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Today we get to speak with Elinor Moshe. She is an ambitious and driven thought leader and dedicated mentor in the construction industry. Her passion to guide, inspire and direct future leaders and industry professionals to construct their career led to her founding the successful platform, The Construction Coach.Elinor has been featured in the Australian National Construction Review, Property Council of Australia’s Top 500 Women in Property programme 2019, Top 100 Women in Construction, and is frequently a speaker, guest lecturer and panellist. Elinor is also the host of the successful podcast, Constructing You.Following the podcast Elinor released in August of 2020, her book “Constructing Your Career” a one of a kind, for people who want inspirational, practical action and unconventional career intelligence to construct their career.She holds a Master of Construction Management and Bachelor of Environments from the University of Melbourne.

Our Guest

Elinor Moshe

Hacks to take away

  • Find out how she guides, inspires, and directs future leaders and industry professionals to achieve higher compensation, faster progression, and more recognition in their careers in construction.
  • A few experiences in the undergraduate degree led her to the construction management Masters.
  • She talks about how to become a person who has an exemplary and exceptional and excellent career in construction.
  • It’s her duty as an industry leader to show people what’s possible.
  • When you immerse yourself in people who have believed in themselves who have started up the business, have reached the peak of their careers, and are still growing and developing and exploring their own careers at an evolutionary pace, then you start to change your own belief system.
  • Your technical skills only make up 10% of career success.
  • The greatest project that you will ever get to work on it is yourself.

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