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Today, I get to speak with Munira Zahabi. She is an International Podcaster, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and “The Niche Navigator. She wrote the book “The Philosophy of Niche Principles when she struggled around picking a niche for herself which also made her really happy. The concept resonated so much with folks that her book became one of the best-selling books. Munira Zahabi’s transformational talks and sessions have made her one of the elite coaches in the foundation of personal development. Munira has a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management and is a John Maxwell Certified Coach.

She is also an alumni of The Knowledge Broker Blueprint, a joint venture between Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. As an inspirational Niche consultant, Munira has over 20 years experience of in empowering individuals in achieving new heights of authentic success.Lets listen in to this conversation.

Our Guest

Munira ZahabiLinkedIn : : Website)Youtube :’s+musings  (Personal Website)

Hacks to Take Away

  • She talks about how most business coaches will help you scale the business and take it to a different level. But she helped lay the foundation.
  • The idea of getting into a business is very enticing.
  • It was pretty cool that when you solve your own problem, you start finding people that also need that one problem solved.
  • Figuring out which one makes our heart happy. Not our mind, but our heart because when you get into love what you’re doing. And to do something for more than three hours, then you don’t love it.
  • Because if you listen to people, and if you’re tuned into the right frequency, or hear what their problems are, and if you solve that problem, you have a niche. Because you know how to fix it.
  • If you tell people that you have learned from your mistakes, people will know that you are human.
  • I wanted to be a radiologist. Because when I learned the waves and I saw the waves, I just thought that was the most amazing thing I still do.


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