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Today we get to speak with Tyler Smith. He is a pastor, NBA sportswriter, varsity basketball coach, and author. He has been involved in ministry since 2005 and has also worked in the Christian music industry.He lives in Indiana with his wife Katelyn, and their two daughters Addi and Ellie. Let’s have a listen at how his journey began and get ready to take away some valuable lessons.

Our Guest

Tyler Smith

Hacks to Take Away

  • He shares about releasing his book in the midst of pandemic.
  • How he got into coaching.
  • The whole purpose of the book is for anyone that may be on a search for truth.
  • He wanted to share a lot of stories from all the things he has been able to experience and make the chapter short to the point but also hopefully encouraging.
  • He shares things that are able to focus on something positive and to promote all the good stuff.
  • Sometimes it’s going to be better off if you relax, go through the process and make sure you know something like a book.
  • Find out what works for you which is one of the messages of the entire book i wrote.

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