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In this episode we get with speak with Lee Chambers, He is a functional life Coach, Workplace Wellbeing Trainer, and Public Speaker. 

He guides individuals to find their purpose and dissolve the barriers they are facing in their lives. Then he coaches them week-by-week to move them closer to their vision of success. 

Open and honest conversations and deep relationships constitute the foundation of their coaching sessions. 

Let’s learn more about Lee Chambers in this episode!

Our Guest

Lee Chambers

Hacks to take Away

  • One of the benefits of podcasting is audio, it is really accessible. 
  • Involved in working within organizations to increase employees’ self-awareness to take leadership and management teams and help them build a culture of care in the business for more sustainable practices. 
  • What inspired him to become a personal coach is to becoming a life coach. 
  • How he found that he didn’t have the emotional intelligence to kind of dig deeper and find out how he wanted to transition into becoming an adult and becoming a man. 
  • The best way for him to understand himself would be to help others. 
  • He helps people build habits and a mindset that propels them forward and gets momentum and consistency. 
  • The kind of methodology behind how we work with individuals can focus on that is what we first do is we really identify what the individual’s goals are. 

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