In this episode, we get to speak with Josef Stetter. For over 16 years, Josef Stetter has incorporated humor, energy, passion, and full self-expression into his personal and professional life. He is an Award-Winning & International Best-Selling Author of “Canada Congratulations you are hired: It was easier than you thought” & “USA Congratulations you are hired: It was easier than you thought” Award-winning Speaker and Guinness World Record holder didn’t know what he wanted to do when growing up, so he switched careers nine times and 17 jobs. He has personally helped over 10,500 find a job they love with a 90% success rate of finding anyone employment in any field under three months with proven systems. The fastest helped people land a significant role in two days. Josef Stetter helps you take the headache out of navigating the abyss of job searching or hiring by sharing advanced strategies that maximize results. He understands the importance of clear, concise, confident, and informal communication to generate truly unbelievable results!!!

Our Guest

Josef Stetter

Hacks to Take Away

  • Find out how Joseph helped over 11,000 people Land Dream Jobs.
  • He shared about the mistakes that most people make when applying for a job.
  • He shared the easiest and most simplest tricks that very few people do in North America when a job is posted.
  • If the technical words were on page two of your resume, you’re not a good match for the job.
  • Recruiting firms that are hiring, are spending between eight and 30 seconds reading your resume, that means they’re spending that they’re reading the top third to maybe the top half of your resume.
  • It’s accepted in Western society to have a ring and a wedding ring, not necessarily your fingers, where you have one or two rings on each finger, and you’re coming into an interview kind of thing. It’s a cultural thing. And unfortunately, that culture might impact the reaction.
  • He helps people understand what job searching is not that complicated. If you understand the systems, and you understand the formulas, it’s all systematic.
  • You have your own achievements, you have your own contribution. Your resume should have some personality because it’ll help you get noticed.

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