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In this episode I get to speak with Jim Beard. He’s a Content Creator, an Innovator. A Visualization Consultant, 3d Producer and a 3d Team Lead. He is interested in pursuing a challenging leadership position applying creative problem solving and lean management skills with a growing company. Multi-tasking, high pressure, and working with tight timelines are all qualities that he’s accustomed to. He learns quickly, adapts well to any changes he is presented with, and is always seeking to improve implementation. Leadership, project management, growth, and mentorship are all things he would like to bring to any and all positions in which he serves.

Our Guest

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Hacks to Take Away

  • There’s a whole new slew of problems that come with being a business owner. But the beautiful thing about it is, you can insure yourself with having more than one client.
  • So being a business owner, innately in the mentality of a business owner is to get multiple clients.
  • If you can solve a problem in the industry that people are currently dealing with, and you do it in a really great way that causes a very beautiful customer journey.
  •  Each client is unique. Each client has a unique problem to solve. And it’s always fresh. It’s always challenging.
  • Every step that we’ve taken in life has given us that growth opportunity. And the reason we start working for ourselves or the reason we start a business because it gives us that flexibility. It gives us that growth.
  • If you meet people that have already gone through the phase that you’re going through, they’re always gonna lift you up. They’re not gonna pull you down. Because the people who are gonna pull you down are the ones that haven’t grown yet.
  • We talked about dealing with imposter syndrome that is one of the great sicknesses of entrepreneurship.

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