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In this episode, I get to speak with Kelsey Anne, she’s a host for “You can have it all” podcast. She’s also a master certified practitioner with NLP and Hypnosis. She specializes in subconscious programming, identity, and relationship. I’m so honored to have her as a guest on my podcast. 

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Our Guest

Hacks to take Away

  • Mindset that drives you to achieve success.
  • Awesome story with NLP and hypnosis
  • The career I got like the six figure career I did like everything
  • Building a business.
  • Training other people and the mindset side.
  • We all have this internal need for validation.
  • More grateful to just notice everything that’s so awesome in the world.
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Junaid Ahmed 0:10
Thank you for tuning into hacks and hobbies with your host Junaid Ahmed. In Season Two of hacks and hobbies were visited by our amazing guests coming from all walks of life want to learn their story, their struggles and their journey on how they got to where they are today. So stick around

this episode, I get to speak with Kelsey and she's a host for you can have it all podcast, and she has featured some really cool guests. She's also a master certified practitioner and NLP and hypnosis. She specializes in subconscious programming identity and relationship. I'm so honored to have Her as a guest on my podcast. Kelsey, thank you so much for coming on to the podcast.

Kelsey Anne 1:06
Thank you so much for having me here. I'm so excited. I get such a great feeling this is going to be such a fun, amazing conversation.

Junaid Ahmed 1:13
Absolutely. So I learned about you through the different social media and I was like, You know what, she's got a really awesome story with NLP and hypnosis because, you know, not just hypnosis, not just that, but it's really important to have a mindset of success and mindset that drives you to achieve success. And if you do face failures, well, those are learning lessons for all of us. So I was like, you know, she's got a really awesome attitude. She's a certified master practice certified Master, master certified practitioner, and, you know, let's see where the story goes and how she got here. So Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got to become a master certified practitioner in NLP.

Kelsey Anne 2:07
Yeah. So, um, it's very long. It's a long story with the holly. Um, yeah, like it just In short, you know, I spent most of my life being one of those people pleasers. So like I was that girl who always had a boyfriend always had to be with a boyfriend and then you know, there's a lot of people I would just like, become them, right. So I would do like everything and I would just just to get that love and all these things. And so eventually I ended up finding meeting my ex husband and we got married. We had a baby. I got the career I got like the six figure career I did like everything, right, like everything that I was supposed to do. Yeah. And I realized I was miserable. I wasn't happy. I wasn't fulfilled. I didn't love my job. I wasn't. I wasn't with the right person. Like he's so great. I have so much love for my father myself. But we have so many cultural differences and basically I was living like this giant lie and this life that wasn't mine. And so after I had my son I like I basically while I was on my leave, I started building a business. So when my son was about six weeks old, I started becoming a certified personal trainer because I've been like weightlifting for 10 years. I would study like all night while my son was up feeding I would study all the time and I got that done within a few months, started a business started taking on clients realized I did not like training people. But it was just so funny because I love working out but I just don't like training other people but I love the mindset side. So I started taking on female clients for their mindset started getting into NLP different things, and then ended up quitting my six figure job getting a divorce, and just going like, full on into entrepreneurship. And yeah, if eventually got certified in NLP and hypnosis ended up getting master certified as well started working with men. And it has been like such a roller coaster and such a good time. I'm so grateful for the whole journey.

Junaid Ahmed 4:14
That's fantastic. And how did you even get to the point of like, so you said you you've been working out or weightlifting for 10 years is there any backstory to you know why you pick weightlifting rather than running and and and other activities in that? Yeah.

Kelsey Anne 4:38
Yeah, that's a good question. And it's so funny because I, you know, I love yoga, I do yoga I used to run to but the one thing that I always go back to is my weightlifting. Like that's something that's in the last 10 years. The only thing that has never changed is my relationship with the weight room.

Which is so interesting because I guess

I don't know, I think I fell in love with it. I fell in love with it when I was 17. And then it's just been 11 years now. And I just love how I felt I felt so strong. I felt so badass. I've always been like someone to go against the grain kind of and every other girl my age was just running or just like doing polities and stuff and I want to be, I wanted to be different. And so I got into weightlifting, fell in love with it loved how my body looks, love how I felt, had people like, you know, at the time, I was working at the hospital, and I had to like, do patient transfers and people were like, Whoa, you're so strong and it just felt so good that it just became it became like a addictive in a really great in a great way. Like it's just it's my thing.

Junaid Ahmed 5:42
Yeah. That's really cool. Because, you know, it's those affirmations or it's those that information, it's those reinforcement for mothers, you know, you you you've done something And then you can reinforce that. Oh, wow, you're so strong, you don't look strong, but how did you get so strong? Right? And then that that in turn invokes and like, you know, I gotta keep doing this because it's making you release those new

Kelsey Anne 6:19
all those feel good hormones and Exactly, yeah, like invalidates a part of yourself because you're like, you know, I was feeling really good. And then to have someone mentioned that, hey, you look great. You've changed You're so strong, all these things that validates that internal need for, you know, we all have this internal need for validation.

Junaid Ahmed 6:37

Kelsey Anne 6:38
ultimately, now it has nothing. After this long of falling in love with something I think now it's really just, it's like my own therapy. It's like my own time to myself. Yeah, and I kind of go crazy without it.

Junaid Ahmed 6:51
That's awesome. That's really cool. Yeah, right. So what are some of the motivations that keep you going on a date? basis in this industry as a coach, as a you know, as somebody who's who's certified who's helping others. I'm sure the feedback that you get from your clients and the people that you help. Certainly is a is a is a big part of it or maybe it isn't. Maybe that's just a an outcome or destice G. area. What's the word?

Kelsey Anne 7:29
God effect?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So you know, that's a great question and I think that like I was talking about it with someone yesterday actually was telling a client yesterday how like, that motivation, like we're never always motivated, right, like motivation goes. And so ultimately, I think it's that that bigger picture and I don't want to you know, everyone says, have a why and I don't even know that I have. It's almost like I just have this internal knowing that I know what I'm capable and I know where I'm going to end up. And I think that that is what pushes me so much. It's that you know that I'm shaking like unshakeable belief in yourself that you can do this. And, obviously, like a lot of a lot of the reasons why I show up every single day, as I remind myself, like, hey, there's a bunch of people that you need to show up for. And there are people who are counting on you and people inspired by you. And that's definitely a big factor. I feel like there's so many things, right. There's my own internal motivation of knowing what I'm capable of. And, you know, I'm very open about the fact that like, my biggest fear in life is dying without reaching my fullest potential. So, that's a huge motivator. And then the people I'm here to really serve and help ultimately, and then my son like every time I see him, he's a massive motivator for me as well. But then I have so many different things right. I listened to, I'm constantly filling my mind with things that are going to motivate me and inspire me. I'm always listening to books or podcast. Reading and then all of my windows are covered. And in that dry erase markers, I have everything like all over the place just to really set me up myself up for success. And I think that that's important.

Junaid Ahmed 9:13
That's really powerful. because like you said, you know, your son is a huge motivator. And myself, you know, I have three kids and they remind me that you know what, whatever I'm working on whatever I'm doing, it's for them so they can have a better future. So they don't have to go through the struggles that we had to go through. And, you know, we are very, very fortunate to be living in a country where we have a lot of luxuries where we have a lot of the things available for us. So that's absolutely absolutely amazing.

Kelsey Anne 9:56
Thank you. Yeah, you know, I I know you can relate three kids. That's incredible. Like, that's such a great, that's so awesome, you know, you have these three human beings that are looking up to you and that you get to really help shape like, create their, their future. And that's just so amazing.

Junaid Ahmed 10:12
Yeah. And, and what's really awesome is is as grown ups, you know, we start putting limits to ourselves and putting limits to what should be done on what can be done. But our kids, you know, they are constantly testing those boundaries. They're like, Oh, can I do this go? Can I do that? So you start seeing, you know, what, what are some of the things that we've stopped doing as adults as grown ups? So that's also a another type of a refresher, another type of thing that, you know, there's no kid in the world that cannot walk unless they have a physical disability. Like everybody learns how to walk, you're not going to give up learning how to walk.

Kelsey Anne 10:57
Yeah, I love that. It's so true. And they just look at the World in such a beautiful way that you're like, oh, what if I just looked at the world like they did, I'd be so much happier, more fulfilled so much more grateful to just notice everything that's so awesome in the world.

Junaid Ahmed 11:11
Exactly. Because we as are the kids, you know, they they're like, Oh, they have no concept of limitations, you have no concept of constraints and whatnot. They're like, Oh, everything is possible. If I can do this, I'm gonna, you know, go do this. And, and it's really cool to see that perspective. And having kids like having three kids, you know, going through the age to my oldest is 10 years. I was almost 10 years old. And then my second one is four and then my youngest is one and a half. So it's like, you see, from, you know, you learn from them, as they are getting older and you see how they're learning from their older siblings. Like my youngest, she's the smartest because She has two older siblings that she's learning constantly from. And she's so smart, like anytime He's like, oh, put on the shoes, even though she can't talk when she talks words. She's like, Oh, I want to put shoes on I want to go to tie to.

Kelsey Anne 12:13
Yeah, that's so cute. That's so amazing. They're so smart. It's so fun to watch. I think that that's something that I yeah, that's, I think my favorite part about being a parent is just like, wow, like, we as human beings, we just have so much potential we learn so quickly, and kids are really just like, I know, they're like the most like, innocent purest form of ourselves, and it's such a blessing to watch them grow.

Junaid Ahmed 12:37
It is it is a blessing. So tell me a little bit about you know, how you got into the subconscious programming identity and relationship because it said you know, you do specialize in that area, and you you know, you got certification for NLP. So tell me a little more about that. Because the That's really interesting and very intriguing for me.

Kelsey Anne 13:04
Yeah. So I'm, you know, I'm, I'm a huge follower of like Tony Robbins. I love him. And I love that guy. Yeah. And so he is certified like, he's so great. And he's, he's an NLP practitioner. He actually didn't get to finish his certification because like, the day before he was finishing it. He went and he went in, like, did a bunch of techniques on people at a restaurant. And then he was told that like, he couldn't do the certification. Anyways, it's a funny story, if anyone wants to go look it up. But like, basically, I was like, Okay, well, obviously, he's able to have these massive shifts with people over like, a weekend, like unleash the power within and stuff, and I would watch it all. And I was like, I want to be able to do that because I was working with, I was working with women on their mindsets, and I wasn't seeing the differences that I wanted to see with them like yes, they were having results, but it wasn't these like really deep like massive, you know, You see it in someone's face when they have an actual shift within themselves where it's like they understand on like a DNA level that something has changed. And I wanted that. And I just, you know, I'm very, like, I'm really spiritual. And there's so much about spirituality that has to do with like our subconscious mind. So I just started learning so much, and all of the most successful people in the world, they all talk about your subconscious mind, the power of it, you know, when you can, like, understand that, see what's going on in there and make the subconscious conscious is when you can finally be successful. So that's really what inspired me. And after that, like everything just fell into place so easily. I'm really grateful in that sense of my life. When I decided to do something things just happen in such a great way. Yes, and then I just got certified and I'm so glad because like, it's incredible how much can happen in just one session with my clients.

Junaid Ahmed 14:55
That's amazing. Yeah, I am a huge follower of Tony Robbins. I've been following him since God knows 2003. And I watched his infomercial one night I was traveling for work in you know, up late at night and watching TV. And I saw him Come on this infomercial, I was like, Oh my god, this is amazing. I need to get me some personal power. And so I got a CDs and I would listen to these every single day and, you know, anytime that I can get get my hands on my CDs, I would listen to him and then I even had the power talks that would come like every week or thing it was monthly there was sent to CDs. And it was just so powerful because, you know, he's he's, he talks about your personal power and who's the person behind your business, it's you as a person. So if you fix the person up business that gets fixed too. So it's really really cool and I didn't know about him, you know, trying to get the NLP certification but he's been doing this for God knows how many years right? And he's so good we I got I had the opportunity to visit with him last year and I was just blown away by the level of energy that he brings on stage. He's like up there sweating, jumping and God knows it's just so amazing like being in in this room with this guy with so much power. It's just so amazing. Every time I hear his name is just, you know, just go bonkers.

Kelsey Anne 16:47
Yeah, and I love it. He has such like he has an effect on I think everyone and he's so great. I can't wait to go to one of his I haven't even gone to one of his events yet. I've always just like, listened to him and followed him and it is Yeah, you can beat that in person energy.

Junaid Ahmed 17:04
No. It's almost like you're at a concert because concerts go on for hours and hours, right? And you're like, so pumped up and you're like standing and jumping. So every 20 to 30 minutes, every 20 minutes, I think you would have people stand up and jump and do like high five each other. It was just really a crazy experience.

Kelsey Anne 17:27
Cool. Yeah, that sounds so fun.

Junaid Ahmed 17:30
So, the other thing that you are known for, or you have the podcast, you can have it all. And you're talking about I mean, that's a really cool title. Because literally people can definitely have it all. They just have to make up that mind and be able to, you know, go out there and reach it. So how did you come up with that strategy? Was it all LinkedIn with, you know what you've been working on? As a coach?

Kelsey Anne 18:06
Yeah, I can remember when the name came to me, but it was just like, I think it was like quit shortly after I had like my spiritual awakening randor said that like we really can have whatever it is that we want, like in this physical reality and it was like, really, if we just like understand that mindset aspect of ourselves and understand that subconscious programming, and that was a huge part. So I was, I think at that point, I was really understanding that like my current programming, because our mind is really just like this giant supercomputer. Current programming was holding me in these patterns keeping me stuck. And I had a lot of money issues I was having obviously relationship issues, right. I was like choosing the wrong people to be with. And I was having these reoccurring patterns in my life and for anyone who's listening, if you're wondering how your subconscious programming is, look at the patterns in your life. So do you see things coming? distantly happening. And these things can look like I know, for myself, it was like, Oh, I'd make a lot of money. And then I would get hit with all of these bills, like, you know, unexpected bills all the time. And then you could just like, never seem to get ahead. That was like one of my programs that I had going on. And most people don't understand that like that, like you making money and then getting hit with an unexpected bill, you actually cause that. So, right, like most people really think that like, Oh, it's just random, or it's a coincidence, and not really understanding that, in our internal world is really like, reflected in our physical world. So this is why the subconscious programming is so powerful, because it's like, when you can change what's going on inside and you can change that, that computer programming that's holding you in these patterns, or that's keeping you stuck or making you believe like you're not good enough or worthy or whatever it is, then you actually see changes in your physical reality. And that's what's so cool. So basically, I started seeing those changes. I started like having all these really incredible things happen. I was manifesting things I programming was changing as being more positive. And then I was like, Man, you can really have it all. You just have to know how to go get it.

Junaid Ahmed 20:14
Absolutely. And that's so those are some of the same things that Tony Robbins teaches. Because once you get your mind unlocked, once you figure out you know, you don't need to be defending all the time, you don't need to be in a state of constant chaos, you can definitely go after what you really really want and, and it takes time. It takes some time and some effort and some homework right to get to that point.

Kelsey Anne 20:49
Yeah, and so you know, I found like, that's why I love these tools because they take a lot less time like within 10 minutes, we can change one of your programming so within three months with my clients They really do become, like entirely different people. And just to give an example, like six months ago, like may, I was like, not in a great place financially, like I literally had like $19 in my account, I was like, I dropped off, like, my son with his dad. And I was just like, what am I going to do? I was like, in this house alone, like newly divorced, and I was just like, you know, I'd already had my business but I was maybe only bringing in like, 2000 a month like, it wasn't where I wanted it to be at all. And I just like went so hard on all of this NLP stuff. And just started like, within like, a month, you know, things were different actually literally like, so that was maybe like in February March so maybe like eight nine months ago. And then like in May I like brought in like six K and I was like, holy shit like this actually works. And then it's like, just recently, you know, like, I've hit like, about over like, now I'm considered like a six figure coach. I was just in LA speaking. So it's like, so much has changed in like, less than a year when you really just do this work.

Junaid Ahmed 22:04
Yes. You know, it's it's so easy to let go and not do anything. And there's so many distractions available to us every single day you know, you can spend hours on Instagram Facebook and and LinkedIn and other social networks and if you look at YouTube well there goes and entirely or Netflix, you know binge watching shows, and then if and lot of times what happens is, you know, you're just not doing the homework. And I've recently discovered this about myself, I love going out there and doing the work physically. But anytime it comes down to doing the homework, my motivation is is very, you know, my motivation is no, so I kept thinking, you know, right. Like, for example, in just 20 hours, I was able to build an entire place. Set sure it took me about two weeks but every single day I would go step by step by step to finish this huge place it and what I realized is that you know, there's a thick book with 50 steps in it on how to build this this place it is got all the you know, everything's listed here you know these are the different screws and all the screws and nuts and bolts are in their specific packages in its mark, you know, this is this is what this type of thing is and then in the book lead it says, okay, use these crews, okay, now use these screws, or you need these parts. So everything is labeled. So in that comes, that all brings down the point that you know, everything first needs to be organized for you to achieve something like I wouldn't have I wouldn't have been able to build such a huge place that without those instructions that think a lot of the time We just take it for granted when we are provided with instructions. And when we are working for somebody else, we are provided with those instructions, what you need to do on a daily basis. But as an entrepreneur, we've got to create those instructions for ourselves. Right? And so discovering that about myself, and so now i know that i know what's wrong with me. And now that I know what I'm not good at. I can work on fixing that problem, or I can work on correcting that issue and create those step by step things for myself to do.

Kelsey Anne 24:39
Yeah, and it's so good that you mentioned that because I think that that's what it really comes down to awareness. I always say like, that's the first step with my clients. It's like, let's just bring like, major awareness and that was the first step with me awareness to what's going on in your life. Look at your life, look at who you are, be really honest with yourself. And, you know, I think that you a lot of people avoid this type of work, because a It sucks to look at your life and be like, wow, I am the one responsible for all my life like, doesn't feel good. But then there's also our ego, our ego is so attached to our current identity that it doesn't necessarily want you to change because for you to change means that it loses its identity. So there's that as well. I say there's like a bit of an ego backlash, and, you know, we love our ego, our ego is there to help us and to protect us. But ultimately, I always tell my clients or people like, there's always going to be so much resistance when you're going to go do something that's going to cause major change within yourself because it's uncomfortable. It's scary. Your ego doesn't want to do it. There's all the reasons not to do it. And that's when you know that you really have to just go do that work on yourself.

Junaid Ahmed 25:47
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And, you know, you pointing out the ego part ego part. That's huge, huge, red flag for myself, because I think to myself that I don't Having ego but I have a huge ego. Right? I've named myself super Janae them think super in front of my name already that that's already an indicator that I have a huge ego and I don't know where that came from you know it definitely came in some time ago but I've been somehow you know tried to share it but not trying to really share it. But it's like I'm working on myself to be a better person I think I need to go back to those personal power tapes.

Kelsey Anne 26:38
Yeah, and you know we all have an ego right like even you know, during a spiritual awakening there is an ego death like I remember I went through like an ego death and that was terrifying but the ego comes back. Yeah, and it just comes back differently but it's still there. But I had a moment for a while where I actually had like, a spiritual ego. So one of those like, I'm I'm so spiritual Oh, you're not spiritual, right? Like the ego always tries to one up, like, I think that everyone has different types of egos. Some of us have like one up egos Some of us are victim egos, there's so many different kinds. But ultimately,

you know,

from what I understand, like humans didn't have egos like thousands of years ago when we were really like, tribe people. But then at one point, it became necessary for, like for evolution to be like, identify ourselves as individuals. And so we had this ego and our ego really comes in when we're little kids because really small children. So like probably your daughter who I think he says one and a half and like my son who's almost to like, you don't have egos yet, but at some point, something is going to happen in their life, where it's almost like they don't step up or they don't step in to help themselves and then their ego jumps in. And then that's when the ego develops and it's ultimately there to protect us. It's there to help Help us. And so maybe when you were little, you weren't getting enough attention. So now your ego is there. And it likes attention. And it's doing it because all it wants is just love and to help us. So I think that that is so important to understand because the more we resist and fight something, like, the more it's going to fight back, right. So yeah, like, I always tell people, like, Look, your ego is with you. It's like, it's always going to be in the car with you. But what you have to understand is that you have to put in the backseat or in the passenger seat, like you need to be the one driving the show, but it's always going to be there. So that's like a huge dynamic that you can change. And I do a lot of weird things, but you can literally like, I've had conversations with it. Like, I've sat in the car and been like, okay, like, what do you like, how long have you been here? And you know, it said, like, since the beginning of time, I know this sounds crazy. But then I'm like, I'm like, Well, what do you want? You know, and it said it wants love. Acceptance says I cool like, I love and accept you and whatever. And then like, it's just being fully aware of it. So for anyone who's listening and even for yourself, it's just like, how can you become more aware of how it's acting out and what it's trying to do? And then that way when it does come out, you can just recognize it and be like, ego, like, we're not doing this today, you know, but it's part of being human at the end of the day.

Junaid Ahmed 29:27
Wow. Man, yeah. That's, that's really eye opening because thinking about it in that term, you know, and those terminologies is really, really interesting because Sure, we talk to ourselves, but we are talking we're talking to ourselves as a person and not really realizing that. That there's a response because there is a response that sometimes we pay attention to, but other times We're not really paying attention to the response.

Kelsey Anne 30:02
Yeah, yeah, there's this thing that I heard recently or few months ago that said, you need to talk to yourself more than you listen to yourself. And I think that that's so powerful because most people listen to the thoughts in their head. So a thought comes in and says, and we, you know, we don't even need to label or identify where the thought comes from, is it from ourselves from our ego, but a thought comes in and says, Oh, you shouldn't bother doing that you're not good enough, whatever. And most people listen to it. And it's so it's like, if we can learn to talk to ourselves more than we listened to myself. So I have my clients talk to their emotions, like if they're triggered by traffic, I have them talk to their emotion like okay, what is this? Why is this showing up? What is it trying to teach me? If ego is showing up? Okay, what am I supposed to learn if I'm, it's like just constantly talking to yourself, and when you have those thoughts that are like, hey, you're no good at this or whatever. It's like just

those I really just like ignore, like,

I don't even really pay attention to them anymore. Um, but it's constantly just on the daily being like, wow, like, I'm so amazing. I'm so capable. I'm a great entrepreneur, like, you know, my podcast is amazing and whatever, just all these things. And I think that when people can learn to do that, their ego takes a backseat, their self talk, their negative self talk takes a backseat, and then that's when they can really see these really cool positive changes in their life.

Junaid Ahmed 31:23
Yeah, yeah. No, that's really, really good. And it and I think one of the things that you could do to talk to yourself is writing, right? Because when you write stuff down, you're you're writing from your mind. Yeah. And that that really opens you up into putting down on paper, what's on your mind and be more clear, because a lot of the times I think what happens is, when we don't write we just keep everything in our heads. We are getting overflowed. I think there was there was a movie and they're like, you know, you can't learn anything with a full cup. Because if your cup is full, you can't put anything in it. It's going to overflow it's gonna you know go out go out a year ago over your head, you know, that's literally where the term comes from going over your head because you have no room. You have no openness to accept what else would you can actually learn?

Kelsey Anne 32:27
Yeah, yeah, journaling is so powerful like I think that more people need to do that just right and there's so many you know, everyone I find a lot of people they get really hung up on like, Well, what do I journal and what do I do? It's like well, just honestly, like you said, just write like, sometimes just write out what's going on in your head or just my favorite journal pump. I can't remember who I got this from. I think it was from Oh, what is her name? She's champion something anyways, she drinks like all of her protein shakes and champagne glasses. She's super cool. Her favorite journal prompt is, what do you need me to know? And basically, you know, again, whatever you believe in, you can just be writing that maybe it's your higher self, maybe its source universe, whatever it is, but just what do you need me to know? And then you just write. And I recently heard something the other day that I wanted, like, I'm going to start implementing as you write with your non dominant hand,

Junaid Ahmed 33:24
because interesting.

Kelsey Anne 33:26
Yeah, you're like subconscious mind will come out more easily on a non dominant parent. And so that's something that people could try to start really trying to get answers for things. Because it's just, you know, I really believe that we have all the answers within ourselves. You really don't need to look to anyone else to figure out anything like everything is within you. And like I, yeah, like my job as a coach is really just to help navigate inside your own mind and help you get your own answers. But you just got to tap in and listen. So journaling is a great way to do that.

Junaid Ahmed 33:59
Nice Hello. like it, I like it. Yeah, that's something. So I used to blog a lot back in the back in the days. And now I've got a reminder set to blog every morning sound dirty, but I'm not even out of bed or I am you know, getting kids ready at that time. So either need to get up much earlier or set up set a reminder to blog at a time when I'm already at a computer, or when I'm already sitting down and trying to figure out what I need to work on. And a lot of it when you know when you have questions like, you know, what do I talk about? What do I you know, blog about or what do I journal about? Well, there's, there's a few things. I think that they're really helpful. There's sites like Cora and you, you have to look into what you're really passionate about and you once you look into that specific thing, You can write a ton of about it, but only for so many days without any external help. But then you go to sites like Cora and YouTube, and you search terminology of what people are talking about in that specific area. You'll see how people have so many questions and how you can answer that question in your own way.

Kelsey Anne 35:23
Now, that's a really great idea for content creation. Yeah. Yeah, that makes so much sense. Yeah, guys, go to YouTube comments, look at all the questions and start creating content around that. That's, that's so good. I'm gonna go do that.

Junaid Ahmed 35:36
Yes. So, yeah, you know, it's just really, really awesome talking with you. You know, I learned a lot and you know, whenever I'm talking to a guest, like yourself and other guests, you know, it's validating to myself that what I'm doing is Probably on the right path, but I can make some changes to get even better. And, you know, it's it's a human conversation, this is human connection that helps us unable to to, and get better at what we're already good at or what? Or if there's something new that we want to explore how we can do that, too.

Kelsey Anne 36:21
Yeah, yeah. And that's so beautiful. And thank you so much for having me. And I definitely think that these these conversations is human connection is everything. And, you know, it's understanding that everything is in like, I truly believe like everything is in divine timing. And there's, you know, there's a reason for everything. And there's probably someone on here who's going to have like a meet a realization or something will have been said that will get them started on something. And that's, that's literally why you're here and why you're doing this. And that's just so great.

Junaid Ahmed 36:52
Exactly. Well, I do have a few questions that I asked my guests towards the end of the podcast episode or the interview. Okay, perfect. All right, what is one hobby that you wish you got into?

Kelsey Anne 37:06
Yeah, um, that's such a good question. So

I feel like I'm someone who's done a lot like I, you know, I've done a lot of different hobbies like I used to draw I used to shoot like rifles. That's like, canoed hiked, I've done all these different things. I've played guitar. I think that one of the things that I've been wanting to get into, you know what I did yoga, weightlifting, all those things, has been dance. And so I just started taking like dance lessons, which was really fun. And then I do I do want to be like, I do like shooting like, I don't know what you would call that. What's the proper term, but I would like to go and keep like doing that. Like I used to have a marksmanship like level one. I'd like to keep doing that. Nice. Yeah, I just want to,

Junaid Ahmed 37:54
I want to arrange.

Kelsey Anne 37:55
Yeah, yes, exactly. It's so fun. So I want to keep doing that. I want to keep dancing. And I want to keep

getting stronger and my lifts and I want to get deeper into my yoga practice as well. And just keep developing that.

Junaid Ahmed 38:09
Nice. Nice. I love it. All right, next question. What is your favorite movie or TV show?

Kelsey Anne 38:18
I'm so the first one that comes up is I love like, I love the walking dead. I love the walking dead. Yeah.

I'm like a zombie zombie apocalypse, all that stuff I love and I love Ozark so I actually don't watch in my calendar. I have one night a week that I allow myself to watch one hour of Netflix and it never happens. Like it happens. Maybe like once or twice a month. I might do something else. Like I'd rather connect with people but I don't really watch TV. I do. I read. I'm reading every day and I listened to audio books. Yeah, when I do watch TV. It's stuff like always arc you know, so it's maybe, I guess a little bit. I don't know. Yeah, those are the things Walking Dead Game of Thrones, stuff like that if I do watch it.

Junaid Ahmed 39:10
Cool. Alright, so if you were to choose a movie, what movie would it be? If you got to play a character in this movie or a TV show?

Kelsey Anne 39:26
Yeah, that's a good question. Um

I feel like I would be the Black Widow in Avengers. Nice. No, definitely be something. Because otherwise I'm thinking of all these masculine characters of movies that I love or shows that I love. Yeah. And it's like so like, if you guys want to, you know, people listening if you guys want to look at my Instagram, you'd be like, what like she loves the Punisher like it doesn't make any sense. Like one of my favorite shows on Netflix and like one of my favorite superheroes, but yeah.

Junaid Ahmed 40:05
That was really cool. Cool. So would he be your super favorite superhero as well? Or do you? Yeah.

Kelsey Anne 40:16
I would say the Punisher or like Wolverine. It's one of those two.

Junaid Ahmed 40:19
Awesome. Yeah, yeah. Last question. If you were a board game, what would it be? Like?

Kelsey Anne 40:28
monopoly came up right away.

Junaid Ahmed 40:31
so popular.

Kelsey Anne 40:33
Yeah, I think it's just also I've been reading like, I just finished Rich Dad, Poor Dad. And you know how he has his game cash flow.

Junaid Ahmed 40:40
Oh, yes.

Kelsey Anne 40:42
And so because, yeah, I've been thinking about monopoly a lot lately. I think I'd be monopoly. You know, I just be that generic, or I don't

know, we'd have to come up with my own board game because

Junaid Ahmed 40:52
I did you know, there's 3000 new board games created every month.

Kelsey Anne 40:56
Oh, my goodness. Yeah.

Junaid Ahmed 40:58
They're just like books you know, do There's more books created every every month, but board games in that they have their own. Because there's board games of all types and stores you could play. I'm sure there's a walking dead version of a board game as well.

Kelsey Anne 41:14
Oh, that'd be so cool. Yeah, I had no idea. I think that I would definitely choose something that based on who I am, I would choose the one that no one else buys like the least mainstream game. That's what I would go for it. That's what I would be.

Junaid Ahmed 41:27
Yeah. Awesome. Cool. And where can my audience find you?

Kelsey Anne 41:32
Yeah. So um, you know, thank you so much for listening. And you guys can find me on Instagram. That's where I mostly hang out. It's I you know, I know you'll probably post these links. And Kelsey, and I'm also on Twitter. I recently just started a YouTube channel. And thank you and I'm on Facebook and Facebook. I post a lot of questions every day. And it's very entertaining for anyone who's follows me on Facebook because questions will get like hundreds of answers. You'll be like weights and some of the questions and just like all these things, I can't even keep track of it. So it's, it's entertaining if you're looking for that and very, I asked a lot of questions that really push people out of their norm and get them thinking. So that's a really great place to find me as well.

Junaid Ahmed 42:21
Fantastic. Thank you so much, Kelsey. And this was really awesome talking with you. Have an awesome day.

Kelsey Anne 42:28
Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. Bye.

Junaid Ahmed 42:35
Thank you for listening to hacks and hobbies. You can find additional information on the guest today on their website, hacks and hobbies. com. Please feel free to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss out on upcoming interviews with amazing guests.

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