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In this episode, we get to speak with Steve Sullivan. He’s a confidence coach, he guides people to discover what makes them unique to shine and be successful. If you suffer from imposter syndrome or struggle to find value in your current work and relationships, he’s available to help you. He enjoys using his skills to devote through research, mentoring, training, and collaboration. He is combined with his knowledge into stories to show people how to build high performing teams. Let’s learn a little bit more about Steve Sullivan.

Our Guest

Steve Sullivan

Hacks to take Away

  • Steve enjoys using his skills to devote to research, mentoring, training, and collaboration.
  • He helps people look at their personal profile in terms of strengths and values, skills, personality. The things that make them unique, and also drive their decisions when it comes to things that they find enjoyment in terms of work or in relationships.
  • If you have the achiever strength, you’re going to be awesome at setting goals, and completing those goals, and accomplishing things.
  • If you put those goals on your checklist. They’ll be there to remind you that these are things that you want to do, and you’ll make time to do it and have more success and be balanced in your life.
  • Once you realize the power you make what the strengths identified. You can recognize them in your life and say this is important.
  • what parents often don’t realize is, later on in life, that string may propel their child to become a great leader.
  • It’s the artistic understanding of contrast of creating a focal point and various things like cover designs that the average person does not know.

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