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In this episode, we get to speak with Jessica Barclay. She is a blogger, a YouTuber. I discovered her on another podcast that let Jessica pick her own topic, where she talked about decluttering. She’s got a fantastic Instagram presence based out of London, England.

She’s got an excellent blog called, and it’s all about empowering the moms in all of us.

As a father myself, it is essential to have that maternal instinct in all of us. So you’re able to provide for your kids that love and compassion.

Because, at times, you have to do the ma the change of the diversity to the cooking of the food and to get the kids ready to school in the morning.

I’m pleased that we were able to get her to be on the podcast today.

Our Guest

Jessica Barclay

Hacks to take Away

  • About empowering the moms and all of us.
  • Writing down my goals every morning.
  • A good relationship with God.
  • Came into pageantry to help with body confidence issues.
  • The journey it would have taken us on and then the understanding for life and the importance of actually loving our lives which seems so obvious that we should be happy in our lives.
  • Making it bigger and brighter reaching a bigger audience.
  • Setting up and running lots of different businesses.
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Junaid Ahmed 0:10
Thank you for tuning in to hacks and hobbies with your host Junaid in season two of hacks and hobbies were visited by our amazing guests coming from all walks of life, what to learn their story, their struggles and their journey on how they got to where they are today. So stick around.

In this episode, we get to speak with Jessica Barkley. She is a blogger, and she's a YouTuber, and she's an Instagram and she is just an amazing person based out of London, England. She's got an amazing blog called empower. The Super mommy in all of us, me and my baby London. And she's got another website. She She also hosts the supermom, And she's all about empowering the moms and all of us. And as a father myself, it is very important to, to have that mom part because at times, you have to do the change of the diversity to the cooking of the food and getting the kids ready to school in the morning. It's important, so I'm very happy that we were able to get her to be on the podcast today. Thank you so much, Jessica, for coming onto the podcast.

Jessica Barclay 1:48
Thank you for having me, particularly with the time difference she had. If there's a lot of time difference juggling with me at the moment I had last week. I was talking to Australia Plexus and the UK and this week, you my first one this week and so America and last night I'm again I'm back to Australia again, Australia and UK that seems to be my theme 111 Merica one Australia one UK.

Junaid Ahmed 2:18
I'm trying to get to took bring a guest from Australia on my on my podcast she was visiting here in the US dancing Diana. She's just got an awesome story to get her on my podcast as well. And it's like okay, our morning is my night time like oh my god, this is

Jessica Barclay 2:42
I'm doing a 9pm 9pm on Sunday and Sunday is normally like Sacred Family time. Oh yeah, we do church in the mornings and then some sort of family activity in the afternoon and but it ended up with two because not only are they a podcast, But they record them. One of them's to be edited. But she's got a little one and only has very small pockets of time that she's able to do recording, I can appreciate that. So great to do that one as one off, and the other one goes out live. So we have to try and find the time where the audience will be available to watch the live recording by the UK because he'll be advertising that I'm coming on and our UK followers will work towards that. And also his Australian followers will still be around Come on. But yeah, 9pm in the UK gives us I think 6am on the Sunday morning, so at least more likely to be up and around as opposed to trying to get a 7am on a weekday whenever we're coming. So it's a lot of tricky juggling with and with the podcast sort of side of things. I've got five and so I've got one podcast, which is motherhood motivation, which is linked to the Superman society. Then I also have another podcast called mummy is doing a beauty pageant, which is linked to my, my sort of big

Junaid Ahmed 4:07
life goal. Basically, I've gone,

Jessica Barclay 4:09
I have, I write down my goals every morning, and as if I've already achieved them. My top three I won't go into like the smaller ones underneath, but my top three big ones are to be a good wife and mother to have a good well, I write it as I am a good wife and mother. I'm not married yet. He's not one that has not won that award yet. But whenever I get but we have the little have our little one, and says to be a good wife and daughter, I have a good relationship with God. And this is a question that's very important to me. And then I have represented the UK at the galaxy international finals. The Galaxy is a beach pageant system, International. And it's the fine international finals are in America. They've been in Florida the last few years and next year they returning to Chicago. They used to be in Chicago. So I know entered into the US. So that's kind of part of it. It's funny, quite a few of my bucket list items involves the US. I always wanted to see a giant ball of twine, and which apparently the biggest or was the biggest one, the person I was speaking to. So it was in Kansas, and what I need to I need to research that. And I don't know where that dream came from. It's always been that I wanted to see this giant ball of twine. So it when I finally get to the galaxy finals, we will have to fly somewhere within the US and find this giant ball of twine because I feel like I need to, I need to get that off my mind to do this. And then I want to see the lights in new york, christmas, that's one of them and to take my daughter to Disney World. And so I want her to be a little bit bigger than me two and a half at the moment. And I'd like to remember it. I think if you're going to spend that much money, I want us to remember and yeah, we want to do all the I'm not a big ride person but I want to do the seal the parade. Some breakfast with Mickey and yeah, go around and find as many princesses as we can have pictures with that although those kind of beds for our cues to go on the rides is not much.

Junaid Ahmed 6:11
No those are not fun at all. 1112 No worries. Hope you hope you guild go Wilson.

Jessica Barclay 6:21
Oh yeah, this this. This call has been driving me nuts. I think part of the problem is I'm not letting it heal because I'm recording a lot of podcast between you talking,

Junaid Ahmed 6:30
you know, arresting Yeah.

Jessica Barclay 6:30
Well, I'm doing interviews for other people. And then I'm interviewing people for mind's eye out to podcasts a week and on the pageant podcast coupon last week, plus the occasional bonus one if I feel like something needs to be said, Today was I this did my stats, my body stats on my Instagram. I wanted to go into that further because as a personal trainer, I work in the health and fitness industry. I think those are very important. But I also know that there are a lot of young girls in pageantry that have body confidence issues, or that come into pageantry to help with body confidence issues. And I didn't want them looking at them and going, my numbers are always bigger or, or what needs to be tracking or what they should do. So suddenly, from this little Instagram post, I had to do a whole extra podcast episode to really fill out the information. And and then I do one a week for motherhood motivation. Like three to four.

My throat is like,

Junaid Ahmed 7:33
yeah, nice resting,

Jessica Barclay 7:36
struggling, so I keep trying to hit New as I call my timings conveyor belt,

Junaid Ahmed 7:41
no PR No worries. It's fine. We can edit it out. Technology, power of technology. Alright, so that's really cool. Yeah, so I think we've been wanting to go back to work We're on Disney World as well but my youngest is you know year and a half so we're like all right till she's talk to us Oh then we can go so we'll see what happens I'm aiming

Jessica Barclay 8:10
for fourth birthday because in the UK my little ones go into the school system and by the time they're five and she's an April birthday so we'll hit it in turn time so the keys when prices will be cheaper the keys won't be so bad and she was just old enough to really enjoy the magic of it and before she starts getting becomes like a cynical you know princess that's just someone in a costume Mommy, I'm say fourth birthday I want to get a dog for a third birthday with my partner does not agree with that the main bone of contention in our house and and then yeah Disney World for her fourth birthday. But she's got two of her godparents at Disney obsessed and have been many, many times so they will both be recruited to help plan out all the things we need to make sure we can do breakfast with Mickey is my

Junaid Ahmed 9:03
big wish list. They're nice.

Jessica Barclay 9:05
But it's kind of nice actually that the galaxy finals have moved from Florida because a lot of the girls go to Disney World when they go to the galaxy finals. Yeah, but Oh, but I don't I want it to be about our family. I don't wanna

Junaid Ahmed 9:19
I don't want another trip because

Jessica Barclay 9:22
when I when I get to the galaxy planets, not the galaxy finals. It's I mean, it's going to be mega, but very hard for and I've competed a couple of times already and not got the title and this is my sort of come back here after having my daughter and probably one of the most expensive hobbies after horse riding.

And but it's fabulous. And and yeah, so when I get that I wanted that to be just about that. And when I do Disney World, I want it to be just about that.

Junaid Ahmed 9:54

Jessica Barclay 9:56
I don't mind tagging the ball of twine on to either of those trips, but

Junaid Ahmed 9:59
nobody ball of twine, which would be fun to see all the time that

Jessica Barclay 10:02
I don't but the other two needs to be be separate. Yes, funny. I always thought I wouldn't be accepted until I moved to the US. I live in America. But I'm very British and I love being British. Maybe that

you guys over in the US you seem to like that you seem to like the accent and things like that.

And then I found my place by coming to London because everything's bigger and brighter and in my ID in my eyes better in London than any other bit of the UK. And so I found I found my my balance of needing, needing that in my life. I found I found acceptance by coming to London, and yeah, I live in southwest London. So I bought that literally, I looked at the front of my house and it's sort of the busy nurse and we're on an ambulance route as well. So you know, again, this, and we sort of set back We're on a private road that runs parallel and so it's not too hideous, but it just Makes you feel part of the buzz of the city. And then at the back, I look over sports fields and then over one of the Royal parks and select Hyde Park. It's one of the more well known royal parks and it's Richmond Park and this especially Park, which is still a royal Park, did you get the day wandering around and it's really lovely. It's this this makes me proud to be British. There you go. We have a few things we're doing right at the moment is we've got

Junaid Ahmed 11:27
just a few things.

Okay. Okay, so, so my first question is, is you know, getting into, like, Where did Where did all of this come from? Right. So you you have a beautiful daughter. And so, tell me about how this all started. where, you know, you you have you like, faith, fitness, family and friendship. So where does your journey begin? And I know it's an ongoing journey we, you know, never asked,

Jessica Barclay 12:02
Well, I know I have an answer, I have an answer for you. So that's that belt. And so the 18th of March 2013. I'm very specific about 10am in the morning, and I'm lying in bed with my mom and my sister. And my mom says, you know, the the tests and things that I've been going through like yes, and the kind of knew what was coming and she said, Well, they have diagnosed it as cancer. And, and it is, it's a, it was a rare aggressive. She didn't tell us that this at the time was a rare aggressive T cell non Hodgkins lymphoma, which is part of the Leukemia family. And of course, once you hit the Leukemia family, automatically presumed worth but and she had someone a colleague at work whose partner had not had been through treatment and not missed a day of work. And but has was very, very good, very aggressive. And actually we found out at the end there was surprised that how long she had she had three years The little stint of remission in the middle I was we were, we were kind of very lucky to, to kind of get what we got really. But it was, isn't it feel lucky at the time obviously to have that extended time but some people literally are diagnosed and within a month, they're not with you. And we had a lot more time and a lot more moments and things to build together. But one of the things that did impact me was really having a look at my life and health wise and I was very unhealthy I was very overweight, I'm five foot 11 so I carry weight slightly better than a shorter person would but the amount of weight internal external fat I was carrying was just detriment massively detrimental to my mental and physical well being. And, and I hated how I looked and I hated More importantly, I hate how I felt. And and that also was the other side of things I looked at was I was was I happy, and unfortunately I wasn't I was miserable and it was manifesting itself in really ugly ways and I was bitter and cynical and angry and frustrated and I did they genuinely don't think I was a very nice person and and you you blame and you blame and actually when it comes down to it It's you It's not your fault the things that have happened to you in the past but it is your fault if you stay stuck and I i've been bullied through my through four schools where most people do two in the UK so normally do a secondary and identity genius to secondaries. And I've been bullied at three of the four schools that I've been to physical and emotional bullying and as I got older, the physical side because something it was bigger than everyone else, but then they picked on me for that. And, and I kind of got caught in my adult life in the circle of blame and blaming other people for where my life was at and things like that. And I I'd always wanted to be a mom and was meant to be able to have kids so of course I've been attracted Men already had kids. So I ended up married with, he had three kids, but one of them was normally a kid, she was an adult. And the two of them lived at home with us for a long time. And and I wanted to jump in and provide that parenting role. And and there was a lot of areas that maybe parenting wasn't being covered in their lives that I was given the I was blamed if those areas weren't sorted. But I wasn't given any praise or support in trying to help in those areas. And so the youngest one was really struggling with the things and I did get a tutor and I saw this and this and this out and and they would there would be no thanks. And no, it's not you didn't do it for the thanks but no sort of. Oh, actually she does care. She's doing stuff. It's finding that very frustrating. My my ex partners family will not particularly fond of me. And because all they see is the kids moaning and they didn't Go on a minute. These are kids, they're going to play up. Yeah, that's that's what you do the kids not the kids fault. That's just what you do. If you've got four adults, you can play off against each other to get what you want. You're gonna do it as a teenager, and and they weren't helping the situation. And I didn't like where I was living. I didn't like what was doing for work. I used to run bed and breakfast. So it's set up one, and from scratch the converse to house into bed and breakfast, and I love the setting up process. And then we wanted to go to something bigger. And look at the adoption process because I couldn't have kids apparently, that modern medicine further down the line. And so we bought bigger one, so that we had the the layout and the space that was required to look at adoption, and then turned out that that wasn't really possible any way other reasons. And so it was kind of we've gone through all of this stress moving and take on massive mortgages and I still wasn't going to get the one thing I wanted and I know It was sort of when you realize how short life is that that was the kick up the butt, I needed to fix all these things that were going on in my life. And I was just like,

I kind

of a little bit shut down. I thought I stepped away from it. I said to my husband at the time that no, I'm sorry, Dan, I'm not not happy. And I can't do this. And you fast forward to a few years later. And with a slight date, when my mom passed away, I did start to slip back into some old, unhealthy mental and physical unhealthy habits. But I put myself back out there, but you fast forward a few years, and I've got my face back, which I'd lost when I was a child. And so I've got a wonderful relationship with God now. I've got an amazing partner that supports and encourages and I love his family dearly, and they're awesome. And, and I'm not saying that my family weren't awesome, but for me, and we didn't have that relationship. And whereas I have phone numbers for all my This siblings and we chat and can plan surprise birthday things for him never would have happened previously that we've got, we've got kind of that relationship and I will just sort of find them up and put them a message to stay connected and see how they're getting on and we have a group we put all the pictures of our daughter in because she's the first grandchild first she's the first of her generation in the family. So we share pictures of them and I if I had becoming a mom any sooner I wouldn't have been able to be the mom I wanted to be. And I don't think I would have been capable of being the mom I want to be that I am now and I'm now fit and healthy to the point where I've caught re qualified as personal trainer. And I'm a at the moment with sort of pageants when I say pageant looming the pageants in March, and but I believe in a long, slow process, but at the moment, I'm 90 minutes a day, six days a week, and a train I train a lot and I train hard and I freak out people in the Jim because I got some time between said, No, I am the ball of positivity and energy I'm so the opposite of that person that was sat laid next to my mom when she said that I just can't. I didn't recognize that person. And we do have a picture from that day. And my sister's kids came and got into bed and we have a group photo because it was it was funny to take a picture, but it's also the moment everything's going to change. Yeah, and everything did change so much in that moment. I mean, my sister, trained accountant is now pursuing a career in acting, and in the film industry and things and is producing some big names, starting to produce some big name films and things like that, like never would have she was doing the order and drown performance back then, but never would have realized that the journey it would have taken us on and and then the understanding for life and the importance of actually loving our lives which seems so obvious that we should be happy in our lives, but so many of us aren't We're living for the weak hands. And there's still people in 32. And it feels like an age where you should start to getting your life together a little bit, or at least have an idea of some things you like. And yeah, I still got friends or acquaintances through school that are living for the weekend. And that this still trying to push through that job that they don't like because it will get them to the next step. And that will get them to the next step. And that will get them to next step. And when they hit 60, they'll finally be doing something they like. And I mean, it's not Yeah, it's not it's not easy, but there's a lot that you can't Yeah, your body isn't you haven't got the energy or anything left to do it. If you're female, and you want to have kids pursuing your career for too long can be closed the door and men yet slightly longer window but women that that fertility door can shot a lot sooner, and particularly with how stressful Our lives are which lead us to Making other unhealthy choices. I mean, London it's there are literally people getting through their working week with Class A drugs and and high powered positions and you wouldn't know it. But it's that level of stress and they don't stop and think could I be happier and there was an article I wish I'd save because I can't quote it properly. But basically saying there were there were people in high level management positions, that they would be financially better off if they took stuck with middle management, because they had to spend so much more money on anti stress things. That's one of those. Some of those were healthier, like being a member of a nicer gym, having a personal trainer, having to buy much healthier food to combat the stress therapy, things like that. Some less healthy like drug addiction and alcohol addiction that was helping them deal with the stress of that, but financially it was more expensive to be in Hello management because they want happy and what why is it was so afraid of going? pursuing happiness?

I just I just

Junaid Ahmed 22:09
was so that's so funny because just today I was watching Gary Vee talk to Lily saying can you probably heard Lily saying and Gary Vee Ray? Yeah. times and, and they're talking about the same things, you know, it's like if you're not happy in what you're doing. Why are you doing it? Like Who who are you trying to make happy? Right? And it's just it's just so

Jessica Barclay 22:39
interesting because he always seems angry and doesn't look healthy. Doesn't look well, I saw him speak in London. Yeah. And he just, I mean, my friend like Spanish. He doesn't look well. He doesn't know well, and maybe that's just how I look. I love I would love to interview him and be like, like, Stop quit the bravado noise because he's very he's very loud. I'm like, yeah, bring it down Calm because I I there's some other people that I follow that I know know him quite closely. And, and and they speak so highly of him and that for me is is much more handy you know who runs detail therapy, Amy and Amy TV on youtube I just joined her amazing, inspiring and a mastermind day with her last night that was absolutely incredible and and and Syngenta husband is just so inspiring and wonderful. And they both write him really, really highly. So I know he must be awesome if they read him. I just thought you seem you seem really angry and it's that England English American thing is I guess it's passion but in English as opposed to in America that How are you? I'm

good. How are your kids and smile but

Junaid Ahmed 24:07
no. So that that's a good point. You know, he does seem like he's angry. But I think he just wants the best he is exactly like everybody, you know, go experiment. You know, you want to be an entrepreneur, go be an understudy with an entrepreneur in the space that you want to be in. He's got he's got some good messages.

Jessica Barclay 24:34
Hey, child things. It's funny you say that my because my am my platform with the pageant. So more so in America, it's referred to as a platform and having a legacy project is what would you do? What do you want to promote with your title and be a regional national international so we get given in galaxy you get given your regional title, and you then compete for the national or depending on the country or in some countries don't have a national final and you get given your national final and then you can go to the international in the UK we have regional titles we have the internet we have the national competition as what what's your platform you're going to promote with your title and and then your legacy project would be what would you do with your title that's going to last longer than your year right in your years rain and and mine is to help is helping women achieve their goals was my sort of short tagline and with my specific focus is the last three years of secondary school so in the UK, that's years 910 and 11 a secondary schools the year they do a we do our GCSE. And then we have a levels and then we have University. So it's those years that age group that I really wanted to target and 30 and 40 year old and sort of the mom age and stereotypical mama age. And those are the two groups I'm really trying to speak to getting into schools talking at mom events and things like that, and and then my legacy project is going to be creating a free online course. And that anyone will be able to have access to men, women, whatever. Anyone can have access to help people break down their goals and work backwards. Because that's just not something that we seem to be taught in any of our school systems start the schools have enough to deal with. And I kind of annoys me when people get angry at the school system. So I'm like, Yes, it's flawed, massively flawed, but they have so much to deal with. And maybe Actually, it's about the rest of society stepping up to offer additional education. The world is getting more complicated. I think it's us as citizens of earth. And we need to step up and be like, well, this is my area of expertise. I would like to help the next generation with this and that's me is another reason why I love pageantry. And it's, I always say the crown and sash is putting a megaphone to your voice. It's making it bigger and brighter reaching a bigger audience. Yeah. That For me is Yeah, being able to put my hand up and saying this is my skill set. This is where the things that life have taught me. And, and this is what I want to help with and that for me is come from my fitness side of things. I come from setting up and running lots of different businesses over the years. I've been a wedding and event planner, I was running 60 weddings a year plus other private events. And I then moved in set up first Bed and Breakfast from scratch. I then bought a shell of a bed and breakfast. I mean, my solicitor said, You do realize you're buying a shell This isn't a viable business and I just need the plumbing. I just wanted I did not want to have to put pipes into bathrooms. I didn't want to repairing pipes, but I didn't want to put it all fresh. So just need the plumbing. It's like you're nuts, but okay. And it was Yeah, it was massively successful. And and when I left it behind when I slept for my ex and he wanted to keep he wanted to stay in the area wanted to run that kind of business and I didn't want either of those things anymore. So yeah, it's really nice. We're still friends, it's really nice that I was able to help get that started and create that for him. Because he said himself, he would never have got to that point without me. And you know, and because it, it played on my experience, he didn't have experience in hospitality or setting up businesses or anything like that play to my strength. And that's where I kind of get into every chapter in your life happens for a reason, and happens in the order it's meant to. And so I'm now at this point, I'm on a September evening with my set of skills and my life of experience today, able to do what I do in the world. And because of everything that's kind of happened before, and that's where my sort of platform came from, is what do I feel like of my skills could make the biggest impact in the world and

I'd love to be curing cancer, or

creating a machine that would cure world hunger and like, I just Love to be doing these things. But that doesn't still skill suit my skill set, what suits my skill set is helping to inspire and motivate and create a plan of action for the people that do have those skills.

Junaid Ahmed 29:13

Jessica Barclay 29:14
it's, it's the same, having a dream and turning it into a goal. And then making that into an actionable plan. And then working out how you can find time, in your days, weeks, months to make that that plan reality. And that goal, the reality, that's my skill set. That's where that's where my magic lies. So that's what I want to do and think, if I created a course that when gonna get rid of that f1 when I do this, yeah, when I do this and create this course that anyone can use. Think of all the amazing goals that are going to happen in the world. And now that's what drives me to get up at 5am and be recording podcast late in the evening. And that's what gets me through the crazy world. habits and stuff so that when I get up on stage I can feel super confident and strong in my body and galaxy is the system I compete in they are an all body type system so bigger ladies was bigger ladies have won the international title. And as teeny tiny ladies have won the national title. It's about going up there with confidence and to me I find a lot of confidence in physical in feeling physically strong. I like lifting weights picking up heavy things. Nice.

Junaid Ahmed 30:29
That's that's really powerful.

Jessica Barclay 30:30
That's my that's that's my happy place. And my partner, my partner literally for a long time referred to it as my picking up things is that she goes she goes into the gym, and she picks things up and she put some time ago and he picks up which person darling and and then she picks up something else puts it out again.

Yeah, it's really fun.

Junaid Ahmed 30:51
You know, you my partner in video production. Diana, she loves to lift as well and she's like, I wanted to Show because really lifting is which makes you stronger.

Jessica Barclay 31:05
I love I love lifting things. I'm doing like plyometric stuff at the moment now as well because that was I don't like cardio I find it really boring and get the fat burn strong and also when pre baby I used to do six days a week and about two hours and then split body parts, so I'd have a bicep tricep day, tricep back day base. I love doing triceps. I'd have two different leg days. And I can remember how I split it and then every other day would have a core workout as well. And I'd have what referred to as Dom's delayed onset muscle soreness, constantly and one bit of my body or another and if I did it and I hadn't worked hard enough or I needed to change up an exercise or I needed to make it heavier and I loved it and I loved having the ache and I get this great and but with a little one in tow it didn't feel safe. My muscles are like shaking because they're so tired and I was like, I can't do that. And my daughter up and down the stairs and we have a lot of stairs and our house with our own house was over four floors is a lot. And I mean, she's she's two and a half now she can do the stairs if I like hold her hand. Yeah, but sometimes mommy's at a bit more of a hurry. And I'm like, she's 15 kilograms.

kilograms. And I'm like, I just need to be able to grab your

body part. heavy lifting is not there's not going to be my life for a while. The bidding multiply metrics and things so I'm holding heavy weights and jumping on and off stuff and I'm swinging them from side to side, controlling the swing and yeah, having a lot of fun with it. It's definitely a lot of fun in my workouts at the moment, I get some very odd looks from the other people in the gym, like just gonna sit here on this exercise bike for an hour and I'm like I'm jumping around everything.

It's it's,

it's quite funny that looks like and because in the mirror is in the gym, you can see people living when they don't think. Yeah, yeah. And it's really fun. It's really funny but I love it. I love. I love the energy like I've so felt so sick this morning. And I now my dose the nesting the afternoon, I'm just going to train this is my first full week to train the same time every day in the afternoon. And I went and signed up for a cycle challenge this morning that they're running in our gym and I was suffering that one as right I'll go do that my half an hour on the bike because we're, I think we're cycling to the moon. Half an hour on the bike. And then I will do my training session and then I'd have to come back later in the afternoon. That's fine. Got two minutes to spare to jump on this bike to help cycle to the main and they were like, you know put onto this slot. And it turned out they told me they put me and they hadn't put me on it. They hadn't have now Friday off Evening, I'm going to go back to the gym. Luckily, it's the slot I would go in and do my walk training from going into about 45 minutes literally practicing my walk routine again and again and then I'll film it's like watch it back and then go to the walk again and again again. And I'm gonna go in, cycles the moon for half an hour and go to a walk, but

Junaid Ahmed 34:23
it's, it's a lot of work.

Jessica Barclay 34:26
It's a lot of work. You're gonna love it. People always ask me. Like, let's get something in the diary. Can we get getting capture? What's your diary? Like? And I'm like, it's Tetris. my diary looks like Tetris. And I do Google calendar so different in different colors, so it doesn't

so weird touches game when people like very pretty but that looks insane. But for me, it makes sense.

Junaid Ahmed 34:51
Anyway, yeah. You gotta make sense to to whoever's creating it. Because now like, oh, easy to coloring like, Oh, it's this thing.

Jessica Barclay 35:00
And it's it's really nice because I've got purpose as my personal calendar. So I look at my week, I do weekly review, and I look at my week and go there was really not very much purple and this week I need a bit more me time next week or there wasn't much orange, which is a family color. And then I have like a big event a color for big events. Or Oh, I didn't do anything for I didn't do any pageant prep this way. There's no purple. There's no galaxy color, like a dark purple for galaxy and a light purple for personal.

Junaid Ahmed 35:31
That's really so. So what system Did you devise his own system for yourself?

Jessica Barclay 35:39
I use Google. Yeah, I absolutely love Google Calendar. I think if you're gonna if you're planning like

this is confusion with what a planner is you get these lovely books where you sort of plan your your goals and you might have a bit where you put your gratitude to the day and and things like that those plans. I Really nice to do pen and paper? Yeah, what was actually blocking out your time slots, I'm all for digital and no one will talk me out of it. Amen. Things change, you can move it around you can automatically put stuff in as a repeat event and then you can change that repeat event. I'm effectiveness it needs to be digital. And if you've got enough time to waste then great but I do not sign digital and and I said separated within Google Calendar. You basically set up calendars within the calendar and each of those will be a different color. So you'll see them all on the same screen. Yeah, you could you can click to just you want to time

Junaid Ahmed 36:39
tell you me,

Jessica Barclay 36:40
just show me but my child care plans for the week or just show me my Galaxy stuff is happening this week. And then you can share specific calendars with your partner or my work. Yeah. So my partner is only just seem to be starting to use any kind of calendar and I did bring up a dinner this evening or At some point would be really helpful to get you on to Google Calendar. Yeah. Because then I can just automatically share our childcare arrangements or where I am, what's going on. But he doesn't need to know my workout plans for the week. No. He doesn't need to know when I'm planning to go into the food shop. Unless I'm ill. And so that bit great. If I am taken to bed sick, properly sick. Suddenly, I can share with him what I was meant to be doing that week that would have kept the house running. Yeah. And he can pick up where you can pick up it's, and yeah, I need to I need to get him onto it. Everyone always finds it really funny that I haven't gotten to it yet. Because I'm such an advocate for Google Calendar. I need to buy shares in Google Calendar. constantly going on about you don't have Google Calendar working okay. And one of my courses, I teach a workshop and in it there is a section about setting up your Google Calendar.

Junaid Ahmed 37:54
know it's very important. My wife and I, we share, we share a calendar. So we have A shared calendar a family calendar were in which her mom is involved because their moms local. So anytime the kids have an event, or put on the Cali family calendar or the shared calendar, like Oh, we've got soccer practice, so we got to go to this thing and that thing, but it's super, super helpful. And anytime I have an event like I need to go shoot a shoot a commercial or need to go to a podcast, medically share, share my appointments on the shared calendar, so she knows that hey, I've got a call coming in. So I'm not available at the moment to do anything. But yeah, super important. Super, super important.

Jessica Barclay 38:44
Your team you are you know, I was

yay that we are we are a team and the team has to help each other and support each other and and if one member of the team is struggling with something, the other members of the team jump in and help out and I'm I mean, it's it's never a tit for tat thing. And it's just, it's just how the team unit works and what my what's my struggle is my partner struggle and what's my partner's struggle is, is my struggle and yeah, what our daughters struggle is what she's she has many struggles she's turned off the biggest struggle was not is not wanting to get out of her bed at lunchtime nap at the moment, guys a real struggle. She's having two and a half hours to one hour because of preschool times. And she is not impressed

at all. From the moment you get her up, you get up we've got about 15 to 20 minutes. We're getting her up. She doesn't get

Junaid Ahmed 39:39
out of bed is out of this.

Jessica Barclay 39:41
No, she does not. She's like I think she is at that point where she's hit the deepest bit asleep and she's just not. But by Wednesday she's got used to it. So when Wednesday Thursday, Friday is not so bad. And then at the weekend is normally some variation. And this weekend, we were a wedding all day Saturday and then Sunday we went and Autumn winter coats and and few bits and pieces there's a big shopping center we go to twice a year to do those bits so she didn't have she had a bit of car sleep on both days but no like proper nap and her card and then she's come today and been like what you're getting me up I've only been here now let me load nice inches it should be like no more me see you take all the blankets off our initial barrier head in the mattress like this hilarious I'll see you

Junaid Ahmed 40:35
preschool absolutely adores him

Jessica Barclay 40:38
but that like 15 minutes between like crying House of her caught in the car or we go we've got a bike was a big box on it that she said so.

Anyway, like

is just tear tension. Well, I wouldn't say with a tantrum. It's just


brokenhearted. She's the She's crying like someone has broken her heart that sleep time is over.

Junaid Ahmed 41:05
My daughter can't wait to get out of bed she doesn't like sleeping either. She's got a major fo mo she's like I'm gonna miss something. Yeah

Jessica Barclay 41:17
she wasn't keen on the going to bed she's better again to bed at lunchtime but by going to bed in the evening in the namely not smoking because she's just got and I mean, I say she's just got daddy back she gets steady for like two hours 530 to 730 and he does a lot of the bedtime routine because I'm with her most of the day. And once she's at full time school, there'll be some there'll be some fighting but we're all gonna we need to get like a triple family shower. And she gets a shower or bath one or the other of us and then maybe it's fine because he I get her a lot of the rest of the time. It says gets to do those times with her and but I like I want more family time and then we sit and have cuddles on the sofa and sometimes because of work and I might have to still have my laptop out I didn't happen too often like this evening is a form thing for her preschool I have to submit before tomorrow's preschool but I know the rest of tomorrow is not my any window of time to do it. Well my brain was functioning and was over family cuddle time. So we kind of all cuddled by still had the form out filling it out.

Junaid Ahmed 42:29

Jessica Barclay 42:30
Its life and a lot of people so yeah, a lot of people don't have time to sit and have that family cuddle with or without before so but you beat yourself up, don't you as a parent, you have to feel like you're doing you're never doing well enough.

Junaid Ahmed 42:42
Yeah, exactly. And then when you ask from the perspective of your kids to like, Why are you always in my face? Or as I got older anyways?

Jessica Barclay 42:54
Go away Go away.

What do you do? I don't like those words is one of my One of his favorite phrases. So if I'm like, we're getting up now or it's time to go home now, but I don't like those words.


I'm glad you can express your opinion happening. We have things we call them mommy laws. So you have to wear your bike helmet when you're in the bike on the bike. So when I say it's a box on the front of a bike, it's like a bicycle. And like the big delivery I think they were like bread deliveries in the olden days and and it's a big one of it is takes four kids and we only have one but you have to wear your helmet in the bike. That's the mommy law and you're not allowed to date until you're 25 that's a mommy law. I will never allow the scooter those little scooters the kids with around on

that but I hate them.

I mean, we've London like the roads are busy is not well maintained and very bumpy and these kids are going away. million miles an hour knocking old ladies over and risking being thrown in front of traffic like I detest them. So mommy law, she's not allowed to scooter and she allowed a motorbike ever and she's not allowed to ever date anyone that has a motorbike those are London years and I'm sure the list will grow but they are just know this is just the way it is I'm usually I'll I like to try and explain things to her. And but she knows that mommy laws are just because they don't get an explanation. That's just because and and the other one is, uh, what's mommy is number one job. And she'll say keeping Felicity say sometimes that it can have quite a calming effect and she's getting angry at say, me having to hold her hand in a car park or even walking on the pavement and she doesn't she's hot. She doesn't want a handheld and we just stop and I crouch down and I say to say what's mommy's number one job. Keep Felicity safe for this little half. I roll thing Okay, Mommy, your argument is more valid than mine. Okay, and off we go. And she's she's pretty good with that with with anything that isn't. It's just something we can't do. We can't touch hot things we can't play with the pan on the stove. Yeah. Because mommy is doing her number one job which is keeping it fun. So she likes that it's just a little, a little thing between the two of us.

Junaid Ahmed 45:27
That's really cool. That's really cool. And those that's a beautiful journey. And you know, it keeps on going and you know, as long as we're around our journey keeps moving and I really liked you know, when you talked about you know, every day in the morning, sit down and write down your goals

Jessica Barclay 45:50
you've already achieved

Junaid Ahmed 45:52
already achieved them.

Jessica Barclay 45:54
Yeah, so it's good at they are phase as I have or I am and being seen yourself In that place because it really sets you up for like everything else you're going to do the rest of the day. Yeah, lining up with those with those things. And it's not I mean, you do with them. There's an amazing pageant coach. She has a pageant podcast and the pageant. She doesn't do any new episodes but the episode she's got a sub goals that

Junaid Ahmed 46:19

Jessica Barclay 46:20
I'm not surprised that she continues to stay highly ranked. And the one of her things is, yeah, it's it's act as the Queen would act. Because how are the judges going to ever envisage you as a queen if you don't act that way?

Junaid Ahmed 46:33

Jessica Barclay 46:34
And so I'm sorry, I'm supposed to cough. And so I act the way I, I want to be as and then I am, I feel like that's a famous quote, act, I act the way I want to be and therefore I am. And so I act, how I would expect a titleholder to act and I do the work and effort that I would expect of have a national or international title. holder because that I want the judges to see how I will be as a national international title holder. And same with being a mom I'm even on those days where I feel like I'm failing on so many levels. I mean, yesterday evening was one of the exact examples I just felt like I was failing everyone and everything and on the way back from our shopping trip I found my partner in floods of tears because I was just I was incoherent I was just having a meltdown because we have to happen from time to time. And and but the rest of the time I pull myself together and over like what I might not be feeling like the great mom anymore but I'm going to carry on acting like it so I came home and I sorted out in my like, a great mom is prepared in my for me, so not necessarily what everyone every great moment is today but for me my vision of a great month is a mom who is prepared and organized. So wasn't feeling So I went and sorted out all her clothes for the week and I put them all so each day of the week had a hang out with her clothes on and it just comes like sort of resented me and and that's what writing that out in the morning does it kind of centers you back to your your main goals and there's a lady called Rachel Hollis and the girl she wrote Go wash your face and girls stop apologizing which are just a few Favorite Female or you're raising a female, particularly the girl where she faced need to read and and she talks about and

completely lost my train of thought.

Junaid Ahmed 48:38
Like iterating a female

Jessica Barclay 48:39
out the window. I'm it's just such a good it's such a good book. So I got so excited about mentioning the book. And

she talks about Oh, it's gone. That's really embarrassing.

Junaid Ahmed 48:52
It lifted station.

Jessica Barclay 48:55
It's like, well, I should write down my thought process. I could go on a minute

but yeah she's she's where I got the idea for I'm actually of writing out the goals in the way in the fact that they've already happened and because she did that and she's achieved some absolutely amazing things and and yeah I started doing of her mentioning it and she's shown in YouTube videos her like writing out the actual things and stuff that she's done. And and it's just, yeah, are incredible and powerful. And the other book because I'm not gonna remember what it was I was gonna say the other book if you're female or raising a female but I think people should read is one called captivating. captivating is a Christian focus book but I do think there's a lot in there even if you're not Christian, and and whether you're raising from a very young age as well. So yeah, I put this on your reading list. And such a fascinating I'm about a third of the way through, but talking about what The female as opposed to the male brings to the world they did a male one it's written by a man and a woman. And they wrote the male one and it's called Wild at Heart, which I haven't read. And but the this goes into Yeah, what a female brings to the world and relates our place in the world back to history and connects there and this wonderful thing that they talked about in there of the females need to be delighted in. Because one of our main functions in the world is to is to be a relationship builder. And, and for the benefit of humanity. One of the female the general female skills and gifts is this relationship builder and that harks back to us as little girls twirling our skirts for our fathers and going Dotel it pretty and things actually has a much deeper meaning. And which I just find absolutely fascinating. And so yeah, that's another book I would highly recommend. And I need to just share my audible lyst one III people think I read all the time, but I'm mainly listening to things.

Junaid Ahmed 51:03
Yeah. Yeah, it's so much easier to listen. Because now you can do two things at the same time.

Jessica Barclay 51:08
Yes, we drive, we are driving places or cycling places, and mommy is digesting lots of book knowledge. And because that definitely adds to the kind of parent, I want to be the perfect, the perfect parent, the great parents consumes lots of knowledge, and then filters it

Junaid Ahmed 51:25
to what's appropriate

Jessica Barclay 51:26
for them. Because we should be we are filters, not sponges. Yeah.

Junaid Ahmed 51:31
super important. super important to be able to do that. Yeah. And we've talked about some really, really awesome things. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

Jessica Barclay 51:42
So many things.

Junaid Ahmed 51:44
It's unlimited. There's Yes. I mean, when when you're able to put your thoughts together on one specific topic and be able to talk on that topic, then. It truly shows that you know, you've really Taking a lot of knowledge and be able to disperse it because As parents, we need to be able to do that and guide our, our children, because, again, we are the first mentors that they have. And having mentors and having guides and coaches is super important.

Jessica Barclay 52:21
I think more so now than ever before the world is getting more and more complicated. And, and I've been part of my journey of becoming a parent was really analyzing how my parents parented me. And it's, it's not from a place of judgment. It's because they did the best that they've been taught to do. And I think this, this isn't is it sped up very quickly, suddenly, world was changing, but like things changed so much more gradually, whereas Yeah, and you look at how slow long it took for everyone to get a telephone. Yeah, now a new telephone comes out, everyone gets up and so much faster and And I'll parents weren't prepared to parent a generation that was going to have to deal with such as change. They weren't they didn't have the skill set to do it and now the world is so much more complicated we as parents really need to be going out and finding the information. There's a lot of pressure. And and I do see and I meet parents that are choosing to have less kids now. Because there is more we're going to need more guidance and more time of us and that's part of why we chosen to stick with one and is she's going to lead a lot more from us than than we needed from our parents and our parents needed from those parents because of the world she's coming into. And obviously there's the Eco impacts of having less kids as well which is always a bonus but it used to be that you didn't survive unless you had lots of kids because you needed the kids to run the farm so you could elite

obviously in the UK, we are running out of space

physically running Particularly in London, I did have a

Junaid Ahmed 54:01
question about that running out of space in London. So my, and I was visiting my sister in Detroit, Michigan, and she had just come back from London. And she was like, she's staying in a hotel, but all of the hotels or Airbnb spaces that says this is a home they had there, they were in shared spaces. So how does that work? I mean, it's really interesting and does make sense because there's so little space and so many more people.

Jessica Barclay 54:38
Were going down a lot in London, so a lot of basements being dug. And, and Fun fact, there are a lot of Barry JCB. So JCB is a digger and then if you guys have the same brand over there, it's like a little yellow digger, as it is a JCB there are a lot of very DC bees around London because it is cheaper to factory Losing your digger when you take out your basement and leaving it in the bottom of your basement and filling in so you you dig out your basement and then you do get a little bit more and you bury your digger and then you and then you finish your building

cheaper it's cheaper to do that than it is to get your degree out

Junaid Ahmed 55:19
London you screens to pull them out

Jessica Barclay 55:21
yeah they're like there because some of them are under like list of buildings and things and a lot of the frontage particularly in central London, a lot of the front walls of buildings are protected. So you'll see there's some great examples of this inherent at the moment where the scaffolding and you literally can just see the front wall and these beautiful I mean they're beautiful walls and you're very glad they're being protected. Yeah, they're literally scaffolding supporting this one single wall and they will dig down as deep as they can get, dig down behind and then rebuild the building. Lots of basement space and things like that. And and they're getting very clever with this as states and they go up wherever possible. But we are what is considered the boundary of London is constantly growing. I mean, I look at some of the period drama TV shows, geographically accurate, and they'll be talking about central London is going out for the weekend to Richmond. Well, now Richmond part of London now. Oh, well, a lot of people would think they lived fairly central if they lived in Richmond. And it's and that used to be a trip out of London. And

Junaid Ahmed 56:33
so the microphone so much,

Jessica Barclay 56:36
it's growing so much I do see so we live in zone six at the moment, you've got zones one to six and one is the city center. And the zone six is is as far out as what really you should call London and, and I I imagine they'll be a zone seven. keep growing. And there are there's more and more people like a lot of my friends now even in very high Position jobs, they won't have an office at work. And they won't have a specific desk at work even. And it'll be a case of you work from home. If you come in you grab a desk, there might not be a desk, be much be coming in for meetings, you might go work in a coffee shop down the road for a little while until the desk becomes free. And because these businesses don't, they don't want to hold massive offices, when most of your stuff you can do at home, the internet age and things and everything being online. And so that is kind of that there's that shift as well. A lot of people maybe don't need to be in London anymore, even if they have predominantly London based jobs.

Junaid Ahmed 57:42
Yeah, we're not there yet here in the States. We still need to people still. Yeah, drive in.

Jessica Barclay 57:49
Real painful. It's funny that

a friend of mine the other half, and we'll hold business meetings at home in shirt and tie and his pants Because he doesn't he couldn't see below his waist. And she did have another one. I did have another friend to something like they didn't, he had actually left his job. And they didn't know because he worked from home so often. And he was just finding his next job. And

just think everyone's telling us,

Junaid Ahmed 58:22
like, notice, that's too funny. Alright, so now we have the time to Well, we've had some really good conversation, we talked about your journey, parenting, living in London, and why people like accents from people in London, so, and I asked this question to all my guests. It kind of binds all the conversations together. What is one hobby that you wish you got into? Oh, I kind of doing everything, right, everything already.

Jessica Barclay 59:06
I'm like, I need that I've done everything or I'm doing a little bit of it. And there's

the guest is here, people quite often tell what job would you do if you weren't doing the job you do. Mine would be interior designer, but I love designing bits of our house and I'm redesigning, my daughter's moving from the practical bedroom that's right next to ours, into the bigger bedroom, and over the next couple of months. So I'm getting to be interior designer and design that and so I bring that thing into my life. And I do make sure if there's anything that I feel a calling to, or a desire to call it sort of filling up my soul, and there's something I feel like I need, then I find a way of incorporating it. Somehow it might be a little in a little way. And I always say I always find time for everything I want to do. Yeah. Which at some point is going to catch me out because I I do sometimes say I don't have time to people, and it's because I don't want to do it. Yes, I will, I will find time to everything I want to do. And it's it and sometimes that means we need to do it for a while. And it does mean I really want to meet up with the friends. I have got a very dear friend, she lives a couple of hours away and she's got a little boy, and a little bit younger than mine. We've known each other since junior school and I, I really treasure her friendship. But we're very far away didn't work schedules very hard to fit in together. So we have got a date in the diary. And it's not until the first weekend of September and December, December,

Junaid Ahmed 1:00:35

Jessica Barclay 1:00:36
and December and that got books like mid August to get it in. She was one of the first people she said this is when his birthday party is going to be I was like, right, I can make it. I said what time I said no, I'm just telling you the date because I know you'll get booked and I will I will find time that everything that matters, it just might take a little longer. So will be in a slightly different way. So you, yeah, it might be a three hour thing you want me to come to and I'd like I really want to come but I can only come for an hour and a half. Is that okay? Yeah, fully with the full acceptance of sometimes people say no, you need to come to the whole thing or not. And if it does happen a little bit like, I can't do this one man, because I've already committed to this other thing. So it's kind of that gentle juggle, but there's, yeah, I just kind of find a way to fit everything in. And like the moment I'm feeling like life's very on top of me a little bit at the moment. So today, I sat down and wrote out a full list of everything that matters. And I'm kind of like now, if it didn't matter enough to make it onto that list. If it's not a priority right now, yeah, I would have remembered it. And I mean, there's some things like plan Christmas on that list. There's some there's some longer term things on that list. But if it mattered, it would have made it onto that list. So for the moment, anything not on that list, and letting go over

Junaid Ahmed 1:01:59
nice Very cool. Nice. Alright, so you've done almost every hobby that you wish wanted to do. And well, the one hobby that you are doing right now is pageantry, right?

Jessica Barclay 1:02:15
Yeah, definitely. I last time I competed I said that I was there and there wasn't going to do another one. Basically I did my first pageant, not really knowing what they were at all. And and after doing the first one was I want to come back and do this properly. And I'm just going to do it once but I'm going to do it properly. And when I finished it, I was really pleased I placed top 10 out of 70 ladies, and it was a big cast of Greeks I was a miss them and now I'm what we call an MS and Miss because I'm an older,

older country,

there was a big category and I was really pleased with what I'd achieved and how far I've come and said I wasn't going to do anymore. And then long story short, I signed up to do the next one and then got pregnant. And my little miracle baby, and so I I stepped back for it and then I looks after having my daughter was it something I wanted to go back to I went and watched one of my friends was competing actually to close friends were competing wants to compete. And and so I went along to that one and was I said to my other half, this is something I really want to do. And it's a case of what is my specific dream around pageantry. And I thought it was it that I just wanted to do an international final in which case I could have found a system that maybe didn't have a UK final first. Yeah, you can pay to go straight to an international and I was like No, I really want to one my place and I really want it to be with galaxy. galaxy has my heart they are it's just such a wonderful system around different body types. And you being you and the team, the UK team that run it are amazing. And I've heard such amazing things about the American team. I don't I've only met I've met the director of the American system of the internet. system Maria. And she's fabulous. So like the word fabulous, was designed to describe Maria. And a dressing room bathroom setup is amazing. She's done like some live recording in that it's just epic. And so it was the whole community and she says with galaxy, if you don't want to be part of the family, don't try to identify with your home. I want to be part of the sun. So it was to represent the UK at the galaxy international finals was my pageant goal. And to do that I have to win the UK final. So it's, it's quite nice because last time I went in going, this is my one shot, going and going If I don't win this time, I just come back. I just come back and I'll just keep coming because I can't age out of my category now. And I'll just keep it if I get married, then I just move into the missus category. There's nothing now apart from galaxy disappearing, but continue stop me from keeping going until I until I achieve that goal so that's what I do. And it's taken some of the pressure off because I haven't got to do it this year. I will give it by absolute passion desire hundred percent. Like I've only got this year but with that, yeah that sort of pressure release valve constantly on and because I can just carry on and and when I do get and achieve that dream I can't see myself leaving the pageant industry is it brought so much to my life. And I love the idea of I've got the podcast so that'll keep me connected to it anyway. But I love the idea of being an ambassador for galaxy moving forward even when I'm not a title holder because it's done so much to me and I kind of want to give back to the system. And also I love the idea of going into judging and things like that as well. And and presenting and because of all the all the contacts I need someone on stage announcing all the ladies coming out and and to put them at ease when they're on stage and things like that. I do love the I love doing presenting. So I love the idea of going into that side of things. And I think occasionally I offered to do entertainment for some of the smaller pageants and things like that as well. So it's, it's a hobby that even once I've achieved my goal, I'll be able to keep doing

Junaid Ahmed 1:06:24
fantastic, fantastic. Next question. should do, I should do them quickly. So what is your favorite movie or TV show?

Jessica Barclay 1:06:34
Favorite movie is gone with the wind is just, it's beautiful, the costumes the way they talk in there. And I have a really good memory of the first time I watched it. I was living in Romania on my own and with like a volunteer group, and I had to go and cross the border and to another country because my visa wasn't didn't allow me to stay any longer. Yeah, I could pay for new visa or I could just literally go over the border and come back the next day. So I did that and it just stopped at some random places on the train on the way back and I ended up in this really bizarre but really cute little hotel on the hill and and gone with the wind was on it like 11 o'clock at night, which is like a three and a half hour movies. It's not the sort of movie should start watching 11 you can just start. It was just, it was really lovely. I was just doing this really magical place. up in bed, I'd had a hot bath having not watched for four or five days. And I watched that movie and I just Yeah, I've loved it ever since.

Junaid Ahmed 1:07:29
Very cool. Next question. What movie would you choose if you got to play a character in it?

Gone with the Wind.

Jessica Barclay 1:07:42
And again, go into it again. And she she faces some really tough trials, the main character in it whose name I can't remember now either. And it's just really bad at Scarlet scarlet, and she faces some really tough trials but she was in fabulous costumes and she triumphs and she's powerful and Wonderful, and, and she overcomes being bit of a spoiled brat at the beginning. And so yes, I would love to play her.

Junaid Ahmed 1:08:08
Nice. All right. Who is your favorite superhero?

Jessica Barclay 1:08:16
Oh, that's a really tough one I do.

Junaid Ahmed 1:08:21
That's the easiest one.

Jessica Barclay 1:08:24
Myself, can I be like, Can I be my own superhero? And I want to say I

do. I don't want anyone else to save me. I

want to save myself so that I know when I look back, I can be like, I did that.

And it doesn't mean saying no to help.

Junaid Ahmed 1:08:39
Sure. I kind of

Jessica Barclay 1:08:41
Yeah, I kind of want to do myself. So can I just be my own superhero? Pretty awesome. Like she's pretty cool.

Junaid Ahmed 1:08:50
She's very cool. She's a depends on which one you pick though.

Jessica Barclay 1:08:55
Halle Berry

She's, yeah, the outfits pretty good. Oh no Electra I really liked. I know she's not really.

And she is Jennifer. Jennifer I crush on her all day long. alias Jennifer Garner, sir. Oh,

Junaid Ahmed 1:09:15
I was just gonna mention the earlier I watched that show.

Jessica Barclay 1:09:18
She's been awesome fighting ninja skills and such a nice person and a really good she's a really good partner apart from when I like fiance gets killed because but other than that yeah she's she's awesome so I could just be her. I needed to be a superhero. She's gonna be Jennifer Garner. Here we go.

Junaid Ahmed 1:09:38
Okay, last question. If you were a board game, what would it be? Oh, no, it's not really a board game. It's a card game. game

Jessica Barclay 1:09:48
will allow it right.

Junaid Ahmed 1:09:50
I don't know. Oh, yeah, this is it.

Jessica Barclay 1:09:53
In a because it's like it's bright and colorful. You don't need much brain power. It's a good giggle and you never know what's coming

Junaid Ahmed 1:10:02
next. And did you know that? Did you know that there's at least 3000 new board games created every month?

Jessica Barclay 1:10:11
What? Yeah, right.

That's about all I know. overcomplicate though and then it's so stressful trying to

game has to be simple. Snakes and Ladders. Nice and simple.

Okay, if I have to be an actual board game if it you know, was my first choice, but if you allow that Disney Trivial Pursuit isn't a Trivial Pursuit we watch. We watch a lot of Disney and it comes with I've got an old one I need to get a newer one because we've watched a lot more Disney since this one came out. You got DVD some other questions? You watch a snippet of the DVD and the questions and stuff like that. But yet Disney Trivial Pursuit because yeah, it's fun for the whole family.

Junaid Ahmed 1:10:57
Yeah. Very cool. Well, that's a wrap. Where can my audience find you?

Jessica Barclay 1:11:05
everywhere so if you want to know more about the pageantry side and more about me personally, it's mommy spelt the UK ways and UM, Mommy is doing a and for all the my personal social media is MS. So Miss Miss Jessica underscore Alice, but the links for all of that is on the mommy is doing a and then for all my super moms society stuff, so if you're interested in time management organization, de cluttering was kind of things I have the YouTube channel, podcasts and loads of free power and like PDF downloads as well. Nice kind of things. So whether you're a mom or not, if you need time management help, they're all there and that's on Superman again, UK spelling I'm afraid and UM, and I tried to pick a name mother in it instead Because

we spell it with no spelling everywhere.

But super mothers society just sounded a bit. This is I think this

Junaid Ahmed 1:12:09
is more chill, cool. It's like a rope. Yeah, we'll definitely put the links in the show notes to all the places that you could be found. Thank you so much, Jessica, for your time.

Jessica Barclay 1:12:23
Thank you for having me. So it's been quite long. I like talking. You can tell I'm a public speaker. And

Junaid Ahmed 1:12:29
it was fun though. So you are a public speaker?

Jessica Barclay 1:12:34
Yeah, I do. Public Speaking with both Superman and I would pageantry with my platform, helping women achieve their goals. I do speaking with that as well. So a lot of talking all day long, but a sore throat needs to do one very. You need he needs some breaks.

Junaid Ahmed 1:12:51
Cool. Well, thank you so much. We'll definitely keep in touch. Talk to you soon. Thank you for listening to hacks and hobbies. You can find additional information on the guest today on their website hacks and hobbies. com. Please feel free to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss out on upcoming interviews with amazing guests.

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