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In this episode, we speak with Jeff Rood, An independent film producer and director that specializes in team building and on set relationships. He strives to create an environment where every member (cast and crew) knows they are instrumental and essential to the success of the production. Collaboration and networking have quickly propelled this award-winning Producer to notoriety and respect in his film community. The “can do” attitude has created an equation for success in both the commercial and narrative film world. Let’s dig deep into getting to know more about his journey!

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Jeff Rood 0:00
The Coronavirus and all that stuff that you know people were talking about and many seems great, so

Junaid Ahmed 0:06
that's awesome. Positive as gn where john Krasinski from the office, he's been doing this TV show called sGn. Some good news. Oh, yeah, yeah, he just launched it like three weeks ago and just like millions of subscribers on on the Facebook on the YouTube channel, and they did a did it a Hamilton play for somebody over zoom. They sang a song for all these people join in zoom, and then they basically harmonize and sang it for this girl on zoom call.

Jeff Rood 0:44
That's fantastic. Yeah, I saw a couple of other things were like, in fact, my good my good friend, Mike Henderson.

Unknown Speaker 0:53
Put a

Jeff Rood 0:54
put an eye drop for you. Mike Henderson.

Junaid Ahmed 0:56
Yeah. Mike Henderson was a

Jeff Rood 0:58
he's a he's a A sound designer here in Denver and he works at plan nine studios. He's awesome. But he actually put together a high school choir did a huge zoom choir concert. And was I think it was like 5050 odd people or something like that inside this choir. And he mixed it all down and another guy break bread, bread Haig. Gosh, I hope I said that right Brad, if you're watching or listening I'm really sorry if I say they're wrong. He edited it edited the video and Mike did all the audio and it sounded really awesome. And I was like, wow, that's incredible. And I guess it went out and a lot of people have been listening to this choir and turned up splendidly. So

Junaid Ahmed 1:45
yeah, that's that's friggin amazing. I've been you know, just doing just keep him busy with work man. It's it's been pretty crazy with a put the kids at home and you My wife is also working from home. She's got meetings day night, and Same here. It's been a juggling fest. It's been juggling, it's been a juggle.

Jeff Rood 2:11
So what does your wife do now? I feel like we've had this conversation but yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 2:14
so my wife sees it sees she is a program manager for a company and so she's got you know, a few people under her and managing projects and she's started this new company recently. So there's a ton of good stuff happening you know, keeping them afloat because they are considered essential because they you know, they help they have utilities and and, and, like some hardware out there that detects moisture content and whatever, you know, in the weather and whatnot.

Jeff Rood 2:52
So she does she actually have to go to the office then.

Junaid Ahmed 2:54
She knows she's working from home.

Jeff Rood 2:57
Okay, so I guess a lot of workers can can do that. You Essential or not as long as they can stay at home?

Junaid Ahmed 3:03
Yeah, I mean her her peep her folks that have to be out in the field. They're essential so they have to go into the office to you know, build stuff and whatnot. But anyways, let's get this this show on the road man.

Unknown Speaker 3:19
Yeah, let's let's do that. Yeah.

Junaid Ahmed 3:24
Today I get to chat with my good friend. I didn't get it. Give me a heads up. Hey guys, I'm just gonna do a short intro. Not even interest just gonna be just gonna jump in. Hey guys, thanks for joining in today's episode my friend Jeff rude who I've known for some time now about six years now I think we've been connected through so many different things and it was all because of passion for video production and creating content, short films, documentary, whatever it is That's how we got connected. And we've been connected ever since. And I was like, Jeff, you're doing so much so much awesome stuff that I love to do. You know what, let's jump on a call and do an episode. And he's like, Well, right now we're shooting a movie. We're doing pre production. And what's amazing is that how long it takes for pre production than it takes for the actual production. It's amazing. So Jeff, thanks so much for jumping on the call. And yeah, and being on the podcast. Thanks for having me, Benjamin. So tell us a little bit about yourself. And you know, where, where do you hail from?

Jeff Rood 4:41
Well, I am a film producer, and I come from Denver, Colorado. I guess I should say, I live in Denver, Colorado, because I come from a lot of places like a lot of us, I guess. Yeah, you know, kind of traveled around a little bit, you know, started on the East Coast, made it to Minnesota and then finally ended up here. In Colorado when I love it, yeah.

Junaid Ahmed 5:04
Yeah, Colorado is the state that we both met. I think it was through a mutual connection. I had met him at the boulder Film Festival. And he met he reached out to me and he was like, Hey, you want to do some behind the scenes video? For this web series? We're shooting. I was like, hell yes. I was so excited. And that's how I met you. And I think we had some phone conversation and then we did the shoot. And though it was so cold, that one

Jeff Rood 5:36
it was frigid. Man. I you know, I remember you had your car there. Yeah. And sometimes we just, we'd sit in there because he had those heated seats in there. We would sit down in those. It was really nice to have that there because it was cold and I felt really bad for for our actor because we were shooting it like it wasn't that cold. Yes. And so he's out there and like a T shirt and stuff and it's it's like 30 degrees and it's okay. 30 degrees doesn't sound bad, but it was like 30 to 40 mile per hour winds. So it was frigid.

Junaid Ahmed 6:09
Yes. And it was actually also snowing like it had started flirting. And the actor we're talking about was his educators. He was actually a guest on the podcast as well. Oh, yeah. He's Yeah. So he's been doing some awesome things out in LA. I'm not sure if he you know how he's doing how checked up on him, but it was it was a cool conversation. He's a really down to earth guy. I mean, he's, he's just got such a huge heart.

Jeff Rood 6:37
Yeah, I love Andrew. I

I haven't talked to him too recently. But yeah, I recently heard he's been doing some some cool stuff out there in LA. So

Junaid Ahmed 6:46

So Jeff, what inspired you to go into Film Producing?

Unknown Speaker 6:54
Okay, well, um,

Jeff Rood 6:56
wow, there's this is kind of like a mini mini piece. His story.

Junaid Ahmed 7:01
Yeah, um,

Jeff Rood 7:01
so I think I was grew up creative, just like a lot of us who are in any sort of creative field, whether it be art or music or filmmaking or anything, is it kind of starts, you know, at a young age and you're interested in making things and creating music and whatever else. Yeah. And for me, I really loved music growing up. And I was very involved in it and, and I would join into like, the musicals and stuff at school and I really loved acting and doing the plays and stuff there. And,

Unknown Speaker 7:40
you know, I think, I think at some point,

Jeff Rood 7:44
I realized how difficult it is to make it in the music career. So I chose almost as difficult career in filmmaking. I think I think it started with a maybe acting at first and I was like, Okay, this is fun, but

Unknown Speaker 8:01
I kind of like

Jeff Rood 8:02
creating the story I kind of like making the whole thing and so I started making really, and I hope they never leak out. I made some really terrible, really terrible I two or iMovie films back in the early 2000s when iTunes was just rolling out. Yeah, and I and if by the way, if you're looking to do filmmaking and you're like, I don't know the first thing about making films. Well guess what we all y'all start there. Yeah. And and it was terrible. Junaid it was like the most terrible stuff ever made. Right? I think one of my first videos that I made was called breaking in the glove break in okay.

It was it was literally a I I bought this brand new baseball glove. And me and a buddy of mine. We just went around doing ridiculous things to This glove to quote unquote break it in, you know, because you're supposed to break in the glove for playing baseball. So

Unknown Speaker 9:07
it was it was terrible.

Junaid Ahmed 9:10

Jeff Rood 9:11
hope it never sees the light of day but chances are it'll probably come out you know? We'll We'll see. But

Junaid Ahmed 9:20
but you might have to go dig it out, man.

Jeff Rood 9:25
Somebody has it somebody has had it. Yeah, somebody has it somewhere and it's gonna come up you know, maybe somebody will interview me and will appear. Well,

Junaid Ahmed 9:34
we'll see what's funny that we made some funny videos back in the 90s where I can't remember we just had a camera. It was like an eight millimeter camera and then my my brother he wanted to do like a dance off right? Like a dance video. That's like insane, right? Again, kind of do those choreographed moves. So we We did a video on butterfly.


I think that's that's the name of the song. But anyways, so it was on the tape for the longest time and then one time One day I was like, you know, let's convert it over.

Unknown Speaker 10:15
Oh no,

Junaid Ahmed 10:16
and then share it. He's like, what does that take you down? Anyways? That didn't last too long but anyways, we had a lot of fun. You know growing up creating content but continue.

Jeff Rood 10:28
Yeah, so who won the dance off? That's more important to me.

Junaid Ahmed 10:31
I would think it was more. I think it was any It was like it wasn't a dance off per se it was just like, oh, we're just gonna do a dance video because we were so much into insync and Backstreet Boys. Like Alright, we're gonna do something.

Jeff Rood 10:47
So he won, then that's what you're trying to say. I just, I wasn't in the video. How was it in the video?

Junaid Ahmed 10:54
I was behind the camera always. All right, all right. Yep, yep.

Jeff Rood 10:58
Well, anyway, you know making those types of videos and and I had a lot of fun doing that. And

Junaid Ahmed 11:06
I think

Jeff Rood 11:07
when I came here to Denver I did some more acting class type stuff. And I also took some classes at school for filmmaking. And I still love the acting, I still like messing around with it. So there's that but I really enjoyed creating something for really talented individuals to be a part of. And here in Denver, it just felt like we had a lot of really talented individuals in it seemed a shame that we're kind of letting that talent leave and and go to different places where they felt like there was more of a market. So it was important to me that we created kind of a stage for us to be able to create things here in Denver market. Not to say that I won't do it elsewhere but but I really like the idea of of creating a spot for people retaliated here. And it's been kind of a ride, man. So I started out doing a lot of shorts. And by the way, I have a

Unknown Speaker 12:10
shameless plug.

Jeff Rood 12:11
I have a short that'll probably be dropping here soon. Oh, yeah, just penny. And it's a little comedy Betty and it's gonna be fun. And also, we just released our first or if my first feature that I was part I was a production manager on that one. It's called man camp. And that's available on every platform. So you have amazon prime or are you if you have iTunes or VUDU or whatever you use to stream your, your videos, it's available to rent or buy on all of those platforms. I'd really encourage you it's called man camp. And it's a film directed by Nate Baka.

Junaid Ahmed 12:55
Fantastic, well, we'll definitely be sure to play Plug in the link to the movie so you guys can go check it out. It's gonna be in the show notes. And thank you, Jeff. That was that was really cool. You know, short films, small films where you know, it's so much fun to create because you're unleashing all this talent, you're bringing all these people together. And when they say, you know, to make a film, it takes a village and it literally does. And we've all watched movies and TV shows. And after the show's done, there's thousands of names scrolling by and he's like, Oh, I know that guy. You know, you're looking for that guy's name, sir. It's It's crazy, man. It's crazy.

Jeff Rood 13:43
It does. It takes a lot of people and a lot of talented people to to make a film. So yeah, and I respect both sides of that because there's talented actors, and there's absolutely talented crew and It's important to have both of those things. So, but yeah, so that one's come out. Uh, and then we were about to shoot and you know this we were talking about this before we got in the podcast here. We were about to shoot another movie called lying together. And you can follow that one at WWW dot line together movie comm if you're interested in checking out what's going on with that, but we're about to shoot that in March. Our first date of production was supposed to be the 17th as you all know about that time is when we all went into quarantine. And we actually had made the judgment call about a week and a half before that kind of went down to to postpone production, and it is now postponed indefinitely. We don't know when we're going to be able to do it again. Yeah, that's kind of a bummer of this whole Coronavirus thing is, is we don't know we don't know a lot of things and but We're funded for that. It's just a matter of waiting for the right time for us to be able to film it where we can be safe and where we can be out of quarantine. And where the snow actually because the the film actually calls for snow. And well, even if we were released from quarantine right now that's not really an available thing right now. Yeah. Yeah, not yet. But But yeah, I'd be looking for that one. That's another exciting one. Nice.

Junaid Ahmed 15:28
That's awesome. So you talked about you know, a little bit of of your journey and how you got into creating content and creating films and being interested in acting. And what's funny is that other producers and directors that I've spoken to, you know, they all wanted to be actors. They all wanted to be on the big screens like hey, if they can do it, why can't I and then they, you know, they're able to be in some movies, be in some shows, and also be able to be on the production side because production side doesn't sound a lot sexy, but it is because you have so much control over what goes in who's, you know, who's who's running the show, because you bring in, you're bringing all the talent together, you bring all the crew together, all the equipment and the money, right? So whoever controls the money, you get to say, what goes in and work goes out. And when you said, you know, you, you're creating some really funny stuff using iMovie. Well, that's where Steven Spielberg started, right? He He loved scaring his siblings. And he's like, Oh, my God, this is so much fun. And then he created all these amazing movies. So it all starts from that innate, need to create content and create art essentially, right, using this medium. And we are in such prolific times right now. Like, I'm sure you've heard of the latest cannons mirrorless camera that was just announced the AR five

Jeff Rood 17:05
oh yeah, I heard some rumblings about it. You know, it's it's funny because once you kind of go into like the the Film Producing side of things, and you mess on the camera side, yeah, you start losing track of that stuff because things are always moving forward so fast when it comes to technology. There's always a new and better and greater device that's going to change everything. As soon as you buy that thing, there's already a new thing that replaces it that's coming out or is out. So Amen. But I so I've heard a little bit about it, but I I know about zero about it.

So I'm totally get it. It sounds awesome. Yeah. And

Junaid Ahmed 17:51
I mean, based based on what I've what I've heard from other youtubers talking about it and other analysts and tech enthusiasts, you know It's it's got a lot of power in it and what it's able to do capturing 8k footage. I mean, Holy smokes. That's just insane. But anyways, that's, you know, going off the topic. What no matter what camera you use, right, what's still going to stay around is a story that you tell from these videos.

Jeff Rood 18:25
It's absolutely right. I think I think a lot of people a lot of people rely heavily upon technology thinking that's what's going to make their film be absolutely amazing.

So two things actually.

Unknown Speaker 18:41
Audio actually

Jeff Rood 18:42
may be the most important thing when it comes to making a film. A lot of people don't realize that. But think about it, you go to a film, and the picture could be absolutely stunning and beautiful and well shot. But then it starts in and the audio is like muffled and weird. You're like this film's garbage, right? That's the first thing you think of this film is garbage. Audio is so important to making a film. And I think people don't give it enough credence like it's it's an a very important piece of making a film. And then the second thing is not the technology of the camera. Yeah, the technology of a camera can you know like, let's say you're shooting in 8k, then you can, you know, punch Oh, hello in text. Let me turn that off. sorry about that guys. is you can punch in on on spot and an AK frame. Which is pretty cool. So that makes your life easier maybe when you're editing and doing stuff like that. But really, it's it's about the eye. It's really about the lighting. It's really about how you you frame an actual picture. And that is something that a camera won't do for you. So it's really important to have the skills or know somebody has skills in my case, that's what I like to do is I like to hire somebody is smarter and better at me are better than me at making a film. So I will hire the best director of photography, I'll hire the best director, I'll hire the best sound engineer and so that that's kind of how I like to that's why I kind of fell into this Film Producing thing because it's like I get to, I get to make these dream teams, I get this, this team of people that I believe is excellent at what they do. Create or take a script from somebody I think is amazing. That wrote something amazing. and turned it into this real image. How cool is that? And you know, so you say, Hey, this is a really sexy thing I've never heard. I'm producing this being sexy, but that's, that's cool, but I get what you're saying. Yeah, it is. It is a really gratifying thing. To be able to first employ people who are very talented. And secondly make something very, very good because you have employed the best people for the spots. So and that's something that I pride myself in is finding people who are excellent at what they do and putting them in a position to succeed. So

Junaid Ahmed 21:17
nice, very well said, man. I mean, I've got some, you know, executive producer titles on some of this stuff. And I was like, Wait, how did that happen? And I remembered that I had backed some, you know, Kickstarter movies over the years. And I was like, Oh, that's cool. That's pretty cool that you know, have some producer rights. And then I talked with one of my guests, what's his name? Darn it. He started the same way. Right? He he got into acting, he did a few movies. And then he said, He's like, you know, I've raised over $25 million. dollars being a producer, when you're able to raise money for movies over the past 25 years, he said he's raised, raised $25 million for a few movies that he's done over the years. And he's like, it's very easy. But it's you, you got to pay attention to you know, a few things. And once you have those things down, then you can go command the money. No problem. So, Jeff, that's really awesome, man. Thank you for sharing your journey, your story. We have some quick shot questions for you few. All right. What is the one hobby that you wish you got into

Jeff Rood 22:41
the one hobby that I wish I got into?

Unknown Speaker 22:48

Unknown Speaker 22:52
I think I think if I were to choose a hobby to have gotten into maybe more, I guess

Jeff Rood 23:00
I don't know, maybe more, maybe more into the music thing. I think it would love to. Because you know that you've seen these devices now or you can put sounds on the pads, right?

Yeah, I'm saying you can you can loop you can.

The music. Mm hmm. And and I'm not saying that I won't I won't do this still because I might, I might still do this today.

Unknown Speaker 23:21
But, but

Jeff Rood 23:23
I think that that would be a really fun hobby is to just to make music at home and just, you know, mess around with it. It might happen still in my head.

Junaid Ahmed 23:37
So talking about music and talking about being able to create music at home, I was talking to my friend and he's like, you know, um, Armin Van Buren is about to go live on YouTube. Right? Because all these trans DJs have been going live every single day on YouTube because they can't go live at a club. So they will Live doing, you know, playing one to two hours shows on YouTube and hang with these awesome sound music devices. And hey man, maybe you could be doing that, you know, start with practicing. It's like, Hey, I just bought this but I'm gonna do a live

Unknown Speaker 24:18
just try to figure this thing out.

Junaid Ahmed 24:21
Yeah, it's gonna be going live too.

Jeff Rood 24:24
It's good to start out, kind of like my video making. Probably it's gonna be it's gonna be pretty bad. And that's you know that for anyone that's creative out there and that's listening to this podcast.

Don't be afraid to suck. You know? I mean hate to say vile Yeah,

that's that's how you start creating things is you You're terrible at it when you start right. And then and then you learn and learn and learn and fail some more and fail some more and get better and better and better. And then all the sudden you start advancing and being ahead of other people and being better at it and,

you know, so start

you have to start somewhere, start small and dream big because that's how you create things. And that's another thing is I think a lot of folks

are like, Oh, well, I can't do that back. Do you know I'm talking about Junaid?

Yeah, really? Yeah. You know, it's like, Oh, I can't I can't do that. You know, I'll give you an example of that. You know, I look, I look at like some of these behind the scenes of some of these huge films that are going into like any Marvel film, let's just say Yeah. And you look at the choreography, and the amount of people you're seeing thousands of people literally, there are thousands of people on these movies that are killing it and acting and everything. And you look at one, you know, two minute scene and all the choreography that goes into that. And I've I've found myself saying Man, I can't do that. And I pull myself back and be like, No, that's not true. Because, you know, five years ago, I would have said that I can't do what I'm doing now. So the reality is, the reality is you can do those things. You just you have to push yourself and grow to into those things, but believe that you can do you know, I'm saying, so, yeah.

Junaid Ahmed 26:27
I totally, absolutely believe what you're saying you got to take one step at a time and you start adding, you know, compounding that habit onto each other, right. So every single day, you do a little bit you did a little bit, you fail a low, you fail a lot, you fail a lot, you get back, you get right back up, and you just keep building it. And I think this is one of the best times to get into anything new, especially if you have a lot of time on your hands and you're like, I wonder what what I should do you know, people are just doing all sorts of things they're creating content on Tick Tock right you if you like dancing if you like just being you know if you want to practice them acting do some acting record some video. There's tons of communities on masterclass calm, there's people teaching acting people teaching, cooking, people teaching so many things. And these are top names that are teaching these things. And you can join those communities and learn from them and share your progress and in the past year have probably joined at least 10 to 15 different communities on Facebook, and I get so much value out of it, because these are my people. These are doing people doing the same thing that I love doing. Yeah,

Jeff Rood 27:45
yeah, I agree. I mean, this is, this is definitely an amazing time for anyone who wants to grow themselves. And you're right, and there's people who wouldn't normally be available to you that are available to you right now. Because they're sitting at home bored. I mean, that's, especially in filmmaking right now, if you wanted to, you know, you wanted to

pick some

big directors brain, chances are you could email them or message them. And they're likely to respond right now where they might be too busy otherwise. So this is this is a really interesting and cool time in any field or any creative interest to reach out to people and connect virtually and learn something.

So if you cut the time

Unknown Speaker 28:40
use it. Absolutely. So

Junaid Ahmed 28:43
yeah, man. Perfect. Awesome. All right. So if you were to do the hobby, you would go into music and we were done though off this tangent, which is great. Next question, what would you want it to be when you were a child

Jeff Rood 29:01
What did I want to be? Uh, it depends on what period of my childhood you're talking about. I think when I was really young I wanted to be a baseball player.

Unknown Speaker 29:13
And so I you know,

Jeff Rood 29:16
and I still love baseball Actually, I do filming for the Colorado Rockies when Oh, nice when when they're actually playing.

Junaid Ahmed 29:25
Right now they're just hanging at home playing. You know?

Jeff Rood 29:29

Junaid Ahmed 29:31
Yeah, exactly.

Jeff Rood 29:34
I don't know. I don't know what the game is. I play the baseball ones. Yeah, I don't play any of them. have no time.

Unknown Speaker 29:42
But, uh,

Jeff Rood 29:43
yeah, I love baseball when I was younger and but but Music Music sudden pretty quick for me. I started loving music, you know, probably in my,

Unknown Speaker 29:54
my tween years. And yeah, music kind

Jeff Rood 29:57
of kind of continued with me. So and I love music I still do stuff with music.

Junaid Ahmed 30:02
Amen. Yeah, music is powerful. It creates that emotion and connection in your body that you just can't. Or this next one is gonna be a really hard one. Um, what is your favorite movie or TV show? Oh, gosh,

Jeff Rood 30:18
you know right now, right now and I say right now because it's always going to change always gonna change. It's an ever moving thing. But right now I'm loving on Westworld. So I don't know if a few people that have HBO out there. haven't watched Westworld. You need to. It's just fantastic. It's like a great mix of a period, type piece and sci fi.

Junaid Ahmed 30:48
When does it get good?

Unknown Speaker 30:50
What is it good, good. What did you start? What Okay, how many episodes are you in then? I mean, I I'm done with the first season. I think Okay, you're not loving huh?

Junaid Ahmed 31:03
I'm loving it. I'm just I'm just pulling your leg.

Jeff Rood 31:06
Well, I guess I think it gets exceptionally good in the third season I you know, I I kind of bend towards the sci fi stuff I love it I'm kind of a nerd at heart I'm gonna I'm gonna be real

Junaid Ahmed 31:17
so but but please to be real. But

Jeff Rood 31:22
yeah, you kind of jump into a little bit deeper sci fi stuff and I don't want to give stuff away if you haven't already started watching it so it definitely gets it gets deep the rabbit hole starts getting pretty deep. So you start finding out some interesting stuff and and just when you think you got it figured out, you don't so it's that kind of show and if you like that type of show, you will love this.

Junaid Ahmed 31:50
All right, man. I gotta go catch it up. I can I've been watching expanse and I waiting for hamster and waiting for lots of space to come back. And waiting for Orville to come back. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:03
yeah. Yeah.

Junaid Ahmed 32:04
So I love sci fi. I love space stuff. Yeah, man, I'm I'm all up there with you.

Jeff Rood 32:10
Did you ever watch that dark matter series? But Halle Berry? No, it's called dark matter. Oh, it's dark matter.

Junaid Ahmed 32:17
Yeah, I think I started watching it or maybe I didn't

Jeff Rood 32:22
it's very similar to expanse so I thought that was they were they're very similar types of okay shows. So again if you liked expanse or like expanse because it's still going it's still going right yeah it is they they started another season right

then you would like that show

Junaid Ahmed 32:42
so they're still shooting expanse right because they're out there shooting out in space.


Jeff Rood 32:50
Well, obviously they're not in space, so chances are they're not shooting it right. Oh, man. That sucks. Yeah. All right, depends on what you know. It depends. And what they've shot so far as maybe they have most of the seasons agreed?

Junaid Ahmed 33:03
Yeah, you do have to shoot in advance all the stuff. All right, next one. What movie would you choose if you got to play a character in it?

Jeff Rood 33:15
What movie would I choose? As an actor or actually the character

Junaid Ahmed 33:20

your pick man? Think of think of that movie. Ready Player One. And

that okay?

Yeah, so they had to you know, play the character. Okay in the movie, and they're like being chased.

Unknown Speaker 33:41
This is gonna be

Jeff Rood 33:44
your you'll probably laugh at this. But I I love the character, the main character in the mask. Did you ever watched the mask? It's a Jim Carrey movie.

Junaid Ahmed 33:58
Yeah, come Yes. How Forget IDs.

Jeff Rood 34:00
Yeah, I came up and, and he is this very cartoonish character as Jim Carrey is so he's perfect for this. This part obviously, yeah. But, uh, he has all these superpowers because he's put this mask on and he's become this person. And I always kind of loved it because it kind of brings out the deeper character version of yourself like it's just it's like your your, your strongest self comes out. That's why I always thought it was an interesting character. So I never thought of it that way but the mask actually.

Unknown Speaker 34:39
It like takes that energy

Jeff Rood 34:44
and allows you to be the biggest version of that energy

Junaid Ahmed 34:47
in your house implies your characteristic that is most strong wind side you which most of times you're hiding it from everybody, right? You're trying to push it down, but when you As soon as you put the mask on, you're this huge guy. This huge ego kind of like nutty professor.

Jeff Rood 35:07
It's like you gain all the confidence in the world because you can do whatever you want with that. Do you know I'm saying? Yeah, it's like, it's like you have all the power to back up all things that you say, right? Yeah. So so but i i love that I love that character. I think it's a fun movie. In fact, I'm been kind of itching to watch it again. You know, it's it's a it's a feel good happy movie. It is.

But like was whiny those type of things. Yeah,

Junaid Ahmed 35:35
I haven't heard of that one in a while. Next question, Who is your favorite superhero?

Jeff Rood 35:46
was my favorite superhero? I probably.

Unknown Speaker 35:51
I think I think Thor is pretty cool, man.

Jeff Rood 35:56
I just you know, something about being a demigod is kind of awesome.

Junaid Ahmed 36:03
Yeah, he's pretty awesome. He's absolutely awesome.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
How about you? What's your What's your favorite superhero?

Junaid Ahmed 36:11
It's Iron Man.

Unknown Speaker 36:12
Oh, yeah. Okay. All right. I can I can see that. Yeah.

Junaid Ahmed 36:18
All right, last one. If you were a board game, what would it be? I know a lot of people are playing board games right now, because they're so bored. board in a house. I'm in the house board board in the house. I'm in house board.

Jeff Rood 36:31
I was a board game.

What board game would that be?

And then whenever at answer Scrabble, that would be sad. I feel like that would be like really depressing. If somebody answers Scrabble, they're like, I really don't feel a feeling I'm very boring and really good words. Because right,

isn't it like the most, I guess

maybe it's the it's the most like slightly lowest board game in the world. That's what that is,

Unknown Speaker 37:02
is your especially if

Jeff Rood 37:04
you're not good with words. You put your words down, you're like, Alright,

good. And then the next person goes and you're waiting, like 10 minutes for them to figure out what words you could put. It's like, crying out loud. It's ridiculous. All right. Well, for my

board game, I would probably say

I'd probably say, and I can't play it anymore. monopoly. I can't play the game anymore. Cuz it's infuriating. So, but but, but monopoly is is probably the game that would be because I just love the the empire building this stuff, or maybe like a Settlers of Catan. That would be a fun one too. I could be I could be that one. There's a little bit more strategy to that one. So maybe, maybe that's what I am.

Junaid Ahmed 37:50
Nice. I love that game, too. It's really powerful, really. So what's that word? Lean yet. configurable? No, no, it's really cool. One of one of the one of our guests or one of my guests, Heather, she loves Settlers of Catan. And she talks she talked extensively about it and how, when they moved into this new neighborhood, they went around. They're like, Alright, we're, we play Settlers of Catan. So, you know, hearing game night, every night.

All right. All right.

Jeff Rood 38:31
Yeah, I mean, this is a good time for games, right?

Junaid Ahmed 38:35
Absolutely. So Jeff, thank you so much for sharing your journey sharing your hobbies, sharing your you know, inner child and everything that you love to do. Where can my audience find you?

Jeff Rood 38:51
Well, you can find me on IMDB you can. You can find me on all the social medias. Instagram is real rude at RLRO D can see what's going on with me there. You can check me out on Facebook too. It's just Jeff rude. You'll find me there. And

Gosh. Yeah, I mean honestly, if you

Yeah, if you if you do a search for Jeffrey, there's not a ton of us so yeah, chances are, it's gonna be

if it's a filmmaker,

Junaid Ahmed 39:28
it's probably me fella, you nice. Well, thank you so much, Jeff. That was awesome. We'll be sure to include the links in the podcast notes so people can get to you and ask you any question they might have for you know, video production or you know, starting starting up music on their on your DJ, DJ pad and whatnot, you know?

Jeff Rood 39:53
Yeah, if anyone's got some good advice for me on that, you know, reach out to me on social media. Tell me what I need to get

Junaid Ahmed 40:00
Awesome. Well, thank you so much Jeff will talk to you soon. Have a good day. All right, you too, buddy.

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