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In this episode, we get to speak with Zhenya Zerkalenkov. He is the co-founder of House of Creators along with Vlada. With their YouTube channel and Podcast, their goal is to help creators build a fulfilling life by teaching them how to build an online business around their passion and have an unshakeable mindset while doing so. Their vision is that the House of Creators will be a warm place of trust and help for all creators. A place where they can hang out, collaborate, and build their dream lives together. Let’s find out how she gets into helping people for their online businesses with the right passion and mindset!

Our Guest: 

Zhenya Zerkalenkov 

LinkedIn : 

Website :  (Portfolio) 

Twitter: travelcontentcr 

Hacks To Take Away 

  • How he learned everything concerning blogging, entrepreneurship, and affiliate marketing. 
  • If you learn drawing, you have to create a knowledge base, where knowledge of vision is the base where you can pick something like basically, you look all the whole time at it. 
  • Most people on Pinterest are not marketers or entrepreneurs, but people who need inspiration. 
  • How to potentially earn with blogging. 
  • We shared about SEO optimized means. 
  • Pinterest is most likely an easier version of all social media platforms because there is no competition. 
  • There are 300 million people on it and it is growing. Podcasting is easy and so consistency is key.

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