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Today, we get to speak with Nathan Todd. He is a Founder at No Label Defines Me Coaching LLC. He runs a youtube channel No Label Live. A show for anyone who is ready to use their voice and share their story, but feels trapped by the expectations of others. When you wear the labels of others the world is robbed of the authentic you. He brings amazing stories and powerful guests to the table. They share with you the labels that have impacted them and how they peeled them back to reveal their authentic self.

He has 34 years of experience navigating a world not designed for him. And living with Cerebral Palsy taught him the importance of adaptation when it comes to taking action. He also has 10 years of coaching experience. He’s been doing awesome things and this would be a great opportunity to learn from his journey!

Our Guest

Nathan Todd



Hacks to Take Away

  • I became the loneliness coach, because it’s something that I have a deep understanding of, even if I am unable to communicate it 100% of the time.
  • Nathan shared about having cerebral palsy has played a big role in his life in his story.
  • He shred about how soup makes him feel about himself.
  • “I would encourage any listener to actually think about something in your life that you haven’t liked? forever? I would invite you to investigate. What’s the reason why you don’t like that? Because it could be about something completely different. That if you tap into that, it will change your life.” – Nathan Todd
  • People who are feeling lonely and who are feeling that they are not getting heard, we have tools available now.
  • As humans were put on this earth number one, to pray to God who created us, number two, to help each other. Because we cannot exist in society without a connection with our human friends.
  • Talking about disability and taking a stand on disability as a disabled person is not easy.

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