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Today we get to speak with Jennifer Bulkley. She is a Holistic Consultant and an Audio Impactor. She is the Owner of JenX Enterprises, LLC and Break The Ice Consulting.Evolving past a structured self-built corporate company for a new mission; pursuing a life of freedom and self-authorization in order to help others break free of their own illusions and lead an authentic and heart-decisive life.She has  over a decade of entrepreneurial experience- building and scaling multiple businesses from scratch, expert in the sales and selling profession, an expert in leadership and company culture and dedicated self-development researcher, practitioner and soul shifter. Let’s hear her story as she shares her journey!

Our Guest

Jennifer Bulkley

Hacks to Take Away

  • As an entrepreneur and a salesperson by trade, you can go in and you can close the deals and you can be in front of all kinds of people.
  • When your cause is to provide encouragement, education, and strength to other people, it allows you the courage to get through.
  • Jennifer talks about how we continue to grow, make change, and impact.
  • When it comes to being an entrepreneur, you can only box yourself into a certain role just so long, before you naturally are going to fight against that structure.
  • So deciding to quit corporate, and pass that baton on to somebody else, and then just dive into something that’s more personally fulfilling, which is utilizing strength.
  • When you are constantly involved in a sport, that means you have to get around obstacles.
  • Being authentic is just being yourself. What you’re passionate about.

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