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In this episode,  I get to speak with Engel Jones. He was born and raised in the Twin island of Trinidad and Tobago, and he loves great conversation. He’s an entrepreneur, life coach, and the podcast host of the 12 minute convo. His passion is to help you find YOURS. Your Own Unique, Real Self. I discovered Engel Jones when he invited me to be a guest on his podcast. 

In 2016. He started with creating 1001 conversations, guests to be had on his podcast.

In 2019 He was looking for 900 new guests, I had the opportunity to be on the podcast. And hence, we connected through the network got to be on his podcast. And it’s been a long time coming. Since then he’s had a new baby. And he’s been busy with that. And I was like, Hey, now that enough time has passed, do you have some time to come and be a guest on my podcast, and I am happy to announce that Engel Jones is here on the podcast.

Our Guest

Engel Jones

Hacks to take away

  • How to find your own unique self
  • Why it’s important for individuals to understand who they are and what they’re doing before they set out to go into on a deep level.
  • How powerful focus is
  • The core of producing something that’s of value to mammals.
  • Every person takes a different amount of time to finish those courses to become that person who they want to be.
  • If you want to grow a business, you have to understand all the innards, to be able to understand what you’re going to create and how passionate you are.
  • Hacking isn’t something that’s going to it’s it’s contained within a subset, and it brings benefit.

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Junaid Ahmed 0:12
Thank you for tuning in to hacks and hobbies with your host Junaid were visited by our amazing guests coming from all walks of life to learn their story, their struggles and their journey on how they got to where they are today. So stick around
In this episode, I get to speak with Engel Jones. He was born and raised in the Twin island of Trinidad and Tobago, and he loves great conversation. He’s an entrepreneur, life coach, and the podcast host of the 12 minute condo His passion is to help you find yours. Your own unique, real self. I discovered Angel Jones when he invited me to be a guest on his podcast. For 2018. He was looking 1001 conversations, guests to be had on his podcast. And that was like, I would love to be your guest. And hence, we connected through that network got to be on his podcast. And it’s been a long time coming. Since then he’s had a new baby. And he’s been busy with that. And I was like, Hey, now that enough time has passed, do you have some time to come and be a guest on my podcast, and I am happy to announce that Engel Jones is here on the podcast. So let’s begin the episode.
Engel. Thank you so much for coming out to the podcast, man. How are you doing?
Engel Jones 2:06
I’m Excellent. Excellent. It’s gonna be choppy and thanks for having me. It’s great to have a conversation with you again.
Junaid Ahmed 2:12
Absolutely, man. You know when I when you asked me to come onto your podcast, 12 minute conversations and I saw the story I was like, totally blown away the the work and amount of passion, you have to be able to do that. It’s just just mind blowing. It’s amazing.
Engel Jones 2:31
Yeah, I think that’s why it’s important for individuals to understand who they are and what they’re doing before they set out to go into on a deep level, because I wouldn’t suggest anyone do that. Right. But it’s what I love doing.
Junaid Ahmed 2:47
Engel Jones 2:47
so it’s a lot easier. But
yeah, don’t go do that just because I did it right.
Junaid Ahmed 2:54
Yeah, you got it. You got to totally be invested in to doing something like that. And it’s really powerful.
Engel Jones 3:04
Yeah, appreciate it today I was eating pots, you guys before I got on here and I realized I just realized how powerful focus is in terms of the port you go is all invested takes the entire year, right to get into season to be a one thing one fruit which is remarkable in itself, right that the soil is what it is, but the tree is able, like this machinery is able to pull out of the soil what’s necessary to produce this juicy fruit? Yeah, it’s all into it’s all invested. Right? It’s all invested in producing that fruit. And then I realized it’s not even just about producing the fruit like that’s not even just the core of it. The core of it is producing something that’s of value to mammals.
Junaid Ahmed 3:56
Engel Jones 3:57
And I believe that’s how our story evolves like As humans were, we’re here, you find that thing that, that you’re here to accomplish? And you you you put your all into it right? You put the year. Yes. into it to bring your fruit. Right. Exactly. Others.
Junaid Ahmed 4:17
Yeah. And everybody takes a different amount of time to produce that fruit. For example, when you when you mentioning the protocol is the protocol, yeah Portugal’s, right. So similarly, the Chinese bamboo doesn’t even sprout for five years, because building that roof system. And after that five years, and you have to continuously on time be watering this plant, right. And if you don’t do that, it’s not going to survive. So after the five years, that bamboo shoots up exponentially. it is bamboo is also known as one of the most renewable sources of wood. That’s why you will see a lot of wood products made out of bamboo because you can it can, it can grow really fast you can cut it off in the middle and it’ll keep growing. It’s amazing.
Engel Jones 5:22
Yeah, I immediately think as well as stuff like deets as well, right? Like the likes, like trees that takes years sometimes right? Before they produce fruit, which which even speaks to the next generation. And then there’s another layer as well. Like this thing is producing fruit. And it’s producing seed as well so that more fruit can be there. So there’s the legacy block as well. And I believe that really, again, that happened this morning while eating the Portugal and just thinking and preparing mentally for this conversation with you. Yeah, wow. It’s it is powerful. Of course the tree looks through this this this three stands dam getting excited. So the three stands there. And it looks barren. Doesn’t it right now? Yeah. Like, the entire season is passing. And, and it looks like What’s your purpose? Right? Like, are you just going to stand here? And I think I’ve felt that in my life where there are times when being consistent but looking from outside in Yeah, feels as though others are saying what are you doing like what do you intend to accomplish right what’s what’s the poop are so bad? Yeah.
So important for those that are listening to understand that.
Junaid Ahmed 6:43
What is the purpose?
Engel Jones 6:45
What is the purpose?
Junaid Ahmed 6:47
And that and you know, all this conversation about growth and how each thing takes different amount of time to get to the fruition, that fruition period period. You know, you’ve sowed the seed You work to season. And now you know your your fruit is, you know its bearing. And the same thing applies to us as human beings. as we evolve everybody every type of work that people are like, for example, people are going to school for different things. They’re going to school to become an engineer because they’re going to school to become a doctor. Every person takes a different amount of time to finish those courses to become that person who they want to be. And I think the same thing goes for business. If you want to grow a business, you have to understand all the innards, to be able to understand what you’re going to create and how passionate you are. And it’s really amazing because then it puts everything in perspective and then you’re not rushing anymore. Like Gary Vaynerchuk says, you know, don’t rush into everything. Because what’s the macro picture of it all? What is your main big purpose? What are you going to do in the next 20 years? Don’t think about what you’re going to do this year? How is how is something that you’re doing this year, you’re gonna affect that 20 year period. So think it’s all a circle between the plants and fruits and the human mind and what you do with your life. I agree.
Engel Jones 8:24
And then it comes down to the hacks. So that’s when you can get into that hacking, right? Because actually, because the hacking isn’t something that’s going to it’s it’s contained within a subset, and it brings benefit. So yes, going too quickly, then doesn’t apply because you’re you’re, you’re contained by the 20 year vision of what you’re doing here. So within my podcast, going, the speed I went to there, there are the benefits, man, it is a hack. That I’ve that I’ve done. I like to call it a cheat. Yeah, I love the word cheat a cheat code. Yeah. And here it is. Now, the principles remain the same, nevertheless. Because the things that I didn’t approach the things that I didn’t do, I’m going to have to do them. But it’s not going to be a painful thing to do, because only more value will come from it. And I’ll give a quick example. We’re not doing show notes and our conversations. Yeah, it’ll take too long to produce to get in there. But now that I’m inviting guests back onto the podcast, you have to go listen to the episodes instead of having a something that I could read. Right, exactly. Yeah, to familiarize me with the please nice book with but that in itself, is creating even more value because I’m willing to listen even more and build a relationship. Now. That was the good goal. Building relationships through meaningful conversations. Yeah. So it’s it’s a hack, and it’s painful. It takes time. But it never leaves the equation. It has to balance off, I realize right? Yeah, probably didn’t do it on the left side, but it comes on the right side. Yeah, yeah, you have to do it at some point, but because it’s envy Lord, in my poopers, and what I desire to do, it’s not as painful as it could be
Junaid Ahmed 10:27
going through that. Hmm, absolutely. And what’s really cool is that as you go through one episode to episode 10, Episode 50 episodes, you also get that cycle motion, your cadence is much better, you understand the system much better, and you iterate as well. Right? You change and you refine those processes. And that’s what’s beautiful about being consistent is that once you have that motion, once you have that habit, it becomes easier and easier the next time around.
Engel Jones 11:00
Across life as well, right? Yes, because it boils over right into other parts of your life we we’ve built our lives surrounding it things. Seven specifically mental spiritual career physical, please now financial family by focusing on those. Yeah, podcast has helped tremendously with that. Yes. Again, it’s creating the poopers first and then getting into the thing. Again, I like the hack concept, you’re getting into the hack, but one thing is supporting the next it’s boiling over. Alright, so how can I increase in mental capacity? How can I increase spiritually? can I increase for my career, physically, and you’re hearing conversations for each topic, and then you grow and that’s the that’s the power of conversation showing up for conversation.
Junaid Ahmed 12:02
So Angel, tell us a little version of your journey and how did you come to get to this point? Like, what even inspired you to do this podcast in the fashion that you did? Because a lot of people like alright, I’m just gonna do one podcast a month. And do you know slowly? So what inspired you to say go on this journey? Because I because I read your journey. You know, you one year, you just drove all over the place next year, or the first year that you interviewed, you said, I’m going to interview this many people the next year, you won’t met them in the more interviews so.
Engel Jones 12:41
So 2016 1001 conversations, then 2017 is 18. And then 2018. Hey, so my wife, let’s go meet these people. Yeah, she actually asked a question and I said it which is, how are you going to do that which meant which meant there was hope right? She’s Islander, and 2018. We did 48 states and canada twice. He stands out on the western side to meet past podcast guests interviewed 349 people along the way. What inspired me to do this?
Unknown Speaker 13:20
I believe
Engel Jones 13:22
so there’s so many so many parts of that story. In terms of the inspiration, it was definitely baby steps hoax as big as it sounds. It was baby steps, right? Yeah. In 2016 I couldn’t see myself driving across to meet people I hadn’t podcasted with so baby steps. What’s really cool, too, we did that. Without that. There is no there’s no credit in there. There’s no credit card in there. Right. Like we came back and we didn’t feel Oh, the width of that trip right exists for years, which is really cool. Just realize that how powerful that was recently, but um,
Unknown Speaker 14:01
inspiration came from. I believe I can do it for networking. I’m realizing there’s
Engel Jones 14:13
so the so the podcast is sun and fun, right? We’re focusing on sun and fun and those acronym stands for sharing unique narratives and fostering unlimited networks. Now, for those that are listening, all of these things sound really pretty right now, but they weren’t. They were raw and ugly looking and and what am I doing here? So, I think the inspiration is understanding why. And the concept of development of trying something, not trying doing something and then selling it. I believe that is what I would say is the inspiration for all of this. I’m really the test subject here for questions like am I strong enough or is my storage long enough to build an international brand a global brand. Like really? Is it strong enough? I’ve really, or is it possible to do this from the Caribbean? What is quote unquote, a third world country?
Junaid Ahmed 15:15
Engel Jones 15:18
Is it possible to do this as a person who has three children and a wife, right?
Like, is it possible? Yeah. Is it? Is it really possible if
Junaid Ahmed 15:31
if I
Engel Jones 15:34
consistently pursue a vision, that it will come to fruition and that it will come through? that I believe is truly the inspiration because, you know, in preparing for your podcast, one of the questions you you come through it is I mean, tell us a vision. That’s not the same that you’ve told everyone. Yeah. And I believe that’s my vision when I when I looked deeper entered. That’s what I’ve been doing. I love to sell, I love to sell. And previously I was selling stuff. I didn’t sideline businesses, but 2012 marked the time where I drew the line and said, I’m going to intentionally invest in myself.
Unknown Speaker 16:23
And we did that my wife and I, over the last eight years, right? Yeah. And
Engel Jones 16:30
I would say that’s the inspiration to wrap that question.
Junaid Ahmed 16:35
I love it. I love it. It’s awesome. It’s really inspirational, because you put your mind to it said Hey, is this even possible? Of course it’s possible because because you’ve thought of it already. Sorry, send out in the world. You know the quantum waves of traveling and it’s made everything possible and then you take the steps You take the actions to make that result come true. It’s really powerful.
Engel Jones 17:11
Scary, though, along the path, folks that Oh, it’s here.
It’s so scary. I think. I think that’s why people go for template versions of how to whatever. How my
Junaid Ahmed 17:28
god, it’s so easy. It’s so easy, right? Because, I mean, the one example I keep thinking is I built this huge place that in my backyard, you know, last week last year, and in total, it probably took me 2420 hours, maybe. I didn’t have to do a lot of research because they gave me a booklet. So that said, Okay, here’s all the screws. Here’s all the nuts and bolts. Here’s the deal. different steps, here’s a pieces, they’re all everything is marked. All you got to do is take the time, take that 20 hours, put those pieces together to put the thing up. And that’s what everybody’s selling to. People are selling these templates, there’s so many templates and versions of templates. All you’ve got to do is put in that time to put that thing together.
Engel Jones 18:30
And that’s a good thing. Like I think that’s entrepreneurship, right? I suddenly I realize, Hey, I love building these things. And this is the process.
Junaid Ahmed 18:39
But the thing about time
Unknown Speaker 18:42
is that we we never
Unknown Speaker 18:44
get it back. We never get it back. It’s one of the most
Engel Jones 18:50
like, like tight like my wife is right? We’re raging right now we’re writing the book right now and my wife wrote that time seems to be the individual who is sitting in the hammock with his leg. Cross has a meal, right? With his legs cross and swinging like it’s growing. I don’t
Junaid Ahmed 19:07
know, again,
Engel Jones 19:08
whether or not you want to jump on board like we’re going. Yep. And I think that that thing, I’ve come in alignment with tremendously the understanding of time because we don’t get that back. So yeah, that helps you like that helps you to do 20 hours, your focus your focus. Yeah. Or if your focus is family, right. So it’s a bigger focus, and you don’t want to do the next three months building that thing, right? Yeah,
Junaid Ahmed 19:34
exactly. But
Engel Jones 19:36
it’s so important folks to understand. What is your purpose and then go into that. So templates, templates are great, but are you doing what you’re supposed to be doing with the time because maybe learning opportunities that you’re giving up, just take someone’s
Junaid Ahmed 19:54
vision? It just maybe Yeah, absolutely. You Right. And templates are great. And what I get out of that is that when you see a template, it should open up a door in your mind on how to do or how to set a template up, set your own process up. What is your own process? So those are examples, and that’s why we read books. Right, that are written by other people other successful people autobiographies, or how did Kevin Hart do it? or How did Steve Jobs do this? You know, what’s his life’s journey? So they aren’t the templates, but they give you a path you know, what’s, what different passages what, what is the one thing that resonates between all of these things? What are the two things the one thing is hard work, you got to you got to work at it. There’s no way around. Working hard. putting in the time agree. Number two is being persistent being consistent. And number three, that’s the thing about, you know, Starwood points, you never know how many points you’re gonna come up with. Number three is time being in close proximity to or being at the right time in the right right place or being in proximity with people who are going to who’s going to see you doing something and put you in the spot where you are destined to be. That’s the solid grand plan was good. And sometimes you got to put yourself in those shoes, or put yourself in those places. I mean, if you hadn’t taken the taking the chance, or taking the journey to go out meet so many people, you wouldn’t have, you know, it wouldn’t have happened.
Engel Jones 22:00
It’s powerful. It is a powerful experience. And it’s a bit slow. I would say, yeah, it takes a bit longer so I can understand. And I fully respect the person that, again, someone could be on the other side of the spectrum, right? Probably 10 years and their mind, they’re thinking I only have 10 years to get this done, right. Yeah. Or one year, I have one year or three months, and they use the system. So yeah, yeah, most definitely. I can understand that. But I really believe for the individuals coming in to this, especially the person who was side hustling, has it the job a primary job, and they’re looking to get into this. I believe it’s such a beautiful place to be when you have a side job. Rest of the sacrifice, right? Yeah, it is a sacrifice. Yes, it’s financed, right? You’re the job could finance so many things. Exactly. lunia. So you learn yourself you learn yourself you learn your your systems. of life, and you just keep learning and then you start transitioning slowly,
Junaid Ahmed 23:05
Engel Jones 23:06
then everything that’s happening at the day job helps what’s happening on the sideline? everything that’s happening in your everything now works as This. This. This, this nature stick. What’s the word? What’s the word? It’s in a big me yet, but it’s habitat. It’s a natural habitat for ecosystem. Yeah, created an ecosystem. ecosystem. I got chills there. My mother and wife like we were having a conversation yesterday and do the My mother said, What’s the word is it ecosystem ecosystem? And I said, Well, if it’s in Australia, it could be ecosystem.
I’ve got children you said ecosystem. Yeah, beauty for a synchronicity. It’s beautiful.
Junaid Ahmed 23:56
And, but it’s just so powerful because We all humans had the same I mean, we same have the same hardware, we all have the same hardware. It’s the software and how we modify the software growing up, you know, absorbing knowledge from people from our peers. And one example about, you know, being in the right place at the right time, goes back to, hey, how did Bill Gates get the job to do the operating system for IBM? Well, there’s two parts to the story. One part is, well, he had access to a computer 24 hours or access to a computer that nobody else in the world had access to. Sure there was people that were working, but they only had eight hours and they had to do their job. But he had access to learn the language to be able to code and it he spent that 10,000 hours on it, but then was amazing around that is that his parents were connected with IBM So that’s how he got the job. So there’s two things playing proximity to click, you know, closest Oh, connectivity Who do you know? Or who knows you, and having that knowledge to be able to create that thing.
Engel Jones 25:19
It’s powerful. It feels again, if you’re if you’re into the picture, the Portugal seed is in the fruit, right? Again, this the seed in the fruit is what’s giving it its power in terms of Bill Gates and his parents, right? parents being the boy to go through, and him being the seed there, there’s just this wealth of opportunity that he now is able to connect with right, which is where that tree is as the parent right? And it’s beautiful that you connect to that because, again, I can go and push that back into the conversations. We still come back to the root of all of this is conversations. Bill Gates is having conversations with the thing that’s going to be the next thing, right, which is operating system. He’s learning the language to be able to communicate through this and to make other people as well understand how to communicate through this, and how to simplify the language. Again, the whole two comes in, right? let me create a template that helps millions and millions of people to understand how to speak to an operating system, how to create a graphic user interface. And these things are, again, it’s it was quarter who bill is, and that’s great. You can take the principles just like you said, Absolutely. All built on the same mechanics.
Junaid Ahmed 26:44
Yes. And that’s what’s so powerful about these conversations and pulled me into this podcasting universe at first is all about, okay, I want to tell my story, what am I doing, but then I was like, okay, I’ve done enough of telling my own story. Let me learn from others let me create this connection and I think that’s been that’s been so powerful and so everlasting it’s it’s just like my mind is running a million miles an hour because I have these connections and I can feel it synchronicity between you and I. And it’s just so powerful. I love it. What’s beautiful is this is only voice video.
Engel Jones 27:38
glitches we’re connecting on two spectrums right now. The vocals and the auditory like the hearing.
Junaid Ahmed 27:47
Yeah, two spectrums
Engel Jones 27:48
are in play here. They’re so powerful. Yes. Listen,
Junaid Ahmed 27:54
to speak. Listen. You know Somebody I saw this article the other day, and I had posted that scientists finally realized or discovered that the soul, like when a person dies, the soul goes back to the universe. Hmm. And I was like, Well, obviously, the human brain is just the hardware. The software comes from your, from the soul. The entire body, it’s all mechanics. The software of the body is a soul which is interconnected. Throughout the world throughout the universe. In fact, through quantum mechanics, like you and I are connected on a totally different level that is not physical. Hmm. Right. Even when, like, for example, when you were preparing for this conversation, you probably probably started remembering and getting this the sense of what I’m feeling and what you’re feeling. So we are connected. on a different level on a quantum level, and they’ve been they’ve been studying quantum physics and quantum mechanics and quantum computing in the it’s pretty fascinating. Yeah, I love that.
Engel Jones 29:13
Yeah. Today I wrote in my journal I started off writing. So I say thank you three times I say Thank You, Lord for whatever, whatever, right three times I’ve been doing this for years and years and years, right. Yeah. And then I said, I said, The Thank You, Lord for dear life. There’s one day I will not see another through the lens of this body. Yeah. As the level of synchronicity, right, the level of you want to call it a quantum right. Yeah, that’s occurring because it’s, and I’ve seen that I’ve seen that on the podcast, know when they attacked, there were times when I would speak to the city people and one day Yeah, and no one else would hear the conversations I had on that piece except me. There were themes that were built every day from people’s that I spoke to from different parts of the world. And now I just simply smile at it all right when it took us not all wild out again, but I think this is a generation that seeks after signs and the signs are there and yes, meet the signs. Seeing that you are good enough. Yes version of yourself right now, for this time is good enough. And that starting point is is the soil that enriched that is ready for your roots to grow so that you can be all that you need to be you are good enough.
Junaid Ahmed 30:58
Exactly. Powerful. So tell me man, um, we talked about motivations. We talked about the journey, and what made you decide to take this journey. And it’s to build connections is to build to see if it’s even possible. And you discovered, yes, it is possible. So what are some of the motivations? On a daily basis that gets you? You mentioned that you wake up in the morning, you think three times? Thank God, three times about the different things that are presented to us?
Unknown Speaker 31:39
What is the overall
Junaid Ahmed 31:42
motivation? We probably touched on that subject. During the skincare
Engel Jones 31:46
good, though, I think I think you’re good. No, it’s Jean Jacques, the current, the current thing right now is all about generating revenue for the business. You know, we know that that connects and I do not lose focus on on the who I am, who my wife is my children. So it’s where all in I’ve transitioned. It’s almost a year since I’ve left my day job. And we’re all in because it’s different from this side of the playground. Wow, full time. Entrepreneurship is a different ballgame. It’s especially when you’ve been employed for I’ve been in there for almost 20 years. Right? Yeah. So yeah, it’s totally different. On this side. It’s, so I’m all into that. And again, I have not left the job to become an employee in my business, because then it’s the same so I’m all into what is required from startup to keep balanced and, and build my family. So yeah, it’s changed. You’re correct. You’re good. You’re on point.
Junaid Ahmed 33:01
Fantastic, I love it. Because, um, one thing that that I keep coming up about entrepreneurship is, you know, we just have 24 hours. But what we also have is the ability to create a team and what you just mentioned, you have a team, it’s you, yourself, it’s your wife, it’s your kids. So you are a team. So you’re able to use those 24 hours and multiplied by three or four. Easily working on the same
Unknown Speaker 33:37
Engel Jones 33:39
Yeah, well, that’s the business of family like the business of business, my team. So sigh and zo and Amanda and myself my exact team Ah, yeah, my children. Yeah, they’re definitely on another team and their goals are different therefore family and when I’m in that space, so a family Yeah. By but but I think I think even with the Bill Gates like, example, that’s what I’m hoping to accomplish my connections. I would love for my children to be connected with the values you share or even opportunities. I’m all I’m all in to my children and them having opportunities from my conversations now. Yeah, that’s the fruit when my wife first. Well, okay, let me start over myself because I think it’s so important to understand how important it is to look after yourself. And then my wife, and then my children, and then those that I’ve had podcast conversations with. Yes, that’s all my focus now and again, sharing unique narratives and the fun part fostering unlimited networks for whatever that person’s call is. It was it follows in my value system as well, right? That’s important, but yeah, I was in my I’m all in right now.
Junaid Ahmed 35:01
I love it. I absolutely love it. And I’ve, I’ve been working. And a lot of people say, you know, the reason rich people have so much time to be able to do so many things. Because they have 10 people working in their chain. So that 24 hours of that eight hours becomes times 1080 hours in one day. We can get a lot done in eight hours. But you got to have systems in place, right? You got to have those systems that can be replicated. And I think being able to create that value system for yourself for your team. is super important that you come from a place from a heart of giving from the heart of being compassionate.
Engel Jones 36:01
I agree tremendously, especially like our team is in the Philippines, right? And that I’ve realized. So I remember in my mastermind group, the guys saying, you should be called the VA whisperer. Because you’ve built all of these really great connections. We’re great. And I dislike the word virtual assistants. I think it puts in this type of it feels like a machine, right? Like, yeah, my VA will do that. Yeah, I like that. They’re part of my team. They’re probably on my family, because businesses that you build a team, it’s your family, you’re going to be in therapy, and they’re going to be in your opinion and supportive in that. So they’re there. My team is, it’s there. They’re amazing. But of course, there are cultural shifts right? from being in the Philippines to meet in Trinidad. And the thing that has connected us is the heart. The heart is the thing I speak with my heart most times.
Junaid Ahmed 37:05
Yeah. You know, like,
Engel Jones 37:08
that’s, again, you’re on point I believe it’s that’s what’s necessary and I came from corporate background so I know what it feels like Well yeah, it is cool like ice popsicle cold row. And and, and red tea right and how that works right? And because it has to be that way, right because of the systemization I think it doesn’t though, but that’s about it is so. Okay, that’s one thing I do not intend to replicate that type of our type of system. So yeah, again, I believe you’re very correct. It’s so important building relationships, taps into all parts of life. And that includes the business perspectives as well.
Junaid Ahmed 37:52
Exactly. Cool, man. Well, this was this has been a really awesome conversation, but I do have some questions that So my guest towards the end what is one hobby that you wish you got into?
Engel Jones 38:10
No. These things change Do you right? Oh yeah answer this question for me see what I put here
see where my mind space? Oh, carpentry Yeah, I wish I got into carpentry Oh man, I love carpentry. Well you’re dead building the playset right like yeah, that’s one thing. Yes One thing I wish I got into
Junaid Ahmed 38:34
Yeah. No man I wish I had some more time to spend on carpet carpentry as well but I I mean, I’ve done small projects here and there but people who are building cabinets people who are building like full on furniture on a watch these videos on YouTube and Instagram. And it’s just so fascinating to see block of wood convert into a table converted to a bowl or converted into you know, a beautiful centerpiece or whatever it is that you’re they’re looking to build this amazing
Engel Jones 39:10
how to get to the haha. Oh absolutely, yeah, but I it’s one of the things here. What I do know is that there’s a there’s a there’s a learning level of the basics as required that is never shown on these videos. I want to get that right. I did it once in secondary school for a couple years for the first three years of secondary school. And I didn’t I wasn’t entered I was into so many other things outside of the classroom right. But yeah, I would I would love I mean like the layouts and and using the chisels and doing that as well. Oh, yeah, it’s
Junaid Ahmed 39:49
nice. I love it. Next question. What did you want to be when you’re a child Scientists laboratory style
Engel Jones 40:05
liquids pouring into
Junaid Ahmed 40:08
a little bit flat. Yeah, yeah, no, no, that’s awesome. I love all the science and technology man. It’s it’s so fascinating. Next question, what is your favorite movie or TV show? Grab eater. Yeah. Oh my god. I love it. That’s an amazing movie. Alright, so the next question is right into uh, you know, what movie would you choose if you got to play a character in it?
Unknown Speaker 40:45
I know what movie I wouldn’t choose.
Junaid Ahmed 40:50
I think I think I’ll put it to kind of go back to
Engel Jones 40:54
gladiators life was so painful.
Junaid Ahmed 40:57
Yeah, no, it was painful.
Unknown Speaker 41:02
Yeah, let’s do Gladiator. Nice.
Junaid Ahmed 41:06
The next one is about who is your favorite superhero?
Unknown Speaker 41:11
I thought about this, you know,
Engel Jones 41:12
and I said, Ah, the first thing that comes to mind is the one thing you should put in there is say, I’ll say I think Jesus was a great superhero.
The one that I aligned with as well walked the earth.
Junaid Ahmed 41:30
You know, had
Engel Jones 41:32
had had a team that will meet efficient man that that had great conversations. It was all about the conversation. So yeah, he’s the he’s the conversation superhero. Yeah, that I would choose.
Junaid Ahmed 41:47
Nice. Oh, there’s a lot to talk about Jesus. But we can’t get into that right now.
Who? If you were a board game, but would it be? monopoly? Nice. I was never good at that game.
Engel Jones 42:12
I wasn’t as well.
Junaid Ahmed 42:14
That’s a win, but i think
Engel Jones 42:18
i think it’s a it’s the it’s the realest version of what we have monopoly.
Junaid Ahmed 42:23
Yeah, it is it is. Final question. Where can my audience find you?
Engel Jones 42:31
12 minute my conversations over you don’t want to spell that entire thing like just 12 men convoys comm 12 men one to m i n conference calm.
Junaid Ahmed 42:46
Perfect. Well, Angel this has been really an amazing conversations. We definitely need to have another one and talk about Jesus and quantum physics and whatnot. Holy smokes Yeah. It’s so connected right there with quantum and Jesus because of what happened. But for another time another time. Thank you so much, my friend. Have an amazing, an amazing Wednesday.
Engel Jones 43:22
Hey, I thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me You just immortalize my voice yet another time through a conversation with you. Thank you. I am
Junaid Ahmed 43:34
Awesome. Thank you.
Congratulations, you made it to the end of the episode. Thanks so much for listening to our guests on this episode. Please send me an email at Junaid at hacks and hobbies calm to tell me what you loved about our guest today. You could find links mentioned in this episode. The hacks and hobbies comm website
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