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In this episode, we get to speak with Phil Pelucha. He is a Host & CEO of Billionaires In Boxers, a Podcast Mentor, and an Empowering TV, Events & Movies Creative Producer. It’s a blessing for him to work with some of the world’s most respected & recognized mentors, professional/personal development coaches and inspiring businesses. His company focuses on Broadcasting, TV, Online, Podcasts and live events. BiB exclusively brings the world’s best mentors, speakers and leaders to Africa for a number of live events each year. They work exclusively with those involved in ‘the Secret’, best-selling authors and world-renowned coaches, to ensure that they are introducing the best of the world to Africa and the best of Africa to the world. I am so overwhelmed to speak with this high-valued professional and know more about how he got into where he is now!

Our Guest

Phil Pelucha

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Website : Website)
Twitter : PhilPelucha

Hacks to Take Away

  • We talked about human relationships and building relationships.
  • We shared about having the passion to do things, you can have a perspective or an idea doing things better.
  • Spending 4560 minutes building a relationship with the CEO of a dream client of yours.
  • Affiliates and sponsorships work so well with portfolios because once you found that audience, provided your focus is on adding value to them.
  • What podcasting allowed me to do is I would build a relationship with somebody over sort of 45 to 60 minutes with somebody from a first call perspective.
  • How important it is to be able to connect or to be able to pick the clients that you want to work on people that live with you, because you’re gonna be working for them for a long time.
  • Sometimes the people who we care about the most are the people who have given you the biggest sort of negative influences during this time.

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