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In this episode, we get to speak with Nicole Holland. The Founder of Interviews that Converts. She helps innovative companies amplify their reach, reputation, and revenue through podcasts. She initiates creating and executing a custom-designed strategy and facilitates making high-level relationships you need with hard-to-reach prospects through Podcasts, so a company can flourish and make the biggest impact with the least pull on resources, in the fastest time possible. She was a podcast host on The Nicole Holland show. She speaks with successful entrepreneurs and business owners across a wide range of niches about what it really took for them to reach “Rockstar” status, as well as conducts Masterclass Interviews and Resource Sharing episodes to help online business owners up their game and profitability. She’s super good at her chosen profession. A very intelligent and intuitive consultant. Let’s find out how she was able to get from where she is today!

Our Guest

Nicole Holland

Hacks to Take Away

  • The most important thing in my eyes is to see people taking action on building their dreams and making their goals a reality.
  • Oftentimes we’re comparing ourselves against an unrealistic idea. And this is not helpful for anyone.
  • Sometimes we forget that we are human, and there’s only so much we can do. And we also need to prioritize all the things that we could be doing.
  • Being able to create money from the comfort of my home, regardless of any circumstances, was more important than the discomfort of my fears of overcoming and stepping through my fears.
  • I understand the value of coaching, I understand the value of investing.
  • If your goals are more important than your circumstances, you’ll figure it out.
  • Like marketing, IT is all about creating connections.

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