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Today, we get to speak with Abigail Sinclair, She is the Founder and CEO of the Human Network Connection. She helps entrepreneurs and podcasters how to grow their network through guest appearances on podcasts. With the help of media sheet that enable podcasters pick the right guest.After leaving her corporate job and teaching virtual assistants her corporate experience she’s been running an agency for 10 years that help entreprenuers with a variety of virtual support. This builds on her authority as being a Financial and Wealth Strategist.Let’s listen in to this episode as we explore the journey that enabled Abigail to succeed.

Our Guest

Abigail Sinclair

Hacks to Take Away

  • It’s so great to work with such a large variety of different people and see all the different passions and dreams that people have. And those passions and dreams are making them a living.
  • Meditation is so many more things like it’s being present in the moment.
  • We’re getting ready to really evolve into something else when it comes to businesses, how we function, why we function, how we connect with our clients, and customers, and really going a lot deeper than what we have in the past.
  • We shared about hacks and hobbies, a wonderful podcast, because it teaches people how to step back from being busy and being an entrepreneur and working. And how can we do something fun for ourselves or for our family.
  • We talked about how we can help people in getting to that next level.
  • We discuss how humanity loses their ability to have long term memories.
  • When we take the time to heal ourselves, we’re actually healing our brothers and sisters, or vice versa, when we offer forgiveness to people who’ve hurt us in the past.

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