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In this Episode, we get to speak with Sam Dossa. He is from Birmingham, UK. He specializes in Psychometric Assessment in Emotional Intelligence. His niche is to develop and enhance individuals emotional intelligence to operate efficiently. So let’s dig deep and learn the application, principles of Emotional Intelligence that can enhance not only our self-awareness but also self-regulation, empathy, and social skills!

Our Guest

Sam Dossa

  • LinkedIn : 
  • Website : (Company Website) 
  • Twitter : coachsamuk 

Hacks to Take Away:

  • How he got into the element of mentoring and coaching. 
  • We talked about going through with some great work, doing counseling, coaching, mentoring, artwork, mindfulness. 
  • Working with a lot of young adults, training them and talking with them on what it takes to be a better human being. 
  • Parents’ responsibilities to do first themselves before they can reach other people. 
  • Making sure that marriage is very clear, pure, that those values are working together and we have the same direction to help humanity. 
  • Sharing about how children have been brought up in this society which is allowing them to think outside the box. 
  • Being a human is that you can completely attach to yourself to any religion.

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