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In this episode I get to speak with Amanda Catarzi. Amanda is a Messaging & Copywriter Specialist. She’s been helping those struggling to be heard in the digital marketplace. Those have tried all the tricks, but for some reason it’s like their mic is off or muted and they are not getting the engagement they need. Be a brilliant copywriter, find your voice and connect with your target audience. She  was raised in a cult and sex trafficked. She wasn’t allowed to have a voice, opinion, or personality. Writing was the only safe way she had to express herself. Fast forward to the present, she is now a seasoned copywriter and passionate about giving others a resonating, impactful voice.

Our Guest

Amanda Catarzi: (LinkedIn)

Website: (Company Website)

Hacks to Take Away

  • Amanda shared about her journey and what she’s been doing and how she has been growing. As an entrepreneur, as somebody who’s building their own business.
  • The victimization isn’t a physical hold you down. It’s not a scenario. It’s a toxic, incestuous kind of relationship.
  • She wrote a journal on how it’s a guided journal on how to use quantum physics, law of attraction and visualization or mental rehearsal to really attract what you want in your life and build the future you want.
  • Helping other people find their healing in the process of finding her own healing.
  • She was able to go undercover and break up trafficking rings and put bad guys in jail and help women find their true identity. 
  • If you’re on social media posting something, you have no idea who you are to somebody else. 
  • “The posts and what your message does for other people, because people are watching, and you have the power to transform someone’s life.” – Amanda Catarzi

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