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Today we get to speak to the Host of The Polymath PolyCast, Dustin Miller. In 2011 he started his first blog and took his first foray into natural content creation, even though consistent he didn’t really feel the quality he was looking to create.He, later on, went to work on a project called the “United Living Construct.” and in his eyes, he saw this as his magnum opus. The U.L.C. acted as a catalyst for growth, and research knowledge on how to grow a brand. He tried applying that knowledge on top of that learning, and eventually, he thought a personal brand would be more suitable.

Our Guest

Dustin Miller

Website :

Website :

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Hacks to Take Away

  • Find out how he got into being an omni channel content creator.
  • Dustin share about how he started his first blog
  • He talks about innovation and creating change
  • Being able to keep that youthful curiosity is key to our human existence.
  • Getting used to his voice was easier than getting comfortable on camera.
  • Dustin wanted to prove to Gary Vee and all these other creators that you could make tons of content every day. And he created a strategy for it.
  • The more you get the gears moving, the more oil they become and easier to get moving.

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