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In this episode, we get to speak with Yvonne Dam. Helping driven business owners to double their turnover not their hours by 1:1 online coaching. She coaches you to do a bucket load of work in very little time, so you can grow your business at your own pace and go to the pub with your mates afterward. Yvonne Dam is a recovering workaholic. She spent the largest part of her career working all hours of the day until a burnout stopped her. She quit her job, to continue elsewhere. Until she discovered how to optimize her performance through a combination of goal setting, extreme focus, and bringing fun back into the equation. She became the CEO of her life and started Amaze Yourself coaching.

Our Guest

Yvonne Dam

Hacks to Take Away

  • We talked about a lot of unnecessary work that really drives you away from your goal.
  • How she started focusing on results and made different choices.
  • She discovered choosing what it is you really want is such a liberation.
  • How you go through financial targets.
  • Do you need to wonder what am I busy with? What can be done by someone else? And what’s their rate compared to my rates?
  • Yvonne believes very strongly in quality over quantity. And when you’re rested and you’re more inspired and you’re more energetic, it’s easier to bring those clients in.
  • A lot of entrepreneurs are really service orientated. They love their clients, they will do everything for their clients.

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