone wants that small hometown feeling where there's still a community.

Unknown Speaker 47:33
But there's a place for that,

Unknown Speaker 47:35
of course, and the prize for that,

Unknown Speaker 47:39
you know, it's you having lived in the big cities and now being in a town where there's 16,000 people, the dynamic change has been, yes, Twilight Zone, it literally is a completely different world. It's all within the same world that we live in, again, back to environment based personalities and experiences.

Junaid Ahmed 48:01
Wow. Well, that brings me to a my some of my questions that I ask and you know, being in different environments, we're all exposed to different things. And sometimes you're not able to participate in a hobby that you wish you got into. So what was that one hobby for you?

Unknown Speaker 48:26
My, my number one hobby

Unknown Speaker 48:30

Unknown Speaker 48:31
like I'm trying to I'm trying to go through the decades.

Unknown Speaker 48:35
Which which did it come back? But no, that's easy for me. antique car restoration.

Unknown Speaker 48:43

Unknown Speaker 48:44
I am a car guy. I don't know anything about any sports. And I can say that, honestly.

Unknown Speaker 48:51
I don't do any of that. I'm not wired that way. Competitive that way either.

Junaid Ahmed 48:57
Yeah. We'll talk more And restoration. That's that's a pretty fresh topic in my head. So I was surfing Netflix yesterday and I ran into this show called hyperdrive where they bring people from all over the world that have been racing that that have been called to Do's, yes. And they come and they try their hand on this very different racetrack to go through like five different checkpoints or four different checkpoints. Where and there's this one guy, he's got a 1960s van, which, which started out as a 64 horsepower car. But he's like, yeah, or 25 horsepower, and he's like, you know, I get my numbers mixed up.

Unknown Speaker 49:51
That's okay. I have a car with 40 horsepower. So

Junaid Ahmed 49:54
I can definitely relate to where this is going. And he's like, he's changed everything else. Now that this car now outputs like 600 horses and he's raised so he's racing that car, right? But unfortunately, he kept missing all the turns. So his like he he basically disqualified himself even though this van looks like asleep but you know, he's like, Oh, this is a really old event What is this going to do and he's like smoking and rocking out of every turn but he's he's also not paying able to pay attention to the racetrack so he can get turned so that was really interesting to watch and I was like, oh my god this is very, very interesting. Yeah, I'm

Unknown Speaker 50:40
more classics. I'm a Ferrari guy. I'm a huge Porsche guy. Anything with with four wheels essentially, as you know, I I'll find something that I like about it.

Junaid Ahmed 50:53
You might you might enjoy this show. Just even if you decided to watch one episode. It was pretty interesting. There was a There's this guy in a Lamborghini hurricane which is all wheel drive. Oh the heck is he going to drift that car? Right.

Unknown Speaker 51:11
And throw off? Was that an attraction

Unknown Speaker 51:14
control off? all wheel drive? Yeah, but it's also it's also a maybe engine with a big power plant. That's true. That's true, bro your foot on it?

Junaid Ahmed 51:25
Yeah, exactly. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:28
the drifting car racing. I'm not into any of that. No, me neither. No Amelia or something like that where they take the classics and go the old racetrack or race

Unknown Speaker 51:39

Unknown Speaker 51:40
Yeah, the this would be pretty cool to see.

Unknown Speaker 51:44
Now, but that was that was my my ultimate goal behind I want to be a fighter pilot when I was a kid, but I don't have the math aptitude for that. I just want to be cool flying jitter you're the only there's more to that.

Junaid Ahmed 52:02
Was of Top Gun

Unknown Speaker 52:05
you know it? No because I I spent a lot of time

Unknown Speaker 52:11
in little creek down in virginia beach where they were flying around and I've always been enamored by ships in airplanes nice the old world war two vintage ships and World War Two airplanes. Other aside aside hobby

Junaid Ahmed 52:27
Nice. Yeah, that's really cool. All right well and and I think you've restored a car right in going into the hobby so you you actually started it

Unknown Speaker 52:40
I started it

Unknown Speaker 52:42
I think may 25 and ended it the end of

Unknown Speaker 52:47
June I believe. Okay 13 weeks. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 52:51
nice for cosmetic well, but but the car was in good shape to begin with. So there was no Well, this was cosmetic and some general cleaning up and maintenance. But it's still went from a very flat car to a very shiny car. Nice.

Junaid Ahmed 53:05
Very cool. Yeah, no, that's awesome. I'll have to come check it out.

Unknown Speaker 53:11
Absolutely ultra drive it to

Unknown Speaker 53:13
INK drive a stick. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:15
Yeah. Well, then you can drive

Unknown Speaker 53:19
you how to drive a stick on that.

Junaid Ahmed 53:21
No, no, no, it's you don't want to do that. My brother had a 240 SX. And he changed out the engine on that car. And that thing was. Yeah, it's a fast car.

Unknown Speaker 53:35
All right. Speed doesn't do it.

Unknown Speaker 53:38

Junaid Ahmed 53:38
be able to get it out. Get to put one at point A to point B a

Unknown Speaker 53:43
file actually, tirelessly.

Junaid Ahmed 53:46
All right. What is your favorite movie or TV show?

Unknown Speaker 53:50
That's easy. Right now it is Star Trek discovery. Oh my god. It will be Picard. When that happens. Yeah. Follow up with the yellow stone. And have you have you seen Penny worth yet? I have nothing Penny with Penny worth is the backstory on Alfred Hayworth the butler to Batman it's a show it's first off it's it's Same thing with discovering it as a visually pleasing show

Unknown Speaker 54:17
because I pleasing.

Unknown Speaker 54:19
Yeah but Star Trek discovery It is the only show that I will watch that I'm I don't have my iPad or something in my lap doing something else.

Junaid Ahmed 54:28
Yeah, that show is very intriguing. Oh my god. And

Unknown Speaker 54:31
it's and it's so cool to look at the actors the guy that they got to play pike. Oh my god. Enterprise. I mean. Yeah, I see. I didn't want to watch it initially. I'm a I'm a big starship fan. I like this. And

Unknown Speaker 54:50
I didn't like I didn't like the

Unknown Speaker 54:51
the shape of the discovery.

Unknown Speaker 54:55
It wasn't aesthetically pleasing to Me. Sure. But yeah, what As soon as we did it, it wasn't the subscription thing you know?

Junaid Ahmed 55:04
Because can we get into it as well? Because I, I,

Unknown Speaker 55:10
I took forever to get into it.

Junaid Ahmed 55:12
Well when it first came out, I was like okay, this is not moving fast enough for me and maybe I just started watching way too late in the day and falling asleep been AB I'm going to unfriend you now. No, I did binge watch all of it

Unknown Speaker 55:28
as well, and friending me.

Unknown Speaker 55:31
I've taken a point further I have now started watching Star Trek next generation which I when I was that age,

Junaid Ahmed 55:39

Unknown Speaker 55:40
but I you know, we we didn't record things back in those days. So if you miss, you just didn't see it.

Unknown Speaker 55:45
You didn't see it.

Unknown Speaker 55:48
I watch it 15 minutes at a time.

Junaid Ahmed 55:52
Nice. Talking about old TV shows I got into doctor who was back probably few years ago, now I was like, Oh, let me go to the original 1960s. And I was like, wow. Yeah, it

Unknown Speaker 56:08
was it was. I'm going to have a TARDIS someplace. Yeah, exactly. You know, and my, my doctor was the same doctor. Oh God, if you hadn't asked me I could have told you but Dr. Around the same time as Dukes of Hazzard. So, and that was on doctor who was on PBS back and that was

Unknown Speaker 56:28

Unknown Speaker 56:30
It was a curly haired guy with the with the long scarf.

Junaid Ahmed 56:33
I would not know his name.

Unknown Speaker 56:36
We don't.

Junaid Ahmed 56:39
But it was it was since I did not grow up in the US. Before I was 20. I didn't get to see any of these TV shows in their prime. But it was really good catching up later in my life.

Unknown Speaker 56:56
It's all available now.

Junaid Ahmed 56:58
It's everything's available. Every It's like,

Unknown Speaker 57:02
weird. I don't watch enough TV to get through it.

Unknown Speaker 57:05
Yeah. What I noticed

Junaid Ahmed 57:07
is that I was watching Martin Scorsese talk about filmmaking. And he's like, you know, growing up, you only had access to that era of films. But today, you can watch 1920 stuff you can watch 1960s you can watch something that just released yesterday. It's friggin amazing. We have access to so much stuff. And in in that note, what is your what movie would you choose? If you got to play a character in it?

Unknown Speaker 57:40

Unknown Speaker 57:42
any any Marx Brothers movie

Junaid Ahmed 57:45
and you'll be the marsh brothers,

Unknown Speaker 57:46
any any of them?

Unknown Speaker 57:48
Animal Crackers, night, the opera. It can be just any anything and it would be in the background. I don't I don't even have to have a speaking role.

Junaid Ahmed 57:58
Well, you have to because that's how The question is,

Unknown Speaker 58:01
well, I was trying to be humble. But if I have to, you know, I I go up there with Captain Spalding wrong. There you go. You're hacking bush.

Junaid Ahmed 58:15
Very cool. And really

Unknown Speaker 58:17
into that, into that into that, okay.

Junaid Ahmed 58:20
Well tackle my movies. For the past 10 years, we've had some of the most colorful and most vivid superhero movies to date. Who would be your favorite superhero? If not, from these movies or overall? I mean, we've had comics for for some time now.

Unknown Speaker 58:46
Well, once you come to my house, you'll you'll you'll see where this this is like a perfect question for me. I am Batman. And that is from when I was a little kid, my mom always to make me a little Batman cape. Ran out. So it's it's a long time issue. Yeah. But you have to look at them from a movie standpoint now. I've always liked the DC offerings because I think they're different. Yeah, Marvel definitely does it better. Huh? Hey, did they just do the colors that it's just everything is just a fantastic visual experience.

Unknown Speaker 59:21

Unknown Speaker 59:23
I have to say that but I you know, I like to Justice League. I like there. I like the Superman and the original Superman was good. And I actually liked I did like, what's his face? His Batman

Junaid Ahmed 59:36
Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck. He did a pretty good he.

Unknown Speaker 59:39
His costume was very, very close to the Frank Miller dark nights. It is yes. You know, and there was a lot of secret if you knew if you know both of the stories. It was cool that there was certain you know, little cannon drops that landed to work the influence. See

Junaid Ahmed 59:57
what what I liked about Ben Affleck Batman. So he was a very like, you could tell this is Bruce Wayne. He's not, you know, like he played the part like, he knows he's Batman. And he's not. And he's like the serious, dude. What he has to be?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:17
Yeah. And not to take from the Nolan. Batman did like that too. But you know you from all of those movies and this is what does bother me about superhero movies is why do they always have to give you the backstory?

Junaid Ahmed 1:00:33
Okay, we already know it.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:35
You know? If you're watching Batman, you already know how he became Batman. And if

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
it doesn't need

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
45 minutes the movie? No,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
it just doesn't.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:47
And that's where my biggest complaint with a lot of these superhero movies are.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
But have you seen Suzanne? I have fun.

Junaid Ahmed 1:00:56
That was just a fun movie. It's really fun movie.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
Yeah. I mean it's Disney Disney is

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
always made good movies and

Junaid Ahmed 1:01:05
no it's not Disney though

Unknown Speaker 1:01:09
we mean they're they're owned by Disney

Junaid Ahmed 1:01:10
Studios shows them

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
know the the Avengers and stuff

Junaid Ahmed 1:01:16
yeah Avengers as pushes Amazon

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
No. Okay. Because that's the same one. Is that still DC?

Junaid Ahmed 1:01:24
Yeah that's DC and in the end you you see Superman standing next to them

Unknown Speaker 1:01:30

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31
there's no Henrik of all though no

Junaid Ahmed 1:01:34
unfortunately he had to step away there's there's so much happening that it's insane

Unknown Speaker 1:01:41
right? Yeah I don't I don't other than that we I don't watch a ton of movies

Junaid Ahmed 1:01:47
yeah no no it's got to be

Unknown Speaker 1:01:49
my wife hates me because what we've taped I've got probably four movies tape like the Mr. Rogers story that's there yeah and and always there, but I have to be in a mood to watch these things. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
it's got to be I have to have a mood or a warning.

Junaid Ahmed 1:02:04
Because you are in your mind building that builder calm. Yeah, the national brand and that part does not turn off ever. It's and that's where you gotta have you got to be in the mood.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:17
Yeah, it doesn't it doesn't you know it doesn't turn off but you know, doesn't everyone say that the the guys that sell t shirts the guys that sell coffee or whatever is that they're doing everyone says you know

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
but you know when when when you're going to

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35
something big if you're not thinking if it's not on your mind you're not think about how you could do something better. I'm going to happen.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:44
It's not gonna happen. And I firmly believe that

Unknown Speaker 1:02:47
I mean, some people may argue with me on that, but I know I'm steadfast in

Junaid Ahmed 1:02:51
that. It's got to be in front of your mind.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53

Junaid Ahmed 1:02:54
Yeah. Awesome, man. Last funky question. Uh huh. You're a board game, but would it be?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:04
It wouldn't be operation operation?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:10
Because it's it's something that did just just like instantly scares the shit out of you. Yeah. And you have to go back and you have to get better at it. So it doesn't. Yeah.

Junaid Ahmed 1:03:20
You know, one thing that I wanted to bring back and I totally forgot was when you're building a business, when you're building a brand, whatever it is that you're doing. The entire reason I do these episodes interviews is, is to see that before you know all the things that go in it, and how and I say, my favorite scene in any movie is when Iron Man is building his first suit

Unknown Speaker 1:03:57
was that

Junaid Ahmed 1:03:58
it was so Amazing, like what this guy is in the cave is building an ark reactor. Like who does that? Who does that? Exactly right? You got to have that compounded experience into how things work, right? I mean, and that's what he was a child prodigy because he keep tinkering with stuff. And that's where you and I are too, right? We over over the past four decades that we've been around, we've collected experiences from different places that we worked different up that we did, and now we're putting all those things together. It's fine. And which is great, which is beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
You know, it is it's, it's also daunting, it's also confusing. It's all airy.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:49
You know, I used to tell people that

Unknown Speaker 1:04:52
you know, I'm going to be on the cover of Time Magazine. Yes. I'm going to be on the cover of Forbes magazine.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:59
Having that Kind of confidence, being able to go between, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:04
absolutely arrogant and you know, no one wants to talk to you because you're condescending. But yeah, but having but having that confidence, I find that people, there's not a lot of people that can handle that in a way that it relates to them or or resonates with it.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:19
Yeah, um,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:20
you know, because I don't talk to a lot of people that aspire to having a national brand. And being at my level, the conference is fantastic, blah, blah, blah, but man, I wake up some days, I'm just like, Ah, I'm done with this. Yeah, I don't want to do this anymore. And then there's the fact that, you know, I pay my guys over $50,000 a year and we've got a $20,000 we have to make $20,000 a month to keep it going. And, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49
that's hard at times.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:52
And people don't talk about that. You hear a lot of people talking about how successful they are. And they're trying to sell you something That they think even without knowing you at all or even page, but they're going to fix something that's broke.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:07

Unknown Speaker 1:06:08
Some of us work within the confines of being broke. In fact, that's part of what drives them. Yeah, it gives them that gut feeling. My saying broke like, like

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
really bad broke.

Junaid Ahmed 1:06:21
No, no,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:22
absolutely. I think that's a the being at this level and talking to people. I would rather hear about people that are in the same boat. I want to know a guy that just went over six figures. Yeah, I have a buddy that just made it to a million dollars.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:40
of he does roofing work in Texas. Yeah. I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:44
mean, how cool is that?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:46
It's really cool. And I haven't been we're not great, great friends, but we talked back and forth. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:52
you can see that progression,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:53
you know, someone like awesome, the same thing. You see that development as you know, these people in your tribe and I mean, I know a guy that does jewelry, like in Taiwan. That's crazy. And then Greg and Greg some friggin awesome guy.

Junaid Ahmed 1:07:09

Unknown Speaker 1:07:10
But being being in that segment,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:13
you know, everyone, everyone tells Oh, you know, we'll make it to six figures. Well, I I did six figures in six months. So that's that's never my problem. Yeah, my business credit, figuring out how to get more vans figuring out, you know, who's going to do my website how I want my website done. And yeah, I'm very, very picky. And I already have a very good idea of what I want because I've done the research nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:41
But in finding people that

Unknown Speaker 1:07:42
that jump on board like Chris McPhee with green brain media, and the he's the guy I suggest you talking to? Yeah. we sit down and we talk about goals and we talk about Okay, this is what we want to do. You know, then I've got the guy in town, William William talk, who's got CMC frozen treats you know, he's a mom and pops ice cream store. And he is and you know some people don't

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05
get it

Unknown Speaker 1:08:07
is you know he is a character and

Unknown Speaker 1:08:10
his brand is entertaining people go to go there and get really good ice cream and

Unknown Speaker 1:08:14
they get a show. Nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:16
I'm sorry. I did. I know.

Junaid Ahmed 1:08:19
So Michael I Mr. Whitlow, we can talk forever and the day is never ending. Oh, but this was really great talking so people could find you on that builder calm and that's up.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:33
Yes, you can go to that builder calm the site's currently down. So you want to go on my Facebook page. On Facebook. Yeah, we're we're doing a

Junaid Ahmed 1:08:42
lot of updates. Fantastic. Well, one day podcast episode goes live. I'll make sure to include all of the links to connect with you on the on the show notes. And dude, it was really awesome. To get to talk to you again. We'll definitely have to touch base again and apps

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
Yes, yes, absolutely three times have lonely

Unknown Speaker 1:09:02

Junaid Ahmed 1:09:07
Take care.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:08
You too. Bye. Bye.

Junaid Ahmed 1:09:13
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