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Today we get to speak with Saad Reza. He’s the reason I’ve been part of the Team Velocipede and rode my road-bike over 1500 miles in the better part of 2017. I was introduced to him as a cyclist back in 2016 and we’ve been friends ever since. Saad is the go-to-mentor and facilitator to all things cycling and family meetups. He talks about his love and passion for cycling over the years, from BMX, to mountain biking to road and gravel. Then we also talk about his profession as a Recruiter and Human Resources. Being an extrovert he keeps connected to folks that he recruited over a decade ago. And is really good at connecting and building relationships.So let’s listen in to this conversation between friends.

Our Guest

Saad Reza

Hacks To Take Away

  • Saad Reza  brings a lot of information and a lot of knowledge in cycling.
  • Learn more on how he got into your passion for cycling.
  • Cycling is the only sport that you look down from your patio or look up from your driveway, and it just passes through.
  • How he was interacting with people, making connections, building rapport on both sides.
  • We talked about LinkedIn, enabling people to showcase their values and their skills in different ways.
  • We shared our building reputation and how we connected with others.
  • Being able to navigate and think outside the box when it comes to recruiting tools and how people reach out.

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