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In this episode, we get to speak with ST Rappaport. She is a Relationship Photographer and loves working with couples. Her job is to take pictures of couples in their best state. She loves seeing powerful chemistry between people. After many photoshoots and seeing how different people experience a relationship, She decided to find out what makes people’s relationship extraordinary and have embarked on this journey by hosting a podcast. She also teaches people how to express their emotions, thoughts, and desires. One of her favorite books is Habits Of Highly Effective People. I am so excited to speak with this lady who has been so very creative when it comes to photography! We talk about the difference between friends, lovers, and colleagues. We also talk about photos that could be saved, how to find an art style, and about creating a spark in the relationship. 

Our Guest:

ST Rappaport 

LinkedIn : 

Website :  (Company Website) 

Hacks to take Away:

  • How she got into being a Relationship Photographer. 
  • She helps couples get the ultimate relationship that they want, by showing their true emotion having it hung up big in their house in a place where they see it often. 
  • How she came across something that’s called a creative journal, expressive arts, or CJ EA. 
  • How to overcome challenges and live the best life possible. 
  • How specific exercises help you get very specific and deal with the thing that you want. 
  • The concept of capturing the emotions that really speaks. How to be able to understand people in a way that many times they don’t even understand themselves.

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