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Today we get to speak with Arn Terry. He is an International HeadHunter. A Social Media Blogger who focuses on Gratitude, Appreciation and chose to have fun along the way. He helps turn your passion or hobby into profit and can help raise your social media presence. He’s been creating a lot of inspirational videos that are focused on hints, tips, secrets to having fun making money by using social media. He’s making results through getting sales leads and scaling your online presence by making money from your mobile or computer. We can take valuable takeaways as we listen to his journey as a social media blogger and a mindset coach.

Our Guest

Arn Terry

Hacks to Take Away

  • Don’t beat yourself up, if you made a mistake, it’s actually a good thing.
  • Social media wasn’t just about people taking pictures of themselves on the beach, it was to create wealth and create a lot of wealth.
  • You’re never gonna make $2,000 an hour. Unless you have the systems in place.
  • I use my social media to speak to my clients, and help them about branding.
  • How to start multiple streams of income.
  • I think the great thing about YouTube as well being a YouTuber, is they celebrate the small wins.
  • Make the mistakes, just do the lessons learned.

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