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In this episode, we get to speak with Gina Molinari, Affectionately known as Gina Mo, She is a Confident Communication Coach and online marketing strategist, TEDx speaking coach, and Keynote Speaker. She helps entrepreneurs communicate clearly, confidently, and consistently in the online space about themselves and their businesses so they can make a massive impact with their work. Her unique background includes 20 years of performance training as a classical singer, 10 years of marketing experience, 7 years of speaking experience, and 4 years of emotional intelligence training gives her the ability to help others get to communicate with confidence through the mastery of their communication skills online and in person. She currently lives in Columbus, Ohio but originally hails from Northern New Jersey. 

Our Guest

Gina Molinari

Hacks to take Away

  • And so I sort of practice what I preach, you know, I treat others as I want to be treated in the regards of truth and honesty.
  • Sometimes it’s just doing the little bit more scary thing outside your comfort zone so that you can get to the next step beyond that.
  • I don’t think it’s healthy to make somebody feel wrong for having fear. Because that was the assumption for me because I was afraid to sing in front of people.
  • So just doing the best you can that day and truly being the best you can do and knowing you kind of left it all out on the field, that’s still going to build your confidence.
  • Best practices with marketing in a way that can express themselves either in writing or public speaking.
  • I do see it as a potentially really loud and intrusive way to finally do those things you’ve always wanted to do to say those things you’ve always wanted to say and do those passions because now we don’t really have a choice. We are forced into a new path.
  • I’m somebody who comes across as very confident. I’m somebody who comes across as very put together. And I’m somebody who has both an artistic and a very logical sense about me.

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