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In this episode, we get to speak with Patrick M. Powers.

He founded The World’s 2nd largest business meetup with over 27000 members. His expertise is Pitching, Presentation, Lead generation, Copywriting, and Sales Funnel conversion. He’s a master in influencing and persuading with words.

He also authored a few books, including How To Conquer Fear Of Public Speaking and “Turn Your Contacts Into Cash.”

He teaches the science of getting connected to anyone, anywhere, even VIPs.

His meetup group of 27000 Entrepreneurs is mainly in London/UK and through the website

Patrick hails from fantastic Denmark and has lived in 9 countries and currently resides in Surrey/UK.

Let’s find out more about how he got into where he is.

Our Guest

Patrick M. Powers

Hacks To Take Away

  • Having a great idea is his way to succeed.
  • He shared about marketing, sales and communication skills in general.
  • How he got into learning social skills.
  • It’s always scary to move outside of your comfort zone and there’s always fear or discomfort in some way associated with change.
  • Find out how he became financially free in about eight months into his journey.
  • How he is making a huge impact in the entrepreneurial world.
  • How powerful podcasting could be.

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