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In this episode I get to speak with Robert J Moore. 5x’s internationally Awarded Bestseller, Speaker, Business Coach, publisher, and a Guinness World Record holder. He is also the founder of Magnetic Entrepreneur that helps individuals create opportunities for themselves to develop empowering behaviors, and ultimately, shape their lives towards better outcomes.Robert will teach you how to tell your personal story, so you can stand on stage without being nervous or having speaking anxiety. Learning how to have stage presence and being able to share your story with thousands around the world can bring your business to an entirely new level.

Our Guest

Robert J MooreLinkedIn :

Twitter : MagneticEntrepr

Hacks to Take Away

  • Robert shared about his amazing journey, what he’s doing with the magnetic entrepreneur.
  • A lot of people when they do business, they do it in person and they don’t know how to use the online world. 80% of his business was all online.
  • The biggest thing that I’ve seen in my life is people showing up to my event, uninvited, they’re not registered, they just kind of sneak in and they look around. They watch me.
  • “I want you guys to authentically know me, not my credentials. You don’t need to know my credentials to know I can utilize your skills and put you in a proper space to be recognized.” – Robert J Moore
  • We talked about the first stepping stone somebody would need to go.
  • Robert talks about his way of advertising.
  • Books are technically a marketing piece. All content, hundred percent.

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