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Today, I get to speak with Christopher McPhee. He is a Project Manager, PMP Exam Trainer and a Professional Photographer known as CAMERA GUY, Social Media Content Producer and a Podcaster. He is a Retired U.S. Army Veteran, and Green Beret turned professional photographer and project manager.After 21 years of military service he now has the pleasure of teaming up with organizations to help them share their message/story via the media channels of PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEO, and PODCASTING.He has over two decades of experience leading teams in challenging work environments; 10+ years of photography and videography experience. I have the pleasure of bringing him on into this episode and learn from his amazing experiences!

Our Guest

Chris McPhee

Hacks to Take Away

  • Chris talked about his journey of becoming a videographer, photographer and a podcaster.
  • You never have to worry about what you are doing tomorrow because you’ve already got the mission.
  • We talked about the number of pieces of content that you need to be putting out every day if you want to get noticed on the internet.
  • Buying the best mic or the best camera, and you don’t go take a photo, shoot a video or speak a word, then you just wasted your money.
  • You’ve got to make those mistakes and then learn from those mistakes and uplevel yourself.
  • Chris shared about what he learned going through the HubSpot. Social media certification is that you have to listen. You have to listen as much as you post but probably listen more than you post. So maybe 80% listening and 20% posting.
  • There are many dimensions in this world that we cannot comprehend.

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