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Today, I get to speak with Kendra Muecke. She is a singer/songwriter, writer, actress, and published author from Houston, TX-based now in Los Angeles, CA. She performs under the stage name “Kendra & the Bunnies”, as a psychedelic folk-rock Americana and a spoken word artist. Her style heavily utilizes the element of storytelling through song, painting a creative experience for the listener. She has released three albums, charted globally at #8 on the digital radio charts, published two books, writes for several online music magazines, is SAG-Aftra Eligible, and tours nationally. You can read about Kendra in publications such as JamBase, Relix Magazine, Denver Westword, Grateful Web, Getty Images, Shakedown News, The Hollywood Digest, Indie Pulse Music, and more. Find out more about Kendra as she shares her journey in this episode.

Our Guest

Kendra Muecke

Hacks to Take Away

  • Kendra shares about how she started writing poetry.
  • It’s so important and crucial that I love what I do, because I’m doing it all the time.
  • Relish in all the accomplishments big and small.
  • “I think maybe it makes us dig deeper into who we are and analyze what we really want in life, but to just dwell in self doubt, doesn’t serve a purpose.” – Kendra
  • She can make a new decision and turn it in an emotional realm and in a realm that makes more sense at the time.
  • If we change where we are, then we change the future, and we change all those people’s lives. And that changes like the face of reality.
  • Instead of career and naming lights, I’m learning to regain a loving life just for living.

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