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E291 – Amanda Parker – How to use art as a stepping stone to get your story started

In this episode, we get to speak with Amanda Parker. She is a business owner and abstract artist. She’s been passionate around composition photography, game design, coding, lighting, UI, UX, video editing and storyboarding. When I read her bio on LinkedIn, It felt like I was reading about myself. I got to connect with her through her artwork on Instagram. I was  blown away by the level of creativity that went into her drawings, so I reached out and asked her to be a guest on the podcast and share her journey as well as talk about her many talents.

Amanda introduced me to a few concepts that I absolutely loved, from the 90-day hack to the guy who introduced Inktober to the world 10 years ago. To learn more about Amanda follow or contact her through Instagram: @artistaparker, Facebook: or her website:


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