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In this episode, I get to speak with Rebecca O’Brien. Rebecca, a caring and active child who was born in Ireland and grew up in California, moved with her family to Sweden at the age of 11. She grew up to be an ambitious outgoing perfectionist who longed to graduate and spread her wings around the world. By 2014 she had spent 15 years in the International Sales and Marketing industry, in global companies, working long hours with high-end clientele, traveling, attending award shows and trade shows, hosting client entertainment, events, conferences, budget meetings, quarterly & annually reports. This felt exhilarating to her as she grew in knowledge and experience through her career in Europe, including, a socially fun-filled life. But all of this eventually caused her to hit a wall through burnout as she started losing hair, couldn’t remember, started losing focus, and just went downhill from there.Now she’s a burn-out prevention coach helping folks stay focused and add breaks in their lives.

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Hacks to Take Away

Rebecca shared about how she got into being a certified stress management and burn burnout prevention coach.The importance of emotions and not just shutting them down or dismissing them and being on the fast train.She talked about why she got diagnosed both with depression and burnout, mental and physical burnout.  I make good money, and it was great money and travel and all those things, but it wasn’t coming from a place of passion.We talked about having some sort of balance.Our stress system is on alert for many hours, and that will really break down your body in terms of how much cortisol is going out every day.Find out what are some of the things that people can do to start transforming their lives and at least getting more self aware of what they need to be doing.

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